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Can one overwrite the clear data by updating it?

I recently beat Terra's story on Standard Mode, now, I know I gotta do everything to archieve the secret ending, complete the reports, get all of Xehanorts Reports and all. But I proceeded with Ventus' story already. I was wondering, since I still have the save from before the final battle, and the clear data save. Can I keep playing on terra's story, complete all mini-games and such, finish it, overwrite the clear data save and still see the ending later on? Since the clear save kind of passes info to the Trinity reports at the main menu.

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reatanks answered:

Um lets say u jsut finished the ending for Terra. You can save it over your old Terra file. Then load the Terra file and you can get everything still. You just need to beat the ending after you get everything again so the game can record the stats again.

So to answer your question. you can override your old save data with the save data in which you jsut beat the ending and still have a chance to complete your report section. Just remember to rebeat the game after you get 100% report so the game can record the data again.
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