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How can I get the Chaos side player icon?

I really want Garbrath icon [in Dissidia from] I already master him and there is no new icon appear. So, i wonder how to get them. Thank you for the further information that anyone will give me. Thank you.

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XemnasLFSolidor answered:

I'm not sure about this, but I read it somewhere that you'll have to beat him 300 times to get his icon.

(It's said that the reward for a certain mission, which involves beating the characters 300 times each, will unlock an icon. I saw that Gabranth has his own mission, and his own icon at the FFWiki, but there's no image, so I can't tell if that icon is his DFF form. Chances are, it is, coz he doesn't have a player icon in XII)

*shrug* I want him, too.
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Jahkeemyork answered:

Gabranth oddly enough does not have an icon at all in the game. I don't know why.
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kowagaru answered:

Have you purchased all the Icon packs? Maybe it's in there?
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zack_ziedrich answered:

XemnasLFSolidor is right DEFEAT GABRANT 300 times to unlock his icon like i did in other character like sephiroth KUJA

YOu can unlock gabranths icon in dff form bcoz he doesent have icon in FFXII
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