Question from iTz_Reaper227

What is the best way to inflict Break status?

I am trying to battlegen Gale Orbs, but the best and quickest way seems to be to put Cloud in Break by fighting him, and he is a douche, and wont go into break when I want him to.

Accepted Answer

zooYork_banSho answered:

If your opponent is freakin' hard..the best way to break them is use an omega summon(i recommend this if their bravery reached 9999,it drops on 50% every 2 seconds)or an ultima summon(breaks after a set of time..a deathgaze will also cause break(assuming their bravery is a multiple of 5..use this if their bravery is has zero on the end digit)
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EskimoMario550 answered:

To inflict break, you must hit him hard and frequently with your fists. :I
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