Question from haredin

Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find Blank Cards?

I never see them anymore. I've only had two.
I have a large amount of money that's completely useless to me. I only saw them on the first quest. and I'm all the way into the swamps/artic now.

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They're supposed to be rare drops, i guess. or from chests. too bad, it's too rare, dont even bother.

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so far this is what I've learned: i have a thief with high dex and luck.... luck adds the chance of dropping a rare far i have obtained about 6 i got most of them in the caves with rats and black belt...well so far i'm at the cementery and i've learned there is a blank card before the lake. also if u dont like the effects u got can throw it again at the purasis before it dries

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