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God of War: Chains of Olympus (PSP 2008); Ready at Dawn Studios/Sony Computer
This guide copyright 2008, Levi van Tine - levi(dot)vantine(at)cmich(dot)edu
Boss Guide version 1.16 (Boss FAQ, originally submitted on 09-23-08)

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- Introduction..........................................................{intro}

- Boss Basics...........................................................{basic}

- Attica Bossess
	Basilisk (Round 1)...............................................{bas1}

	Persian King.....................................................{king}

	Basilisk (Round 2)...............................................{bas2}

- Hades Bosses


- Version History.....................................................{version}

- Bibliography.........................................................{biblio}

- Legal Notices.........................................................{legal}

|INTRODUCTION|								{intro}

This guide is intended to help players defeat the bosses in God of War: Chains
of Olympus (hereafter referred to as CoO), few as they are (only 4 - the
basilisk, the Persian King, Charon, and Persephone).  This guide was written
while playing CoO on the "Spartan" difficulty level.  If you'd like to make any
other comments or suggestions, shoot me an e-mail at

I've gone to moderate lengths to avoid spoilers, but I wouldn't classify this
guide as strictly spoiler-free.  Spoilerphobes continue at your own risk.  On
with the show!

|BOSS BASICS|								{basic}

Each boss has a short cutscene to introduce it before the fight begins; you can
also identify an upcoming boss fight because they generally take place in
large, open areas with few obstacles.  Most boss battles are one-on-one
affairs (with one exception).  Bosses' health is usually represented by a bar
at the bottom of the screen.  When it dips below 1/2, keep an eye out for the
finisher tooltip - a spinning O above the boss that indicates that you should
move close to the boss and press O to start a minigame.  Each minigame has a
series of button presses which if done correctly will generally be accompanied
by a gruesome attack on-screen.  There are several types of button presses: Any
of the four action buttons, rotating the analog stick, rapid-taps, and
alternately pressing the shoulder buttons as fast as possible.  If you screw up
any of the presses, the minigame will end in failure, usually with the boss
rallying and shoving you off for damage, and regenerating some health of its

|    ATTICA    |

BASILISK (ROUND 1)							 {bas1}

The basilisk is a wily opponent and you'll spend most of the initial part of
the game chasing it around Attica.  Your first encounter with it is in a small
storeroom underneath your starting area.  You'll kill some Persians and as soon
as you try to open the door, a cyclops bursts through it.  He apparently
forgets to introduce himself and immediately tries to smash your face in with
what appears to be a tree trunk.  Rapidly press O to avoid this fate, and as
soon as you push him off, the basilisk's head crams into the room and promptly
eats the poor cyclops (and you had just barely gotten to know each other!).

Now it's just you and the basilisk.  It can only fit its head in the room so
you don't have to worry about any pesky claw or tail attacks.  His bite more
than makes up for these shortcomings, however.  His attacks are as follows:

- Chomp -
The basilisk will stretch farther into the room and take two big bites; one to
the left, one to the right.  Try not to be included in these bites - they do
moderate damage and if one gets you, the other one stands a good chance of
hitting you too because of the pause Kratos takes when he takes damage.  He may
also stretch straight in and gobble, but this is less common.

- Fireball -
Basilisks can apparently breathe fire, proving that you can in fact teach an
old lizard new tricks.  It will lean back and breathe in, then lean forward and
spit out a great ball of fire into the room in your general direction.

Tactics: The lizard is more or less immobile and so has a set attack pattern.
He'll first settle in near the entrance and let you hit him.  Get close (even
though your Blades of Chaos are long enough to hit at a distance, I'd recommend
getting up close so that all of your attacks are sure to hit - you need to make
every one count) and hit him a few times with a 4-6 strike combo.  I jumped up
and did an aerial combo which had a high hit rate but that's up to you.  You'll
want to do more hits (what self-respecting god of war wouldn't?), but you'll
need to stop after 4-6 because he's going to try to bite you.  You can either
block it (by far the easiest option) or dive, roll, jump, whatever you have to
do towards the camera to dodge.  You can also try to stand a little bit away
from the creature, in the center of the room, and hope that the bites go to
either side of you (it's possible - but you're probably better off blocking).

At this point he may start his fireball animation - while it takes a few
seconds to wind up, he pulls his head out of the hole while he does so,
effectively taking him out of your range.  You'll want to take this time to get
to one side of the room, right or left, it's up to you (get away from the
basilisk, towards the camera).  When the fireball enters the room, quickly roll
towards the opposite end (I always rolled left to right, it seemed easier that
way), but be careful you don't roll too soon - the basilisk has kind of a pump
fake that you need to watch out for.  If you roll too early or too late the
fireball will lay you out for serious damage.

When you've got him to about 1/3 of his health, a tooltip will appear above his
head.  Run up to him and press O to start a minigame - you'll need to hit two
random buttons and then rapidly press O to wound him.  If you blow the sequence
at any time, the basilisk will throw you off for damage and his own health will
be restored to 2/3.  When he's stunned after a successful minigame, run up to
the tree that the cyclops dropped when he died and press O.  Kratos will pick
up the tree and gouge out the lizard's left eye with it, although this isn't
enough to kill it (throughout the rest of the Attica sequence you'll notice
that the basilisk's left eye socket is clearly wounded and he has blood all
over the left side of his face).  The basilisk will retreat and head over the
walls of Attica into the city to cause mayhem.

PERSIAN KING								 {king}

After the basilisk you'll roam the halls of Attica until you find a big fat guy
dressed in blue who claims to be the Emperor of Persia.  He challenges you to a
duel, clearly unaware that you are the Ghost of Sparta.


- Standard Attack -
The king will take two wide swings with his scimitar, one to each side in a
diagonal arc.  The attacks, while painful, are slow and can easily be dodged.

- Charge -
The king will raise his scimitar up high and "dash" towards you.  The scimitar
is charged with energy and pretty damaging, it can also lay you out which would
be bad except that the king tends to not follow up on this attack (although his
cronies might).  Not terribly difficult to dodge, but be careful while jumping
because its high arc can still catch you.  Has a small blast radius on impact.

- Efreet -
A large fire elemental will rise up out of the king and pound the ground near
him, creating a large radius of fire that will cause Kratos a high level of
damage if he gets caught in it.  When you see the Efreet rise up, get away
immediately; a double jump is best (this attack is ground-based).

Tactics: The king is slow, but he does significant damage and has a decent
range with his attacks.  He also starts out with several garden-variety Persian
infantrymen - there are 20 or so of these guys total, they will keep coming at
you in pairs until you defeat all of them.  I'd recommend clearing them out
first so you can focus on the king exclusively.

Use the double jump liberally in this fight; its height will keep you out of
the way of most of the king's attacks.  I wouldn't recommend aerial attacks,
however, as they will make you vulnerable.  The king will block occasionally
and is immune to grabs.  A good combo against him will give you some health

When he's down to about 1/8 health, you'll see the finisher tooltip floating
above his head.  The first button press is a O rapid-tap so be ready for it.
You then have two random button presses.  If you screw it up, he'll flatten you
and go back up to 1/2 of his life.

When he's down, walk up to him for another O rapid-tap to defeat him.  The
spoils of your victory include the Efreet magic and a particularly refreshing
mini-game in the room to the right of the dead king.  Enjoy!

BAILISK (ROUND 2)							 {bas2}

This time the basilisk's playing for keeps.  A little ways after the second
cyclops you'll open a door and see a huge stone bridge, collapsed at the far
end.  Run out onto the bridge and the basilisk will descend upon you from the
walls of Attica.  Like before, you'll have access to the front part of the
basilisk - but this time, the wide span of the bridge allows it to use its
claws and other new attacks on you.


- Chomp -
Two varieties; same as the first fight.

- Claw -
Get too far to either side of the bridge (including the right side, despite the
fact that this should now be a blind spot for the monster) and the basilisk
will raise up one of its giant claws and bring it down on you.  It's tough to
avoid this attack, simply because the basilisk (smartly) won't bother to use it
unless you get so far to one side that you can't get back to the center
quickly.  Lots of damage and will flatten you.

- River of Fire -
The lizard has apparently upgraded its fireball attack since your first date.
This attack will send a sweeping line of flame from one side of the bridge to
the other.  Double-jump, you cannot roll through or block this attack.  It does
heavy damage.

- Smash & Grab -
This is a desperation attack and is only used when Kratos is within biting
distance of the monster - otherwise it cannot be dodged or blocked.  It will
smash you to the right side of the bridge (no damage, however) and try to bite
you.  Alternately tap the shoulder buttons as fast as possible to stop this
attack and smash the creature's head into the bridge for its trouble.  If you
fail the button press, you'll take heavy damage.

- Fireballs -
These are the traditional fireballs seen in the first fight, but now you get
lots of them instead of one at a time.  The basilisk will only use this attack
when you've significantly damaged it and it retreats to the top of the Attican
wall.  Zig-zag from one side of the bridge to the other and continuously
double-jump to avoid the fireballs while you head to the far left side of the
bridge.  Remember that each fireball will burn on the ground for a short time
after landing, so stay away from them.

Tactics: Immediately take the fight to the basilisk - hit him with short (3-5)
hit combos and then block to avoid the subsequent bite attacks.  Like earlier,
be careful not to lift your block too soon - sometimes he bites once, sometimes
twice.  Also don't forget to stay away from the edges of the bridge - those
claw attacks hurt.  Rinse and repeat this strategy until the basilisk shrieks
and moves away from you on the bridge (you'll also get some orbs).  After this
it will immediately hit you with the river of fire attack detailed above.
Double-jump this attack and settle back in for more short combos/blocking.  At
this point in the game you probably have access to the Chaos Whirlwind; I
highly recommend you refrain from using it during this fight as it has a long
animation that you cannot interrupt, meaning that the basilisk gets a free hit
on you if it attacks while you use it (which it will).  Don't forget about your
Efreet magic; it does decent damage.

After enough of this bruhaha, the basilisk will either do a smash & grab on you
if you're close enough, or retreat to the top of the Attican wall if you're
not.  I'd recommend getting hit by the smash & grab because it doesn't hurt you
and gives you some green and blue orbs (if you're successful at the button
press).  After the smash & grab the basilisk will usually go to the wall.  Once
on top of it, it will spit fireballs down at you until you move to its right
claw (on the far left side of the bridge).  You can activate the finisher
minigame while jumping so double-jump across the bridge to the claw.  When you
hit O near it, you'll latch onto it with the Blades and jump up to its head.
Now you'll have to rotate the analog stick counterclockwise as fast as you can;
success will pull the basilisk down onto the bridge where you will smash it
with a conveniently available support structure.  Failure at the minigame will
hurt you and you'll have to start it over again.

Once you've smashed the basilisk with the wall, you'll start your previous
cycle of combos and blocking.  Continue this until the basilisk retreats back
up to the wall and then do the same rotation to smash it with the other side of
the bridge.

Now it's pissed - all of its attacks will come at you faster, meaning your
combos will have to be even shorter, maybe as short as just 1 or 2 hits.  Keep
working on it until you see another finisher tooltip - one last minigame of a
few button presses and the basilisk goes down for the count.

|    HADES    |

CHARON									  {cha}

This crusty old psychopomp is kind of a tough bastard.  Your first fight with
him you may as well throw; you can't beat him and you need to lose for the
story to progress.  The second round, however, is a different story.  You will
have access to the Gauntlet of Zeus and its super destructive power.  This
section will be arranged by round - there are 4 main rounds with Charon and his
strategy changes for each one.

Round 1


- Standard Attack -
Charon will swing his scythe in a big wide arc four times.  He will throw the
scythe for the last two hits, giving him a bigger range.  I'd recommend
blocking all of these attacks, you cannot roll by them.  You can technically
counter them with your shield, but doing so has no effect on Charon and if you
attempt to counterattack afterwards, you'll just be rewarded with Charon's
scythe in your face.

- Green Balls -
Charon will move to the outside perimeter of the deck (usually a corner) and
three glowing green balls will form around him.  After a few seconds, he will
throw them at you in rapid succession.

Tactics: At the beginning of the fight, nail Charon with a combo before he
starts attacking.  Now you're going to have to let him do the leading for this
dance - he'll set the pace and you just have to keep up.  Block those scythe
attacks when they come (make sure you wait for all 4 to connect), then hit him
hard.  His scythe attacks will push you back so take a few steps forward at the
end to put you in range for your combo - any combo with a Prometheus ender is a
good choice.

After you do some damage this way, Charon will disappear into a puddle of
shadow and move to the edge of the deck.  Position yourself as far away from
him as possible.  When he returns, the three energy balls will form around him.
They're not too fast at this point so watch carefully and use your Sun Shield
to return the energy back at Charon.  You can return all three of them in this
manner - as soon as Kratos throws the first one, press L again to catch the
second and so on.  After the projectiles, Charon will move in for more scythe
attacks.  Continue this cycle until he gets beneath 1/2 health at which point
he'll do his shadow-walking to the upper deck on the right side of the screen.
He'll use the green energy beneath the deck to regenerate - stop him by using
your Gauntlets of Zeus to smash one of the 3 pillars holding up the deck.  Do
this as fast as you can because Charon will continue to regenerate until you do
so (he'll probably be able to restore himself to at least 3/4).

Round 2

After you smash one of the ship's pillars, Charon will return to the main deck
and resume his fight with you.  This is, in my opinion, the most difficult
round of the three.


- Standard Attack -
Again, with the scythe.  Same as last time.

- Green Balls -
Same as last time, but less common and marginally faster.

- Charon's Wrath -
Not good.  This is a quasi-projectile attack that the ferryman fires as a ray.
If you get caught by it, you'll take serious damage over the course of several
seconds.  The worst part is the pause you take - Charon will attack with his
scythe or even another Wrath while you're frozen, and you won't be able to
attack or defend yourself.

Tactics: Charon will probably start the round off with his Wrath, and of course
not just one, but 4-6 in rapid succession.  It only takes a couple of these to
kill you so you have to move.  When you see Charon pause and a green aura build
around him, immediately run and then roll towards him.  Your goal is to roll
past him.  This is the only way you can guarantee a successful evade - if you
roll to the side or backwards, the ray may still hit you.  After each ray, hit
him a few times and then roll again until he stops shooting them at you.  Now
he'll settle back into his scythe attacks and the occasional flying green balls
 - you know what to do.  After enough of this, Charon will again use his Wrath
so be prepared to roll.  Alternately, you could use your Efreet magic during
this time because its animation will protect you - just be careful not to get
caught with the Wrath when it ends.

When you've got him down to under 1/2 again, he'll move to the upper deck and
you'll have to quickly smash another pillar.

Round 3

Charon will return to the deck again after you destroy the second pillar -
freshly regenerated, of course.


- Green Balls -
Same ol balls, but they're even faster now.  You won't see them too often.

- Scythe Smash -
There are two varieties of this attack.  The first is a smaller attack where
Charon moves to a corner of the deck and smashes his scythe into the floor.
The second is a much larger blast from the center of the deck.  Both are
ground-based, radial attacks.

Tactics: This round is much less demanding than the previous and Charon will
settle into a predictable routine.  He'll move to a corner and do a small
scythe attack.  Move to at least half the deck away and open up with the Light
of Dawn (hopefully you've bought the first upgrade, which will allow you to do
a rapid-fire attack).  Charon will do this 2 or 3 times before moving to the
center of the deck and using his larger scythe attack.  You have to double-jump
this attack - you cannot block or roll by it.  When it's finished, Charon's
scythe will be stuck in the deck and he will be vulnerable to your attacks.
Don't waste any time.

Charon will continue this pattern, occasionally throwing the green balls at
you.  When he returns to the upper deck to regenerate, smash the third and
final pillar with your Gauntlet.  The deck will collapse and Charon will no
longer have access to its regenerating energy.  He'll be on the lower deck,
weakened - walk up to him and press O to start a short, simple minigame.

When you've got Charon seemingly dispatched, walk to the center of the ship and
attempt to pick up his mask.  Charon has a little fight left him, despite the
fact that he's only half the man he used to be.

Round 4

This is the simplest round.  Charon is now flying around the ship, legless,
and he has lost access to his scythe, mask, and regenerative ability.


- Green Balls -
This is Charon's only attack in this incarnation.  They are, as usual, 3 at a
time, except this time Charon is levitating around the ship and the balls move
with him.  They're also much faster.

Tactics: Move away from Charon and get ready to return the balls with your
shield.  The balls are now moving very fast and you may not be able to
consistently return all three of them at a time.  That's OK because they don't
really do much damage anyways, and Charon has very little health.  Hit him with
10 or so balls and he'll go down for the count.  His mask and its Charon's
Wrath magic are now yours to control.

PERSEPHONE								  {per}

The wrath of the gods is fearsome indeed.  Persephone is the final boss in CoO
and fights accordingly.  Like Charon, there are distinct "rounds" with
Persephone, but there are really only 2.

Round 1


- Swoop Attack -
Persephone will glow with green energy and swoop in to attack you.  It's a
2-hit combo, the first will stun you and the second will lay you out.  Neither
are particularly damaging but it will set you up for her devastating rock
attack.  You can't straight block this attack (doing so will "stun" you), but
you can parry it with your Sun Shield.  Double-jumping or rolling also works
because she tends to swoop in a straight line.

- Stone Throw -
Watch out for this one.  The goddess will telegraph it by flying a short
distance away from you.  She'll then pull a block of stone up from the floor
and kick it towards you.  It flies in a straight line, but is very fast so it
can be tricky to avoid.  If it hits you, it does heavy damage, knocks you
halfway across the room, and lays you out.  She likes to send several at a time
so getting hit with even one of these guys may be the end for ol' Kratos.

Tactics: Immediately start the battle off with your Charon's Wrath and either
the Efreet or an aerial combo.  This will cause Persephone to back off from
you.  If you don't hit her hard, she'll use her swoop which will be difficult
to avoid at such close range.  When she backs off, double-jump towards her and
start an aerial combo with your Blades (I'd recommend Rampage of the Furies),
or just pummel her with the Gauntlet of Zeus.  After 6-7 hits she'll back off
again and toss another rock at you.  Continue this cycle of double-jumping and
aerial combos - when you've got her down to about 3/4 health, she'll kneel and
you'll get some life and magic orbs.  Take this opportunity to hit her with a
major combo like Tartarus Rage.  When she stands back up, she'll probably swoop
at you so try to parry it, or roll or double-jump out of the way.  Then start
back with your aerial combos because she'll throw more rocks at you.  If you
stumble or panic at any time during the fight, use your Efreet to buy you some
time, but try to conserve your magic - you'll need it later for round 2.

When you've got her down to 2/3 health, she'll kneel again and you'll get more
orbs.  Hit her again and continue your previous dance with her when she stands
up.  When she gets below 1/2 health, you'll get a checkpoint (in the middle of
a fight, weird huh?) and she'll grab you.  You'll have a minigame; alternately
press the shoulder buttons rapidly to get her off you.  She'll drop you and
command Atlas to attack you.  You now have several random button presses to
take care of Atlas - don't screw it up.  When you're finished with him, you'll
jump back into the fight with Persephone and get another checkpoint.

Round 2

The room you were fighting in before is now heavily damaged after your little
spat with Atlas, the two of you managed to make a skylight (along with a circle
of light in the center of the room - ignore it for now).  Anyways Persephone
will move to the top of one of the broken pillars, effectively out of your
melee reach, and bombard you with projectile attacks.


- Energy Balls -
Persephone will throw several large balls of green and black energy at you in
relatively rapid succession.  They're slow enough for you to roll away from,
but probably not slow enough to run away from - they have a large blast radius
on impact.  You can, however, return them at the goddess if you time it right.

- Energy Ray -
Similar to the ray that the Gorgon enemies use to turn you to stone, but with a
longer range.  Oh and it won't turn you to stone, but it will do heavy damage.
She'll follow you around the battlefield with it but it's pretty slow.

- Energy Pillars -
Several huge pillars of green energy will shoot up from the floor.  They tend
to follow you around and have a big radius.  They do heavy damage and I
wouldn't recommend double-jumping or rolling away from them, this may put you
into the path of another pillar.  Simply run around the battlefield avoiding
the green spots that appear just before the pillar shoots up.  Persephone will
send 10 or so at a time.

Tactics: This round is significantly easier than the previous one.  Start
blasting the goddess with your Light of Dawn rapid attack - she'll be throwing
the green balls at you so you won't have time to charge it.  Throw a few
fireballs, then return the green balls she throws at you using your Sun Shield.
If you get close to her, hit her with Charon's Wrath and then back off - the
balls are significantly easier to dodge at range.  She may also use her ray
attack on you.  If she does so, move to the edge of the room opposite from
where she started the ray and charge your Light of Dawn to hit her with a big
attack.  Persephone's ray only covers about 2/3 of the battlefield so if you
stand at an edge it probably won't hit you.

Note: I forgot to mention that Persephone will return the energy that you have
yourself returned by deflecting her balls with your Sun Shield.  As the fight
continues, you'll have to go back and forth an increasing number of times, and
each time gets faster.  Just watch Persephone closely to get your timing right.
As it gets super fast, you may have to deflect again almost as soon as you
throw it.  You'll see what I mean.  Thanks to Marc Louis Castillo for reminding
me about this.

After you do enough damage, Persephone will "kneel" and float slightly lower on
the pillar.  Move up quickly and open up with an aerial attack like the
aforementioned Rampage of the Furies, or the Gauntlet's Lightning Thrash.
After a few combos she'll recover and get back into position.  She'll continue
throwing her energy balls and rays at you, along with the pillars.  When she
pulls out the pillars, focus all your energy on avoiding them - don't try to
attack her or you'll get hit by a pillar.  When she's finished with the pillars
she'll go back to the balls and rays so continue hitting her with your magic.

When you've done enough of this and her health is down to about 1/8, she'll
collapse on the floor.  Rush into the circle of light in the middle of the room
and block.  Your Sun Shield will catch the light and direct it at Persephone.
Rapid-tap O and Persephone will push back.  You'll have to press O three
separate times as she moves in.  After you hit the third one, you defeat the
goddess and the game.  Congratulations!

|VERSION HISTORY|						      {version}

09-23-08: Version 1.0 submitted to GameFAQs.

10-02-08: Version 1.05 submitted to GameFAQs.  Cleaned up the format.

11-19-08: Version 1.15 submitted to GameFAQs.  Slightly modified the Persephone
	  section after I defeated her on God mode.

12-30-08: Version 1.16 submitted to GameFAQs.  Added a detail that I had
	  previously forgotten, about Persephone.

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