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How do I get Fenrir for Cloud?

I can't find the recipe for it. What should I do?

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Itachi_Rebirth answered:

for the recipe, you need to get one of the required items for clouds weapons. 2 i believe are from the 91-130 duel colloseium mode and the other is from fighting lv99+ cloud and you need to get him into break mode(any difficulty). THe percentage is lower than 2 or so. IT changes depending on your luck and the weekly boosts.
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gilbie1402 answered:

If I'm not mistaken, you have to input a password. See Yandy Kusanagi FAQ..
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kokeropie answered:

another way is to get from Battle Rise for fighting Cloud in Inward Chaos. MattJumps' FAQ on Shantotto serves better option for collecting Character's weapon and armor
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1ret3 answered:

From the DC n battle rise from Cloud himself with the lowest rate to get
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sniperwolf137 answered:

You can get fenrir by fighting in inward chaos just equip luck+ until youre luck reached 100 and in the chocobo window wait for it until it reach to 100 and it dosen't matter if you didn't use cloud to get it all characters can get it
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Destiny42S answered:

To get the recipe, you either have to play as a Lv 100 Cloud, or fight a high-leveled Cloud (doesn't matter who you are if you choose to fight him). I'm pretty sure 91 and above will fit the bill, but there's still only a CHANCE of getting it.
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