Question from zooYork_banSho

Asked: 5 years ago

How do you unlock Lvl.100 enemies on quick battle?

Well,you cant set them to lvl.100..your base level is the same from your how do you fight lvl.100 enemies?..AS USUAL THANX for those who contribute acceptable answers..

Accepted Answer

From: Lexaes 5 years ago

In the shop, you'll eventually unlock "Enemy Level Cap boosts" and this can go up to lv. 100. Then, if your character is lv. 100, then auto will make the enemy lv. 100.

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Submitted Answers


once you get one character up to level 70 you can buy all 10 of the level up boost for quick battle, they need to be bought in order tho. they start at +10 and go up by 10 levels till its 100

you can get some of the smaller level boosts at a lower level i think you unlock like 3 of them initially with the PP catalog, 3 more at level 30, level 50, then the last at level 70

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