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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I make Mega Flare and Ars Arcanum?

What commands do I meld together so I get Mega Flare and Ars Arcanum?

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From: MagiDragon 4 years ago

Firaga + Aerora(ga) = Fission Firaga
Firaga + Slow/Stopra(ga) = Crawling Fire
Fission Firaga + Crawling Fire = Mega Flare

Ars Arcanum = Blitz + Aerial Slam, Quick Blitz + Slot Edge, among various others.

Oh, and Mega Flare is obtainable with any character, but Ars Arcanum is Ven-only.

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Though Ars Solum can be obtained by Terra in Neverland.

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Best to use this guide just scroll down to the command meld section, and there you have it.

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u meld crawling fire and fission firaga, but u have to have them at a high enough Lv

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Look at the command charge list at the faqs...

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look at the walkthrough by starrk. hes the best in BBS info. is it really that hard to look???

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