Question from livinwithmhie

How to play this game?

I keep on pressing the arrows before they reach the pink blinking light but I still miss! HELP!


martinez_kids answered:

press the buttons u seen in the screen and then when it reaches the white light between the blue lights just press R...
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MakMaster50 answered:

Use the directional buttons and when reaches the red flashing light press R, but to do the red arrows use the buttons ( [ ], X, O, ^) that opposes the direction Exemple: Whe it's <- you press the O button...
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ljmsan answered:

just press the right buttons and then when the hit logo shows up at beside the pink press R (right)
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klos1001 answered:

Hi guys, i need some help, i'm new here and when i choose a game i can not play it, i don't find the key "play the game", help please.
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