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How do I solve Serial Abductions? (May contain spoilers)

Yes... I need help on this, since I've been playing for a few days....
So... I have a few questions:
Where are the Soldiel Caves?
Where is the person im supposedly to rescue?
Are the enemies here the Decem Pennae?
What am I supposed to do in the Caves?
Why is it that the evil Organisation(Decem Pennae maybe?) only attack girls, why not guys?


finaljoe7 answered:

Soldiel caves is past mount fibuledo. if the quest is in soldiel caves then find the room with the crystal 2nd wing klaz will make a dragon zombie and a few other mosters attack you. before you go past soldiel caves you may wanna check out glaciel caves there you can find the tower key so you can have a short cut to domerul forest. also in either manedale caves or soldiel caves you can find a guard post key that way you can go from senoribia river to the lake arakatora. short cuts are cool in this game since theres so much running.
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