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So.. what must we charge to get rognarok?

di4lg4 provided additional details:

Starred panel?

di4lg4 provided additional details:

You mean the panel that doesnt require a command to use which costs more bp than other normal panels?

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NeedalototHelp answered:

You need to play the very first command board and land on one of the starred panels
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nunuu answered:

Yes, the one with a star on it. It's called a Bonus Panel.

On the Keyblade Board, go to the left-most part of the board. It should be the panel that's at the top left, which is two panels up from the Green Checkpoint panel.
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TrueExcalibur answered:

You need to play first command board and land in the bonus panel (the panel top of green check point) and then buy it. p.s: i do this in space mode not in the mirage arena.
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