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Enemy/Boss Help Answers
Anybody know what will be the new boss in the USA version? 5
Best Strategy to defeat Mysterious Figure? 8
Best stratey on Mysterious Figure? 1
Blank point? 3
Can the Mysterious Figure be fought multiple times? 1
Can the Mysterious Figure get damaged when invisible? 1
Can you rematch Vanitas' Lingereing Sentiment? 2
Can,t find mysterious figure? 2
Critical Mode? 4
Does he get aggressive? 1
How can I beat (Master Eraqus)? 7
How can I beat all the bosses solo? 6
How can I beat Iron Prisoner IV? 3
How can I defeat the Mysterious Figure? 19
How can you beat iron imprisoner 3? 1
How do I battle with vanitas spirit ? 1
How do I beat "Keepers of the Arena"? 1
How do I beat (HOOK)? 16
How do I beat (maleficent)? 1
How do I beat (vanitas' lingering spirit?? 6
How do I beat (Zack 2nd Form Critical Mode)? 1
How do I beat Captain Hook and neverland? 2
How do I beat iron imprinsoner iv? 1
How do I beat Iron Imprisoner IV as Terra? 3
How do I beat Iron Prisoner IV as Ventus ? 2
How do I beat Mysterious Figure? 9
How do I beat Terra's final boss? 2
How do I beat Terra's final Xehanort at... Level 1.....? 2
How do I beat Terranort? ASAP. 2
How do I beat the keepers of the arena? 3
How do I beat the mob just before deep space (ven)? 1
How do I beat the Mysterious Figure (NA version)? 2
How do I beat Vanitas Lingering Spirit ? 2
How do I beat vanitas sentiment in last episode with aqua? please help!!! 1
How do I beat vanitas sentiment? 2
How do I beat Vanitas with Ventus in the final battle? 1
How do I beat Vanitas's Lingering Sentiment? 14
How do I beat vanitas's lingering will? 2
How do I beat Xehanort? 2
How do I defeat Chrono Twister? 1
How do i get the secret boss?? 7
How do i play with other internet players? 1
How do I unlock the secret bosses? 2
How many secrets bosses are there? 4
How to beat Vanitas in keyblade graveyard? 1
Is Sephiroth in this game? 4
Is there any way to beat Iron Prisoner 4 alone? 21
Is this a good command deck for Terra's final battles against Xehanort? 1
Is Vanitas sentiment invulnerable? 4
Is Vanitas's Sentiment's getting stronger? 7
Keepers of the Arena with Terra? 1
Lingerning spirit Vanitas is immune to shotlock???? 2
Mysterious Figure Please? 1
Mysterious Figure with Terra? 4
Need deck commands to beat anything (Aqua & Ven)? 4
Need help beating Mysterious Figure? 1
Question about the secret ending? 2
Secret boss after 1st secret boss? SPOILER 2
Vanitas Remant as Aqua? 1
Vanitas strike raid? 1
Vanitas' sentiment? 3
Vanitias's Lingering spirit: being a cheapo (:? 5
Ventus fight Vanitas Sentiment..? 1
What do I need equipped to beat Xehanort as Terra and how do I do it? 2
What Happened to Pete? 1
What level is Terranort -Terra in armor-? (or what level should I be to beat him) 1
What level should I be? 1
What's the recommended level to fight Vanitas and the Unknown on proud? 2
Where can I find Vanitas' Spirit? 8
Where do i Find Blobmob? 4
Where do I go to fight Vanitus Sentimant? 2
Where to find Axe Flapper - Terra's story? 3
Why does the bosses always have 4 bars or lower? 2

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
Acquiring command panels on the command board? 2
Aqua's D-Links Maleifcent & Pete? 2
Armor Forme??? 1
can I unlock two more battles for Terra in mirage arena? 5
Can one overwrite the clear data by updating it? 1
Can u unlock the secret ending just by playing one character in proud mode? 4
Can't unlock hand in hand? (ice cream beat minigame) 1
Cinderella's dress items? 1
Comand board and rumble racing? 2
Command Board: Is re-Acquiring panels neccessary? 2
Command board? 2
Completing Reports? 1
Destiny island???? 2
Getting out of the middle? 1
Getting this Command Style? 2
Got a problem to complete Trinity Reports 100%? 1
How about that 80 hour trophy? 5
How can I double jump? 2
How can I get the HP Prize Plus and Link Prize Plus abilities? 1
How can I get the Trinity Trophy? 1
How can I unlock the last episode ? 4
How do I beat Captain Justice? 2
how do I get 100% item completion? 2
How do I get it? 2
How do I get the 3 ??? unlocked?!! 3
How do I solve (D-Link Help)? 1
How do I solve Ice-cream minigame(Van's story)? 6
How do i solve the pinball puzzle in DisneyTown? 1
How do I unlock mirage arena? 3
How mirage arena works? 2
How to beat Ice Cream Beat Master mode? 2
I cant unlock 2 last arena maps ? 1
Ice-Cream Mini-Game? 4
Is there a save point before going to the gardens for the first time? 1
Is there any way to obtain Ven's ED Audience Chamber sticker without using a magnet-type attack? 2
Journal completion trouble.. help? 2
Million Dream? True ending? 2
Needed scores for fantastic in Ice Cream Beat? 9
Prize pot locations? 1
Terra's journal? 2
Terra's Missing Mirage Arena Matches? 1
That tiki in Neverland's Indian Camp: What is it for? 1
Treasure 15,16 in Disney Town and Treasure 12 in Neverland? (Aqua) 1
Trinity Command.....? 3
Trinity Report 100%? 2
Unlocking Secret Ending Confusion...Report/Trinity Report? 1
What is mirage arena difficulty? 1
What is the exact location of the prize pods in each worlds? 2
What next ? 1
What to do after game beaten? and how to transform to armor guy for terra? 2
when i defeated VS. Where i go next?? 5
Where are the last 2 stickers (Aqua)? 1
Where can I find all of the shoot locks? 2

Item Location Help Answers
Aero? 1
Any secret treasures in this game? 1
Aqua's 11th D-Link? 6
Are there any other way to obtain soul release other than melding? 2
Arranging Stickers? 3
Ars Solum? 1
Break TIme? 4
Can I get Rhythm Mixer in the American version of KHBBS? 1
Can I spend Medals without it affecting my total? 1
Can I use Aqua's Brightcrest in her story? (spoilers) 1
Can I use BrightCrest outside of the final story? 2
Command Board Shoot Locks? 1
Command charging? 1
Command Melding? 1
Command skills to equip? 3
Commands and charging? 2
D-Link finisher 11 and 22 for Ven? 2
Disney Town Sticker? 2
Do I need to collect all xenahort files on proud mode for the final episode? 2
Do the prizes I get in the Mirage Arena for one character transfer to another characters? 1
Dodge Roll? 1
Fastest way to get Hidden Gem? 1
First treasure in neverland (aqua)? 1
Friendship Commands? 4
Frozen Fortune Command Style? 1
Help about the locations of the shoot lock for each character? 1
Help with Command Charge? 1
How can I find Focus Block? 1
How can i find the Ultima Cannon? 2
How can I get all keyblades? 1
How can I get Aqua's third Counter Command? 1
How can i get rid of twisted Hours? 1
How can I get the last command board ? 3
How can i meld magnega? 2
How can I meld the last ACTION COMMAND ? 2
How can make Treasure Raid if its possible? 1
How come i cant combine items like block and glide? 1
How do i activate frozen fortune the easiest? 3
How do I complete my Trinity Archive Item collection? 5
How do I edit the command deck? 1
How do I equip potions? 1
How do I get Aqua's 8th action command? 1
How do i get EXP chance o-o? 4
How do I get EXP Walker? 1
How do I get Ice Slide? 2
How do I get magnet for Terra? 1
How do I get Mine Square? 1
How do i get Raging storm? 1
How do i get Stratosphere? 1
How do i get the 10th finish command in the report? 1
How do I get the Rainbow Sticker in Neverland? (Terra) 1
How do I get Thunder Roll? 1
How do I make Mega Flare and Ars Arcanum? 6
How do I obtain this command? 1
How do i refill the focus and D-link gauges? 2
How do I use a potion or heal in the game? 1
How do i use an ability? 4
How do i use secret gem? 1
How do I use the key items that are recipes ? 1
How do you create EXP walk?? 5
How do you get abilities?? 1
How do you get crown sticker in dwarf woodlands for aqua? 1
how do you get hp boost in Mirate Arena? 3
How do you get to the Minnie Sticker in Disney Town? (Aqua) 1
How do you get Triple Firaga Triple Blizzaraga and Thunder Shot? 1
How do you sythesis weapons? 1
How exaclty can I meld a Faith command for Ventus? 4
How i can obtain the ultima weapon? 3
How i can unlock new keyblades? 3
How many points do I need in fruitball in order to get ghost driver shot lock? 1
How to get Defender ability? 1
How to get the commands from the final xehanort battle in terras story? 1
If i unlocked the final ending on standard, do i need to collect all the reports again to do the final ending on proud? 1
Im missing a block command inbetween renewal block and stun block what is it? 1
Is Degen and Warp the same? 4
Is it possible to reach the sticker in dwarves' house yard and in sleeping beauty's castle during the first visit? 3
Is there another attack like sacrifice but for everybody? 2
Is there another way to get Solo Arcanum? 2
Is there anyway at all to get another break time? 1
Item collection percent help? 1
Items in the report section? 1
Its a problem having to do with the treasure 2
Keyblade help?????????? 2
Keyblades? 1
KHBBS Final Mix? 1
Last chest disney town for ven? 1
Last shotlock command and camand style for ventus? 4
Melding a Bio Barrage shotlock command for Ventus? 1
Melding commands and the different forms and results? 1
Mickey's Keyblade? 2
Missing guard command? 1
Missing Sticker? 1
Neverland's first sticker (Ven)? 2
Proud Trophy thing? 1
Question on Permanent Abilities? 1
Ragnarok? 3
Ragnarok?? 1
Rare Occurance melding tips? 2
Shoot lock help?! 2
Sonic Blade? 1
Sonic Rave? 3
Space Mines in Deep Space. Terras Story. What room is it in? 2
Sticker Locations? 2
Strongest Key? 2
Terra stuck with Ends of the Earth after beating the game? 2
The pete D-Link? 2
TIME TROPHY: Complete all stories within 80 hours? 2
Transcendence?? 1
Trophies??? 1
Uh oh... Treasure in missing worlld.. help? 1
What are all the possible effects of the Chaos Crystals? 2
What are the items that im missing for terra? 1
What are the secret keyblades for terra? 1
What command am I missing? (Ventus) 2
What does the Break Time command do? 1
What does the confetti command as Aqua do? 1
What else am I missing? 1
What if I don't equip it? 2
What is Multi Melding? 1
What is the other name of soul release or how to get it? 2
What is the skill that's between Curaga and mine shield for Ventus? 1
What's a good spot to farm Abounding Crystals? 3
What's the other Guard Command? 5
Where and how do i get the command ramuh's judgement? 2
Where are all of Ventus's shotlock? 1
Where can I find (all of ventus shotlocks)? 1
Where can I find (the 7th treasure in neverland)? For ven 1
Where can I find (The last treasure chest in dwarf woodland in Ven's story line)? 3
Where can I find (Thunder Surge)? 2
Where can I find (Vanitas lingering spirit)? 1
Where can I find (ventus shoot lock)? 2
Where can I find Abounding crystal? 1
Where can I find all the ice cream ingrediants? 1
Where can I find all the treasure in every story? 1
Where can I find all the treasure? 1
Where can I find break time for ventus? 3
Where can I find chest 3 in disney town at ven's story mode? 1
Where can I find commands that use up 2 slots(or more)? 1
Where can I find Counter Blast? 1
Where can I find Fleeting Crystal? 1
Where can I find Flying Balloon Sticker in Castle of Dreams? 1
Where can I find it? 1
Where can I find Leaf bracer, Renewal Block, Once More, and second chance? 6
Where can I find mega flare? 1
Where can I find reflect in Terra's story? 2
Where can I find sacrifice? 1
Where can I find sacrifices? 1
Where can I find shotlocks for ventus chaos snake meteor shower and photon charge multivortex and lightning ray? 1
Where can I find SuperGlide? 4
Where can I find the 14th chest in disney town? 1
Where can I find the last Command Board? 1
Where can I find the prize pods that give me thundercraker & cotton cloudcandy? 1
Where can I find the tenth shotlock? 1
Where can I find the Xehanort Reports? 2
Where can I find timesplicer?or create it? 1
Where can I find tornado? 1
Where can I find Why cant i fuse stuff? 1
Where can I find Xehanort Report 5? 2
Where do I get Chaos Blade? 1
Where do i use the recipes? 1
Where is the last treasure in Neverland Terra's story? 4
Where is the Prize Pots that drop Open Sesame? 1
Where on the Command board can I find Meteor Shower? 1
Where to find shot lock? 1
Which is the better keyblade? 1
Which panel has meteor shower? 1
White boxes and blue command names... what's the deal? 1
Why can't I get Restore Guard? 1
Why can't I use Void Gear in Aqua's storyline (not final episode)? 2
Why cant i make guard and slide commands (terra story)? 1
Why i can't meld these? 1
Zero EXP what is it good for? 2

Level Help Answers
Ability?? 1
Aqua's Stat growth? 1
Around what level should I be to enter "Keepers of the Arena"? 1
At what level can I finish all Mirage Arena Arena Battles? 4
Blue Octopus ?? 1
Can you play the secret level more than once? 1
Creatures? 1
Do characters earn less hp in critical mode? 1
Do you need to beat Disney town in order to complete the story? 3
Final story's starting stats? 1
How can I play against vanitas sentiment using terra?? 3
How do i beat Keepers of the Arena (lvl 20 mirage)? 2
How do i get lvl 30 in mirage arena? 2
How do I get past (A time to chill)? 2
How do I get past Deep Space (Terra - Standard)? 2
How do I get past Disney Town for Ventus? 1
How do I get past Rumble Racing? 1
How do I get the last Command board? 1
How do I get to level 15?!? 1
How do I level up my arena level in mirage arena? 6
How do I level up Terra's finishers? 2
How does the command board work?? 1
How should i go about Villian's Vendetta? 1
How to Level up in Kingdomhearts??? 3
Is proud mode "that" hard,comparing to the standard mode ? 4
Mirage Arena LV 29. missing 1 arena mode. how do i get it? 4
Recommended level for beating Final Episode? 1
Rumble Rancing problems? 1
Sections in Radiant Garden with terra? 1
The begining??? 1
The maze in Enchanted Dominion? 1
To unlock the Secret ending do I only need proud mode on the final chapter? 1
Tresures in Disneytown is ven? 1
Using saved commands? 1
What are some USEFUL abilities that can bolster my lvl like BOOM.? 4
What happened to the cutscene with the council woman? 2
What is the fastest way to reach lvl 99on any character? 1
What the best and the fastest way to Lvl up all characters? 1
What's it like to go versus??? 2
Where is the best place for Aqua level up to lv99? 5

Plot/Storyline Help Answers
About blank point? 1
Any KH2 Spoilers? 4
Can anyone tell me who are xion and vanitas and how they are related to sora? 1
Can some 1 explain what happend???? 2
Can you play co-op (two player) during storyline!!?? 2
Characters? 1
Choices? 3
Dark haired girl in secret movie? 1
Did they? 4
Did Xehanort die? *spoilers* 3
Different endings? 2
Do I need all 3 characters in critical mode to unlock secret movie? 1
Does changing the difficulty for different characters affect me getting the secret ending? 2
Going Back? 2
HeLp!? 1
Hidden truths? 1
I'm having trouble completing 100% on the whole game? 2
If the voice in Ventus' head was...? 1
Is Jafar in this game? 2
Is Terra Ansem? 1
Is that really him??? 1
Keyblade Trio? (spoilers) 1
Landing on NeverLand? 2
Mickey and xehanort?(Major kh 2 spoiler) 6
Mirage Arena? 1
No GLIDE ? 1
Quick Question? 1
Riku and Sora? *Spoilers* 1
Secret bosses? 2
Secret Ending? 2
Septhiroth? 2
Sequel? 1
Sora and Ventus???(spoiler) 4
Sora, Ven, Brothers!? 1
Sora\Ven secret ending help? 1
Stand alone game? 4
Unlocking the Secret Ending? 2
Vanitas- Ven- Sora? (spoiler) 1
Visiting and re-visiting worlds? 1
Wait? 3
What disney-movie worlds are in this game? 1
What is the name of Vanitas' and Master Xheanort's keyblades? 3
What's up with the warm light on Destiny Islands? 2
Who are these people+ Facts? 2
Who is the main protagonist? 1
Who is the man Aqua sees in the darkness in the secret ending? 2
Who is the person who left destiny islands? 4
Why did Xehanort need Terra? (SPOILERS) 5
Why does my trinity report say 98% story completion? 3
Why does Ventus look so much like Roxas please explain? 3
Why does xenahort do that?(spoiler) 2
Why is namine kairi's nobody? 1
Xehanort reports? 1
Zack Fair? 5
[SPOILER] who is mysterious figure exactly? 2

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
100% completion? Each or all 3? 1
Ability Melding? 1
Any advice for a Ventus, Critical Mode, level-one challenge? 1
Anyone can tell me what's the optimal deck for Terra in arena? 1
Aqua's level 2 third command style? 2
Are all of the projectiles reflectable? 2
Are Thunder Roll, Ice Slide, Fire Glide, and Fire Wheel worse? 1
Beating this Arena Mode? 1
Best deck for item farming? 1
Can anyone give me good commands that i could fuse/command charge???? 2
Can someone explain the battle system? 6
Can you play all characters at the same time? 3
Command Board abilities? 1
Deck command leveling? 2
English Ice Cream Guide please? 1
Extra area? 1
How can I do long-timed Aeroga and e.t.c.? 1
How can i use D-link in this game?? 1
How do I beat the first boss??? 1
How do i do the limit thing? 2
How do I do the speed skill thing again in the game? 1
How do i get Heat Slash 1??? 2
How do I get Terra's Crown Sticker in ED's Audience Chamber? 3
How do I unlock the firestorm command style? 1
How many attacks can you guard with a single block? 1
How to activate fever pitch? 1
How to unlike the grand spree and castle circuit? 1
I need to know what difficulty i should play on ? 2
If I beat one story on proud, and the other 2 on standard, do I have to complete the reports section on hte proud game? 2
In Critical Mode,Does your HP increase? 1
Is thunder surge good? 2
Leveling up with Terra? 8
Please help about terra? 3
Shoot locks? 1
Snow White in Ventus' Story? 1
Speed Leveling? 1
Suggestions for Command Deck? (using Ven) 2
Tips and tricks? 1
Ventus gets weaker??? 2
Villans Vendentta? 2
What are your best skills for ventus which work on PVP? 2
What is the best battle command deck set for Terra? 6
What is the best command deck for aqua, ven, terra? 37
What is the best command deck for killing Unversed quickly? 2
What is the best command deck for ven? 1
What is the best place for training for all 3 characters? 3
What is the Best Shoot Lock for Ven nd Terra?? 3
What is the best strategy for (Ven grinding and Aqua grinding)? 1
What is the best strategy for defeated VS?? 1
What is the best strategy for gaining exp for aqua? 1
What is the best strategy for Kingdom Hearts; BBS? 1
What is the best strategy for leveling up in the Mirage Areana for Ven, Terra & Aqua? 1
What is the best strategy for quick leveling up? 2
What is the best way to get medals in the arena? 1
What Skills don't wok on PVP?? 1
What's the best character order in relevence to the plot?)? 1
Zantesuken and bosses? 1

Technical Help Answers
Ad-hoc party? 3
Can I ad hoc? 1
Can i recover a file i have overwritted? 1
Can it be played on 5.50 Gen D-3 if i buy the UMD(english)? 3
Cant use maps with ventus? huh? help! 1
Changing characters after already picking one? 1
Controls? 1
Cwcheat!?!? 3
Data help? 2
Data Install Problem ? 3
Data Install? 1
Data installation error? 3
Data is corrupted? 2
Difference between Japanese and Asia version? 1
Does data install effect anything ? 1
English subtitles in japanese version?? 1
Gamefaqs Save Data Error? 1
Get out?? 1
Help problems with command styles!!!?? 2
Help!!? 3
How am i suppose to play this game? 1
How come i cant play? 1
How do I get to the final? I finished the files!? 1
How do you end your gameplaying? 1
I can't CAN'T the command? 2
I cant play it help? 1
I hear somthin about KH 3 coming out for WII.. Any ideas? 1
Is it playable in 5.50 gend3? 10
Is Kingdom Hearts 3 different from Birth By Sleep? 11
Is there a way to load the game from the start menu rather than going all the way to the home menu and reloading it? 3
Lagging drastically? 4
My 99% save Data corrupted! Why!? 2
My Aqua savedata is corrupt??? 2
No Product Registration Card? 1
Nobodys Online? 6
Okay well, I need help with an English patch please..Idk the steps..? 2
Once you do Data Install is it possible to change back to the different sizes or remove it? 2
Patch news? 1
Possible to play japanes on....? 1
PSP home button? 2
Replaying in Proud Mode to unlock Secret Ending? 1
VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION(that may concern everyones benefits..)? 2
What PSP? 1
When does the patch for Kingdom Haerts Birth By Sleep come out? 4
When will this game released in Indonesia ? 5
Where is Weaver Fever? 2
Why can't I connect with friends? 2
Why can't i play the game usa version ? 1
Why can't i save? 1
Why cant I play as Ven and Terra in the last episode? 1
Why does my saves have an X instead of a Star? 1
Why does online in M. Arena doesn't work?! 2
Why this game never works on my psp? 1
Why won't the save data load? 3
WTF i havent beat vanitas lingerng spirit AND Misterius figure already apeared? 2
Xehanort + Terra?? 1

Other Help Answers
$$$ Dad and kh bbs? 6
(Can you use zack fair)? 2
2 Questions, Please Approach?! 2
A Brief Synopsis? 2
A last episode question somewhat of a spoiler if you do not have the game? 1
A release date? 2
Ability? 2
Aerial recovery? 1
Analog nub? 6
Answer this please...?? 1
Any chance of this game coming to PS2? 10
Anyone know how to see arena level exp point?? 1
Anyone wanna a match with me? 1
Anything that is missable in this game? 1
Aqua & final episode help? 1
Ars Arcanum? 4
As Terra how do i unlock all the mirage arena missions? (im missing 2) 1
Battle system help? 3
BBS and BBSFM? 1
Beginig help??? 3
Birth By Sleep exp points? 1
Braig=Xigbar? 1
Braig? 3
Bundle pack? 3
Can anyone tell me all the meld commands!!!?? 2
Can i get vanitas command? 3
Can i play the game with an UMD on CFW (5,50 D-3)? 25
can I still roam around land of departure? 1
Can someone help me by telling me a good way to get these abilities for my characters please? 2
Can someone help me with a Multiplayer question? 1
Can Someone List All Ventus Magic Combat Commands? 2
Can someone run by exactly how to connect to the internet? 2
Can this b played? 2
Can Ven get Double Jump? 1
Can you even get birth by sleep kingdom hearts in america? 2
Can you get KHBBS in the internet? 2
Can you go back? 2
Can you import a saved game for BBS final mix after you've started? 1
Can you play bbs with one umd and 2 psps mutiplayer? 2
Can you steal/lose commands in the command board game? 1
Cant carry over? 1
Characters? 1
Command Board help? 2
Command collection for Terra, Ven, and Aqua? 1
Command Collection Help??? 1
Command? 2
Continue??? 1
Could I play BBS in TAV order or is TVA order better? 1
Could that game be the sequel to 358/2 days, the DS game??? 4
Could the japan version of kingdom hearts birth by sleep work on europe/uk psp? 2
Crown icon? 1
Dairy Devotee? 2
Dash for aqua? 1
Deep space? 1
Defeat Mysterious Figure with Aqua? 1
Different Trinity Archives? 1
Do I need to beat Mysterious Figure to get the Secret Movie? 2
Do the enemies give out more exp. in Critical Mode? 2
Does anyone know if roxas and ventus are only one? 3
Does EUR release have Japanese voice option? 1
Does it matter what order of characters you beat the game in? 1
Does the game focus on sora or roxas? 3
Does the Keyblade Graveyard have any Prizepots? 1
Does your arena level increase in multiplayer in the mirage arena? 1
Early release date?!? 1
Error occurred? 1
European release date? 1
FF characters? 1
Final Episode? 1
Final Mix - Concrete information on how to unlock the Secret Episode? 1
Final Mix: Do I need the 100 Acre Wood board to get arena awards? 1
For the final mix version how do you get x-blade? 1
Full report? 1
Game Worth buying before English release? 2
Gameplay pictures appearing in my PSP images!? 2
Hardest opponent? 4
Help!!!...can some one help!!!? 1
Help?!?! 1
Hercules vs Ventus? 3
Hit Count Report? 1
How can i maximize my HP? 1
How did the Keyblade get made and what is it? 1
How do I acquire all the million dream award scenes? 6
How do i acquire the million dream award? 1
How do I forge solo arcanum and last arcanum as Terra? 1
How do i get High jump or double jump for terra?? 4
How do i get more abilities on my command list???? 1
How do i get shoot more shoot out commands for ven??? 4
How do i get Teleport for Aqua? 2
How do i get Xehanort's Letter? 1
How do I increase more hp?? 2
How do I increase speed in Gliding with Ventus? 3
How do I level up D-links? 1
How do i play with zack story? 2
How do I unlock Blank Points and Signs of What's Next? 1
How do i unlock more racing courses for mirage arena and Disney Town? 1
How do I unlock the final chapter? 1
How do I unlock the secret ending Blank Points? 2
How do i unlock the secret ending? 2
How do I unlock the secret movie at the end? 1
How do you become ventus shadow form? 1
How do you get time splicer (thats the spelling in the english patch) for vent? 1
How do you unlock the Green LV3, LV4 and the Light Blue LV5 Things? 1
How many shotlock commands are there in total? 1
How much memory does this game take up? 2
How much would it be? 7
How to activate final episode? 1
How to activate Second Chance and Once More? 2
How to boost HP in Mirage Arena? 1
How to create all the abilities? 1
How To Get Combo Live or Last Live? 1
How to get Last episode? 3
How to get pete being banished cutscene and command charge query? 2
How to i fuse commands it wont let me do any of them?? 4
How to unlock aqua's last 2 rumble races in mirage arena? 2
How To Unlock Secret Movie? 1
How to unlock the last episode ? 1
How to unlock The Secret ending and the true ending? 2
How to use Fatal mode? 1
How to use ventus wing blade? 1
Hp 999? 2
I already beat all 3 storys on standard to unlock final vid? Do I have to beat all three on proud or only one 1
I beat the game in proud difficulty but i didn't get 'final episode' ? 2
I can't play Birth by Sleep?!?!?! 3
I can't see my friend in online, any ideas? 2
I cannot see other players in wlan mode? 2
I cant level to 10 in arena!!!? 2
I have 5.50 GEN D3 & i can play the game what i need to play ? 6
I have beaten the game, i got a * save file, what now? 1
If I hosted "Keepers of the Arena" and had my friends help, would I be the only one to get the shotlock? 2
If I'm going to start game over again in proud would I have to overrite my old standard ones? 1
If you miss the items that upgrade d-links can you get them again? 1
Is BBS worth going thru on Critical Mode? 1
Is gliding in this game? 1
Is it hard? 1
Is it impossible to complete the Trinity Report if...? 2
Is it possible get 100% completion from the first play? 3
Is it possible to play different characters on different save files and still unlock the secret ending? 2
Is it true usa version? 1
Is Ragnarok missable? 1
Is the "No Name" Keyblade a Requirement to get 100% in the Trinity Report Collection? 1
Is the The Unknown or Mysterius Figure Secret Boss more weak in the Final Mix version? 1
Is there a best character to start out as? 1
Is there a secret boss after completing the last episode ? 1
Is there a way to use a d-link's first finish move after leveling it up? 1
Is there are a faqs for melding commands? 1
Is this game worth buying for? 2
Is this normal? 1
Japanese bundle? 1
Leveling Strategy with Mickey D-Link? 1
Lost Memory or Sweetstack Keyblade? 1
Lv up for Terra? 1
Mastering commands without abilities? 1
Max gauge?? 1
Max Health? 1
Meld? 1
Mirror image?!? 1
Missing 1%? 2
Music option? 2
Mutliplayer pvp? 2
My finish commands won't level up? 1
Mysterious figure info not a question? 1
Name? 1
Need greatest cwcheats in khbbs???????????????? 5
New Game with all Item's,skill, etc?? 1
New game+? 2
Once More or Second chance? 3
Playing on pc? 1
Please,could somebody explain to me how to meld FAITH? 1
Prize pod location? 1
Prize Pods in deep space? 2
Prize Pods? 1
PSP Advice? 3
PSP go Or UMD? 1
Really could use someone other than ventus? 1
Recording function? 1
Red Finish? 1
Report #5? 1
Reports? 1
Reseting the game to main menu? 2
Restart? 1
Save On same file? 1
Secret characters? 1
Secret Ending question? 1
Secret ending requirements? 3
Secret movie requirements? 1
Sharing game and m. stick with another person; how will this affect the Trinity Archives? 1
Shoot Lock help? 5
Shotlock Commands Please? 1
Should I get a psp just for this game? 2
Slide Turn? 1
So after i beat the game as ventus, how do i play as terra and aqua? 2
Special edition price? 1
Special finnishes? 2
Starting a new game again? 2
Starting Mirage Arena? 3
Stich? 1
Stuck in multiplayer mode? 1
Terra level? 2
Terra not going in some places? 1
Terra,Aqua,or ventus? 3
The real release date? 8
Theater? 1
There's a huge spoiler on the image section due to an idiot. How to remove? 4
Thiis game? 5
Trinity Archives 100%? 1
Trinity Report mandatory? 1
Trinity Report Trophies? 1
Two plaryer? 3
UMD playable on Gen D3? 8
Unlock critical mode? 2
Upon beating the game? 1
US release date? 26
US version changes? 1
USA VERSION.. When??? 25
Vanitas' spirit? 1
Ven and Sora the same Heart? 3
Ventus strength? 1
Vote? 2
Wait for the english vers? 1
What commands can i meld with giga attack recipe? 2
What do you think the preorder bonus will be? 1
What does "holy" look like in this game? 2
What is "LoD" ??? 2
What is a good place to download Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep for my PSP Go? 2
What is CP and how do I gain it? 3
What is Data install ? 1
What is Fireworks? 2
What is revenge thunder? How do i create it? 1
What is the best shotlock for Terra, Aqua, and Ven? 1
What is the difference between Continue and Retry? 1
What is the difference between Holy and Holy Rise? 1
What is the fastest way to level up? 1
What is the final finish command? 1
What is The other mode when you cleared Ven terra aqua? 3
What is the similarities & defferences of the Unversed, Heartless, & Nobodies? 1
What psp update do i need to have to play KH birth by sleep in my psp? 2
What stat effects the damage your shotlocks do? 1
What the timeline of this in the Kingdom Hearts Series? 3
Whats next for wingblade in the report? 1
when does this come to American stores? 20
When does this come to Australia? 3
When is the next kingdom hearts on ps3? 1
When is the patch coming out? 2
When is this coming for puerto rico or north america? 3
When is this game coming out? 2
When or will this be out on ps3? 3
When Starting? 2
When will this game come to the US? 6
Where can i find slide dash in terra? How can i make revenge Fang? 1
Where can i find the boss in the spaceship? 1
Where can I find the strongest Shotlocks of Terra, Ven, and Aqua? 2
Where i can find Mysterious figure and Mysterious Armored Man? 2
Where i can pre-order this game? 1
Where to buy or download this game? 3
Which story do you think is best? 3
While? 9
Who are the charecters i can play in multiplayer? 3
Who got the US version of this game? 1
Who is he mysterious armored man? 2
Whose Keyblade? 1
Why can't I meld some commands? 1
Why cant i unlock HAND IN HAND ice cream game? 4
Why don't i have the micky icon on the report/game records????? 1
Why the mixed stories? 1
Why wont HP wont go up? 2
Will my orignal mem for the gamed be erased if I start proud mode? 1
Will the items be retained from Ven to Aqua or to Terra? 3
Will the US/NA BBS will b like a final mix? 1
Will there be a US release version? 2
Will they ever put it out for another system? 4
Will this be on the PSN?? 4
Worth it? 2
Zach? 2
Zero exp? 1
[SPOILER] Does anyone know the actual real secret boss? 9

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