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Asked: 4 years ago

How do i get Cloud's Ultima Weapon?

I want to kno how to get it cuz i cant get any better weapons and i have him at level 100 and i want a better weapon?

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Well i guess you could tell me how to get the Ultima Weapon everyone can equip too, but i was askin for Fenrir.

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fenrir, clouds ultimate weapon that only he cam equip, or the secret weapon called Ultima weapon that everyone can use?

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1x Butterfly Edge- U make this
5x True Past- U need 4 megaelixers to get one (20 all together)
5x Gale Orb- U need to break Cloud in a match to get one of these (rare)

**this is for the Fenrir: 69 attack, 30% wall rush damage, minor sneak attack effect**

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^^^what he said 4 fenrir
For ultima weapon you need 3 codes (get em in cheats section)
1:pisces recipe
2:ninja friend card
3:fusoya friend card
battlegen the noahs lute and whisperweed from the cards and make ultima weapon in the shop

Ultima weapon: equip lvl:99
atk +68
more powerfull when hp is full

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