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How do I beat the Mysterious Figure as Ventus?

I've been sticking with the Thuder/Fire Surge technique (but instead of Curaga's I use Megalixirs). I've tried defeating him 20 times (seriously). I turned off all my abilities except Attack Haste, Once More, Second Chance and Scan. Can anyone help me?


ventustails730 answered:

You have to turn ON everything especially you have to always have the dodge roll ability and Renewal Block ability so that when everytime Mysterious Figure attacks, you guard and your HP is restoring at the same time. Forgot to say that you have Both Attack and Magic Haste so your Thunder and Fire Surge will reload even faster. I suggest you need to have ALL Slots of Thunder and Fire Boost and ALL Slots of Attack and Magic Haste.
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valriv34 answered:

i find it easy for this boss.. i just use FIre Surge or Thunder surge.. just DONT USE ANY THUNDER ROLL or some kind of that and u can use Curaga here..just roll and roll and use fire or thunder.. i completed it around 20 minutes if i am not mistaken
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