Question from shadonight

How do I get Omnislash V.5?

How do I unlock this?

Yanto1986 asked for clarification:

How to trigger the skill?
equip it or it's come from combo?
(ex: use slash blow and then... hp attack maybe?)
or it's there any special condition? (I have slash blow max ready)

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happypor100pre answered:

Master Slashing Blow and youll get it
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iTz_Reaper227 answered:

Do exactly what happypor100pre said, and just master slashing blow, and master sonic wave to get finishing touch
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Xikkom answered:

Max out the AP for Slashing Blow, then you should have mastered it, Omni Slash Ver.5 should be there in the update screen of your abilities. AP is gained in fights and Bonus AP maybe gained through doing a specific tasks or if its a special day
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StarZXKnight answered:

Press slashing blow in the air, and before u usually end it with a 3rd blow, press square with omnislash v5 equipped and there u go
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AltimaTheHero answered:

Master Slashing Blow and youll unlock it.

It's a branching move from Slashing Blow.

To do it, press the corresponding button/direction to do Slashing Blow, and right after the 2nd hit hits, hit(or if your like me, MASH lol) Square and enjoy. :)
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keyblade_lord answered:

Master slashing blow.I just fought a ton of lvl1 Zidanes on my special day with AP boost lvl 3. Good luck! If you want finishing touch as well just do the same thing, but master sonic break instead.
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