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How do I play online with people?

I just bought a PSP specifically for this game. I connected it to my internet and everything, but when I try and do Mirage Arena, it never shows anyone in any events. Also, I have a Ps3 and I read there's a way to play with people if you set it up? What does that mean and how do you do it?

NYCballa417 provided additional details:

anything more in depth so I can do it? I downloaded the ad hoc party thing on the ps3, still not working though =/


NobodyAnix answered:

you can only play online using a ps3 for it to work you must download from the playstation network the Ad Hoc Party then you use that while inside the mirage arena online mode and the ps3 must be hooked to the internet by wire if you have it wireless it wont work
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kotchomet answered:

You can't play online multiplayer in kingdom hearts; at least, not directly. Multiplayer is ad-hoc - that is, in the same room as you - only; it says "online," but it's really not.

I've heard that you can use your PS3 to play ad-hoc multiplayer over the internet; I don't own a PS3, so I can't comment on how this works or even if it works.
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dark_one3 answered:

Step 1: download AD HOC PARTY
Step 2: turn on your PSP and star up birth by sleep.
Step 3: turn on your PS3 and start up AD HOC PARTY
Step 4: go to the mirage arena on any setting/file and log in using online mode
Step 5: make sure the WLAN switch is on
Step 6: go to search for game and click start on AD HOC PARTY
Step 7: if you have done all the above you are broadcasting signals that your PS3 can pick up on. it will then search for someone else somewhere playing the same game. it will ask if you want to join the session and will include you in the session. your PSP should pick up on the other games, and you should be able to join in. the other players will be listed in a chat room on your PS3, while you will be included in the game on your PSP. play to your hearts content. My name is dark_one3 on playstation network. shoot me a message if you wanna play.
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