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Unlocking the Secret Ending?

For the Secret Ending I know you have to collect every item and fill in all the missions and complete every task and whatnot, but do you have to do that with each and every character? Like the Mirage Arena missions, do you have to complete every single mission with each character? And Lastly, can you unlock it simply by just beating it on proud mode?

Accepted Answer

ventustails730 answered:

Critical and Proud Mode lets you unlock the Secret Ending Easier by obtaining ONLY Xehanort's Reports AND beating Final episode. But in Standard Mode, you have to complete your Keyblades excluding Crown Unlimit, Every Entry on the Report section which includes, Ice Creams, Mirage Arena Missions, Arena Level, and Xehanort's Report
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gamingrat answered:

Yes you can unlock the secret ending just by doing it on Proud Mode
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