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when does this come to American stores?

I cant find a date for the U.S only japan. can someone tell me

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TheGameTripleH9 answered:

It will proballt be released here in the US in febuary. thats what the kh creator said.
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gacgac answered:

We dont know yet sorry
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itachi365 answered:

Around spring next year
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JadeTorchwood answered:

Its release date in Japan is early 2010. So its US release would be sometime after that.
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deadman724 answered:

2010 January 9th
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keyblade42 answered:

Well, Kingdom Hearts II came out on Dec. 22 2005 and it came to the U.S. in March I can't remeber the exact day. So based on that information I could make a prediction for April since it's coming out in early January (the 9th). Hope that helps!
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zero79531 answered:

Like deadman said, today at January 9th 2010 is the Japanese release of it.

It will take a weeks again to make an English version of it, estimating it's release at March.
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annanaster answered:

It's May 15th.
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angelXboy answered:

just think to yourself... how long would i take to translate 99% of this game ?(other 1% is like the stuff like the title and D-Link and all that) then how long it would take to make copies and ship it?
shipping would take about a few days
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shadowstriker55 answered:

It's been announced here

September 7, 2010.
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twhye answered:

The site says 9/7/10
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Laharlsan answered:

Is coming in september 7,2010 square enix said it and so did gamefaqs.also ive counted the days and weeks that is to go so bbs comes to all da places,80 days to go equals 11 weeks and 3 days.
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BlackLense answered:

Gamespot - 7 Septembre 2010...
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JettTheYoshi answered:

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep will be appearing on American store shelves September 7th this year.
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its_me_mario answered:

isnt the release date on here? cause i saw that it says that its coming out here on September 7th
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Nero7892 answered:

September 7, 2010
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jus7321 answered:

I saw a trailer of the game, and at the end, it said 9/7/10 so September 7th, 2010. Trailer:
umm... the link is too long so here:
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dsiconolfi123 answered:

Sorry you are all wrong it comes out semptember 7th check gamestop to be sure
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kingofsk2 answered:

It comes out in december.
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kingofsk2 answered:

It comes out in december i check gamestop last week.
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