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Prize pot locations?

I need to have the ingredients to making the ice creams, could somebody list all the locations of he prize pots?

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I made videos for Ven's and Aqua's :3


For Terra. (He really needs a video since it's kind of hard to describe some of the locations with words ^^):

Castle of Dreams -- In the plaza, in front of the castle. Just go to the central area with the pond. Red Hot Chilis will show up and after you deal with them, the Prize Pots may appear.

Dwarf Woodlands -- In the underground waterway. If you go in from the courtyard area, they're near the waterfall on the right side of the waterway entrance. To get to it, you need to go through the 3 timed gates again and do a leap-dash over to the small platform on the corner two chest boxes.

Enchanted Dominion -- Forest: Waterside (森:水辺). In a corner, left side of the map, before the wall of green flames.

Radiant Garden -- In that water area, in the same location of Ven and Aqua's. If you're heading there from the save point from town, go straight ahead, ignoring the stairway to the left, and just jump off the side. A group of 4 Blue Sea Salt enemies will appear first and the Prize Pots may follow after they're defeated.

Disney Town -- When you exit the giant pinball room, you'll be at the Rumble Racing area. Get Terra onto the crates and Air Slide over to the ledge to the northeast.

Olympus Coliseum -- The same place where the Prize Pots appear for Ven and Aqua. In Thebes Town, they'll show up in the southeast corner of the map.

Deep Space -- In the room where Terra starts off with all the cells and stuff. The Pots show up in the most southern tip of the map.

Neverland -- Draco Island. From the boat, head all the way to the left side of the island. Hop up some rocks and you'll find yourself on the second floor of the interior of that giant skull-shaped cave. Go to the end of the path and slide across to the other side where 2 treasure chests are.

The last two locations are Mirage Arena Mission Level 8 and 15. However, the ingredients you get from the Pots in 8 can be found at Neverland too.
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