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How can I play Multiplayer with Ad-Hoc Party?

I need help. I have Ad-Hoc Party but I have never used it and I dont know use it. I need an explication about How used it with Dissidia please

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Azukachen answered:

Well you first need someone who plays dissidia, and if you're lucky you can play against em in order to first connect. there is a switch to your left side on the handheld psp, flip the switch so that the switch is on the upper left or in other words make sure it is up.

Then enter the online option, depending on where he/she is playing (ask him or her where they are playing and join in on their party)

That is all there is to it, i've played a few online matches with a few friends, it takes a few seconds to get set up, have fun
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bakarichard answered:

on the main menu
where you see all the game modes
the first is adventure/story mode
second is vs COM
third is ad hoc, press O...
it sends you to a submenu
choose the first option and both player choose room 1
when your friend loads up in your screen press O and a menu pops up
press again to invite to play then wait for his response, afterwards choose player and enjoy n.n
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sergemarlon answered:

hmm.. well first, you would need to find someone using ad hoc party, either by joining someone else's house or by creating your own, then when you go to the online lobby of the communications mode you'll see their name in the list as online. I believe that people play in either D01 or with the monster hunter folks in j49-j52
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fatmanbomb answered:

Go to communications mode. After that, you choose a lobby and your friend should be in the same lobby. If your friend is with you, press the X button on your friend's friend card and select Challenge to battle.
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