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Where can I find a Gigas Bone and Blood-Darkened Bone?

I'm trying to make the Fenrir, and I need to get into the Force Stealer, but I need 3 gigas bones...Any clue where I can get some?

I'm also gonna need 5 Blood-Darkened Bones aswell....No clue where to get any of these...

Any help will be loved.

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RhapsodosXIII answered:

ill just put the whole deal here --->

OK first you need to make Force stealer, you will need gale shard x2 and gigas bone x3. TO get Gale Shard u just go into quick battle and keep fighting cloud and after 5 matches or so u will be done. For gigas bone u need x3 dusty elixirs and trade it for 1 gigas bone, to get dusy elixir simply just fight in 30-60 colosseum untill it shows up in chests. Now to make butterfly edge u need blood darkened bone x5 and gale crystal x3, to get blood darkened bone u need to trade for 3 hi-elixir to get 1. Go into 60-90 colosseum to get hi-elixirs. To get gale crystals just go back into quick battle and fight cloud, but u have to fight him when hes at least lvl 70 or so ( just change the loot view by pressing L or R and u can see if it holds it, if not just quit and try put him up 10 lvlels) and now to make Fenrir u need true past x5 and gale orb x5, to get true past go into 90-120 colosseum and figh on until u find megalixir, get a total of 20 and u should be able to trade them into 5 true past ( 4 megalixir = 1 true past ) and once again, go into quick battle with a lvl 100 cloud ( any dificulty works, and remember to equip all kind of luck+ stuff u have and stuff that increases drop rate of items ) after 1 hour MAX of quick battling u should have 5x gale orb, hope u understand and make use of it :)
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Froozog answered:

They are probably from higher end Duel Colosseums, I've seen at least Blood-Darkened Bone there.
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Rawful2750 answered:

Gigas Bone is in the shop, however you have to trade 3 Dusty Elixers (found in Collosseums). I think that Blood-Darkened Bones are probably in the Collosseum, just as Froozog said.
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Rawful2750 answered:

Ok, I found out that Blood-Darkened Bones can be bought in the shop for 3 Hi-Elixers, which can be found in the 60-90 Collosseum (Inviincible Collosseum I think...)
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