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How do you create EXP walk??

Wanna be lvl 99 now

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leon257 answered:

In the US version i got it from mixing abounding crystals when i was melding.
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DarkMarke answered:

Depends on what character since some of the commands that support it can only be made by certain charaters,but I'll be lazy and just write the way to get it for all three in one go.

Basically you need to fuse the command blizzard break using a spinning gem, (the 6th on the list for you non-japanese readers) this can be done by all three characters.

To fuse it properly you need:
Arial break + blizzara + Spinning gem.

you have to use those 2 commands to fuse it since any others will result in a different ability.

Hope that helps.
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theedman0213 answered:

Its a random occurrence..
You get it by fusing anything, and needing to add a ROTATING CRYSTAL..
Like I said it random so It'll occur after 1 or two trys..
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Dragknight answered:

The 3 characters can get it and it's NOT RANDOM, an easy way to make it is Magnet + Aero + Abounding Crystal
All of these commands can be gotten by any of the 3 chars.
On a side note EXP walker does not give you XP if you walk/run towards a wall so you have to make it so your char goes on circles for around 48-72 hours to get to lvl 99.
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Protomat answered:

One guide I'd read said to meld Magnet and Aero with an abounding crystal. I did this myself with Ventus and ended up with Zero Gravity with Exp Walker
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