Question from xzMasteRzx

How to use Air Dash?

Air Dash : During Action Move, press Triangle button to Air Dash to your Opponent (Normal Air Dash).
[10 / 5 CP | 100 AP]
>Learned at Level 4.

How do you use it? I press the Triangle button like crazy and nothing happens during the move. Plz help and thank you in advanced!

xzMasteRzx provided additional details:

Yes, it is equiped and mastered. I still can't find a way to use it.


bakarichard answered:

Did you activate the ability?
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Bipps answered:

You have to be climbing a wall, grinding a path, or jumping over obstacles to activate that action.
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eonChz answered:

Lock on enemy (Press L) Dash towards enemy pressing R+Triangle.
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eonChz answered:

Or maybe to dash from one thing to another, when the orange arrows-thingy appear, simply press triangle.
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