FAQ/Walkthrough by HeartBlade

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       [[	kkkk			HHhhhhhhhh                ]]
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       [[	kk  kkk			HH	hh                ]]
       [[	kk   kkk		HH	hh                ]]
       [[	kk   kkk INGDOM		HH	hh EARTS          ]]
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       [[	  bbbbb		bb	       ssssss	          ]]
       [[	  bb  bb 	bb	      sss                 ]]
       [[	  bb   bb 	bb	     sss                  ]]
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       [[	  bb   bb 	bb    bb            sss           ]]
       [[	  bb  bb	bb   bb            sss            ]]
       [[	  bbbbb  IRTH	bbbbbb  Y     sssssss  LEEP       ]]
       [[                                                         ]]
                                  _      _
         _____                   [ ]    [ ]
        / ___ \                  [  \/\/  ]
       [ /   \ \_________________[        ]
       [ =====  __________________________]
       [ \___/ /

Version 1.0
This is a basic walkthourgh of the PSP game Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep.
This will be a walkthrough for beginners and previous players of Kingdom Hearts
games alike. This walkthrough will be based on the Japanese version of KH:BBS
so there will be some differences in controls and no mention of the new secret
boss for NA players :(

So lets get started.

1. Intro Screen [INTRO]
2. Controls [CONTR]
   -Battle System [BATSYS]
3. Menu [MENU]
4. Intro [START]
5. Terra's story [TERRA]
6. Ven's story [VEN]
7. Aqua's story [AQUA]
8. Extra Chapter [EXTRA]
9. Trinity Report [TRIN]
10. Mini Games [MINI]
11. Mirage Arena [ARENA]
12. Arena Report [REPORT]
13. Dimension Link [LINK]
  13a. Terra
  13b. Ventus
  13c. Aqua
14. Secret Bosses [SEC]
15. Secret Ending *Translated* [S-END]
16. Legal

About this Guide
This guide is written through a Proud mode playthrough to take into account the
maximum difficulty and movesets of particular bosses. As you go through the
guide, you will notice that this guide does not give particular commands to
use for bosses. The writer feels that the commands a player wants to use should
be up to the player and that most commands can be useful if used properly.

This guide tries not to give any spoilers but for fan sake, have added great
quotes by characters that foreshadow events in previous games and gives basic
summaries of the cutscenes in the game.

Furthermore, this guide is written with the intention of helping the player and
is not a simple guide on how I beat the bosses. Although the strategies for the
bosses are mine (unless noted otherwise) the strategies outlined are outlined
in this format for a reason. By relying solely on the basic commands to beat
bosses, I can show that all bosses can be beaten as long as the player
practices and has some cure spells, opening up a huge variety of possibilities
for the player to use to enjoy the game. Instead of telling you to shoot lock
or D-Link, I try to only rely on the basics so that when you play and you have
trouble, you can use my strategies and incorporate additional features like
shoot locks and D-Links to make your life easier. So without further ado,
enjoy my guide.

1. Intro Screen [INTRO]
The game will start off with Hikari by Utada Hikaru with a great CG intro film
Press start to get to the title screen

Here we have new game
new game -> beginner mode (easiest)
	 -> standard mode
   	 -> proud mode (hardest)

load game -> saved files

Data install-> install the game from the UMB (200MB, 400MB, and 600MB) to play
               the game with faster loading times

2. Controls [CONTR]
attack                   O
jump                     X
guard                    #
Command                  /\

Analog stick           Move character

Analog Stick & #       dash/roll/cartwheel

Start                  Go to start menu
Select                 First person view (useless)

R Shoulder             rotate camera right
L Shoulder             rotate camera left

R&L together           Lock on to enemy

Hold R&L	       Shot lock

Direction pad right    Dimension Link

Direction pad left     Magic/Attack commands

Direction pad up/down  Select different attacks/characters

---BATTLE SYSTEM [BATSYS]------------------------------------------------------

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is more than just a hack n' slash game. Although
many people have said so of the original Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II,
this is not the case anymore. I assure you that if you go with a hack n' slash
mindset in this game, especially in Proud mode, you will be in trouble. Anyone
who has completed the lv. 1 challenge in KH2 FM+ can tell you that a typical
button mashing strategy just won't cut it for you, especially in boss battles.
You will need to learn the moves of the opponents, observe them, and use that
knowledge and your skills to your advantage to come out a winner.

Luckily, the knowledge is provided here in this guide. The skills however, you
need to pick up on your own. This guide has some terminology regarding certain
skills that this section will clarify now.

Dash/Dodge roll/Cartwheel	These are the evasion moves for Terra, Ven, and
                                Aqua respectively. These occur when you press #
				while the character is moving. When the
				character is perfoming these moves, they are
 				immune to all attacks. Thus, if your character
				enters into or goes through an attack while
				performing this action, they will not be hurt.

Invincibility frames		These are the frames that these evasion moves
				and certain other moves provide, most notably
				when performing a shoot lock or a finisher.
				When these frames are active, the character
				recieves no damage from attacks.

Unlike finishers and shoot locks which come up only at certain times, evasion
moves can be used anytime, theoretically giving you access to invincibility
for a short period of time any time. By practcing rolling through attacks, you
will be able to dodge attacks you did not think were dodgable prior.

Guard				This is used by all characters and occurs when
				you press # while the character is standing
				still. When guarding, your back is still
                                exposed so attacks to your back will still
                                hurt you. I recommend taking a couple steps
                                back before blocking a projectile attack so
                                you have more time to react and less risk of
                                the projectives circling you and hitting you
                                from behind.

Counter (Revenges)		In BBS, counter moves are called revenges.
                                These moves also have immunity frames so use
                                them to deal a significant amount of damage to
                                the opponent without exposing yourself to harm
                                or after you were inflicted. This is a life
                                saver and will be your main damage dealer in
                                later fights.


The intro is a mixture of new scenes and the secret movie BBS from KH2 FM+

So lets play.

3. Menu [MENU]
Press start to enter the menu.

-Deck Set
 -Battle Command-sets your battle commands (dark base, curaga, etc.)
 -Action Command-sets your actions (high jump, guard, revenge slash, etc.)
 -Shot Lock Command-Sets your shot lock
-Command Charge- use to combine two commands and an item for a new command
-Command List- shows a list of all your commands
-Deck Set- Can change between three different decks
-Finish Command- use to show progress to new finishers/change finishers

-Equip- change your keyblade
-Back pack- shows all your items

-Prize- abilities to improve prize drops
-Status- active abilities (magic haste, combo finisher up, etc.)
-Support- passive abilities (last live, combo live, libra, etc.)

Shows list of characters you can dimension link with

-Stats- shows stats of character (HP, strength, magic, defense, etc.)
-Command style- shows the command styles you have
-Finish command- shows what finisher your character has

-Story- outlines the story of the character
-Secret Report- can look and read collected Xehanort Reports
-Play Record
 -Arena Mission- shows the missions you have completed/yet to complete in the
                 Mirage arena
 -Mini Game- shows your top scores for games
 -Hit Record- shows max hits with dimension link finishers
-Character List- shows list of characters depending on world
-Unverse List- lists all encountered unverse and number you killed
-Command collection- shows all commands you have collected and ones you are
                     still missing
-Treasure List- shows list of treasures for each world

Select while in Save Point to play command board

Select to change set type, camera, command set, and online appearence

Gives you advice and help on how to play the game


NOTE: The game prompts you to choose a difficulty level at the beginning which
      you cannot change later in the game. Unless you are completely new to
      Kingdom Hearts and action RPGs in general, I recommend Proud mode since
      it makes unlocking secrets much easier. Unless you are completely new to
      games, I highly recommend NOT playing beginner since you will miss out on
      extra bonus content.

You start out as Ven and want to go see the shooting star

Move the analog stick to move, x to jump, and the sholder pads (L and R) to
change the camera.
Move forward to the next area

Next use the attack button (o) to attack the rings

Next, use the direction pad to move around your command deck and use triangle
(/\) to hit all the rings

Press both sholder pads at the same time to lock on.

Now a treasure chest appears

Simply run up and up to the chest to get <slide dash>

Jump up and head straight out to the next area

During the scene, you meet a blue haired girl <Aqua>. You will also meet a
taller man <Terra>
These are the three main characters of the game

At the end of the scene, you get the charm which will allow you to DIMENSION

Time to train with Terra. This is your first real fight
you are introduced to guard (square). This is a life saver and should not be
forgotten. Long gone are the days where Kingdom Hearts was a simple circle
button mashing game. Unless you properly use guard, you wont survive.

NOTE: when running, press square to dash(Terra), roll(Ven), or cartwheel(Aqua)

Start off with guarding Ven's attack

Next, use a triangle attack then circle for a finisher

Now Aqua joins the fray

As Aqua, you learn shoot lock

When you have a marker on someone (from Lock on), hold the sholder pads so the
screen becomes green. Place the center over the enemy them press circle to
release your attack.
NOTE: Shoot Lock drains your focus gauge

Now fight against one of the characters

It doesnt matter whether you win or lose the fight, just play until your
comfortable with the controls

This is the end to the introduction of the game

Now, time to start by choosing your character.

You are free to choose any character but this guide will start with Terra
for story purposes.


-highest physical attack
-darkness attacks
-most HP
-most battles

-lowest defence
-weak magic
-fewest D-Link characters
-no slide turn like abilities

There are several reasons why I feel that most players should start with Terra.

The first reason is his story is very battle-intensive, the story focusing more
on fights than on platforming which I think is entertaining for both new
players to the series and old vetrans alike who need to get used to the battle
system on the PSP.

The second reason is storywise, I think its best if Terra goes first. There is 
no way to get a perfect chronology in a playthrough unless you choose to play
all three stories at the same time which would cause you to waste more time
loading games then actually playing. Terra's story gives a good basic overview
of the story and gives a good single recount. Since the character is very
self-focused and the driving force of the conflict compared to the other two,
we get to see his side of the story first and them see how his actions affected
other characters through the stories of the other two.

Finally, I think Terra is the most beginner-friendly character. He has high hp
and high attack which means that he can take more punishment and end battles
quicker than the other two. His powerful attacks can end unverse fights quickly
compared to the other two and players won't be as frustrated when starting out.

World of Departure
We start the game as Terra with the beginning of the keyblade master trials

Now we battle

BOSS: Keyblade Master Trials: Light Balls

Health: 1/4 bar each

-Lazer- just attack or try to dodge

There are a bunch of light balls that appear. However, you are assisted
by Aqua and Ven to dispatch them. Just dash to the enemies and mash
circle to kill them. Recover life with the green balls they drop.
(im not sure exactly if the number of enemies increases or decreases
depending on inital difficulty)

Bonus: HP +5

After the test, we find out that Aqua is awarded the rank of master while
Terra is not due to his inability to control the darkness within him.

After, Terra is sent to look for Master Xehanort and the origin of the
unverse. Terra is told that Master Erauqs sees him as a son and wishes
to grant him the title of master but Terra depends too much on his strength

Terra armor transforms and flies off on his keyblade, a speed jet.

you get <Ven> and <Aqua> to dimension link with.

To dimension link, press the right arrow on the direction pad to change
the deck from yellow to blue

So we fly to our first new world.....

Enchanted Dominion

We face some unverse after we land...

Unverse Fight

1st wave: 5 flood
2nd wave: 3 red hot chili
3rd wave: 1 bruiser
4th wave: 2 scrapper, 2 red hot chili
5th wave: 1 bruiser, 2 scrapper

No real strategy. dash away when the bruisers jumps or jump to avoid the shock.
You can also guard by pressing # to block the shock although you will not gain
any openings from this without another ability you get in the future. This
battle is not too hard if you keep your distance from attacks and attack when
you have an opening.


Don't forget to collect the chest for a <potion>
Next area, collect a <blizzard> from the chest and save.
In the next area, jump on the cliff and continue along the path to get a <power
NOTE: Stepping into the save portal fills your life to full

In the next area, we meet Maleficent and hear that everyone in the kingdom is
head into the castle

NOTE: I battled a few unverse here to level up to lv 2 before heading on. I
often like to be overlevelled for my battles and to collect items. Must be
the RPG in me.

Inside, collect a <zero gravity> in the right of the entrance, a <potion> to
the left of the throne, an <ether> next to the stairs and head up the stairs.

There is a <ether> on the top of the stairs. Check the darkness on the door.
Terra will use his keyblade to remove the darkness.

Inside, Terra will see a princess of heart (Sleeping Beauty). Terra's darkness
will be awaken by Malifecent and he will unconciously release Sleeping Beauty's

After the scene, you can dimension link with <Maleficent>. Now time to go
defeat some unverse.

Open the big chest for a <map> and save. Then go through the big hole. Collect
<sleep> and <attack recipe>. Now head back to the throne room to fight the

BOSS: Wheel Master recommended lv 5 or above

If your familiar with the Grimm tale of Sleeping Beauty, you know that
Sleeping beauty fell asleep because she pricked her finger on the needle of a
sewing machine. 

Health: 2 and 1/4 bars

-BEAM- drains life, mash circle to escape

-JUMP- dash away or dash in

-SPIN ATTACK- when your too close, you will get hit

-THROW WHEEL- guard or dash away, great time to get in close and get two combos

after his life is less than 50%

-DASH- Wheel Master dashes around, guard and attack

For this boss, equip cure. You're going to need it. Buy it from the moogle.

Don't rush this battle. The trick to winning is to learn when to guard the
wheel masters attacks. Keep a good distance away from the Wheel master so that
he doesnt use his life draining beam. If you mastered dashing, you can use the
invincibility frames to dash into the boss when he lands his jump to get one
combo in.

When the boss starts spinning his arms, get slightly close and get ready to
guard the wheel away. After the wheel flies off, get of one or two full combos.

After you knock off one bar, the boss collapses and drops some health. Use
that time to get some health and combo. If you filled your command bar, let
off a finisher for more damage and take advantage of those invincibiltiy

In the second stage, the boss will start to dash. Don't try running but
guarding which stops the boss' dash and gives you an opporunity to let in one
full combo.

Stay away and time well and the boss will go down.

Bonus: Deck +1

After the boss, you get a new keyblade, <<Fairy Star>>.

You leave Enchanted Dominion to head to...

Land of Departure

Return back to the land of Departure for some chests

Go to the stairs on the left for a <lucid crystal>
Then go to the next area and go to the two chests for a <hi-potion> and a
<power crystal>.

Go to the next area and past the hanging circles for a <stop>.

Now go buy, cure, confuse, and bind from the moogle if you haven't
already and have the munny.

To leave, go to a save point and chose world map.

Now we go to a new world.

Castle of Dreams

Terra meets a crying Cinderella. He tells her to have a strong heart
since that will overcome any issue. However time to battle some

Unverse Fight

1st wave: 5 flood
2nd wave: 2 red hot chili, 2 scrapper
3rd wave: 4 lazer bunny
4th wave: 2 brusier

The first two waves are easy. The cats deal some damage so use cure
when needed. The brusiers are easy to deal with distance and proper
use of guard.


Now, Fairy Godmother comes to do her stuff.

after the scene, head opposite of the castle to the house. Go to the
far end next to the house to pick up <thunder storm>. Kill some unverse
here for levels if you like.
I would use this area to level up my dimension link characters.
Ventus is great for Terra due to his ability to use haste.
Keep killing emenies to level up Ven.

Now head to the castle
Go to the big chest to get a <map>.
Go to the top left for a <power crystal>.
Go to the opposite corner for a <slow>.
Now go up the stairs to battle some unverse.
Terra will agree to act as a bodyguard for Cinderella as she heads to the

Bodyguard Cinderella

Unverse you face
Shoe Sizer
Blue sea salt

In the fight, equip confuse and bind to make things easier. Have Terra
dash ahead so that the unverse appear before Cinderella approaches. Use
this time to kill most of the unverse and continue dashing ahead. In the
stairway, go up the right side as that is the side Cinderella goes up.

Occasionally, a square mark appears before Cinderella which you can press to
get Terra to dash in front of Cinderella to protect her. If you keep on going
a head to take out unverse however, this should not happen often.

Use confuse on groups to stun them so they won't attack Cinderella and 
use zero, gravity/bind to stop one character giving you trouble, usually
the big unverse.

After succeeding, you get <<revenge stamp>>. Equip it to your guard to gain
a counter. After guarding, press circle to hit back. An excellent addition
to your keyblade arsenal.

Terra sees the boss. Get ready for a boss fight. But before going up, go
to the left to collect a <hi-potion>. Go to the right for a <moisture crystal>

Go down the stairs to the right for a <potion>. Go to the left for a <strike
raid>. Now go right through the big door at the bottom of the stairs to a
new area.

Continue past the unverse or kill them for experience. Try out the powerful
revenge stamp. Impressive right?

Go to the next area, buy what you want from moogle, and open a chest in
the room for <thunder>. Now save and get ready for a boss fight

BOSS: Conductor Unverse recommended lv 8 or above

Health: 2 and 1/4 bars

-SPIN- instruments for damage

-DRUM- sound impact

-VIOLIN- sound, guard and revenge stamp

-TRUMPET- sound, guard and revenge stamp

-LIGHT ARROWS- arrows fly out, dodge

-TRIPLE INSTRUMENTS- instruments surround Terra and rush in

-JUMP- conductor jumps and shock damage, slide dodge

For this boss, equip revenge stamp and cure.

This boss is not very strong compared to the previous boss. Guard and
counter the instruments attracks to deal significant damage and expose
them to further combos.

After defeating two instruments, the conductor will be stunned and open
to attack. Defeat the last instrument to completely expose the conductor
and severly reduce his defenses and attack options. Although the conductor
will power up, he will only jump and use shock waves to hurt Terra. Simply
combo and defeat him.

Bonus: HP +5, Deck +1

Cinderella added to Dimension Link.

Obtain new keyblade, Crystal Works

We meet Aqua and hear about a masked boy. We also hear that Ven has left 
and Aqua is also looking for Master Xehanort. Master Xehanort is looking
for the seven princesses of heart. Aqua decides to stay longer in the
world while Terra departs to continue looking for Master Xehanort.

Head back to the world and go to the boss room for a chest containing <time
crystal>. Go back to the stairs where you saved cinderella for a <rise crystal> 

Time to head to a new world...

Dwarf Woodlands

You meet the evil Queen and agree to do her bidding
(Terra is such a bad reader of character)

Equip your new keyblade if you want to (if you want more magic, I left
mine as is since Terra is a melee character) and head out the doorway.

THe big chest is a trap which you can kill for some munnies. The small
chest contains an <ether>. Go to the end of the dungeon for a chest
containing a <balloon letter>.

The color changing pots give different items depending on the color when
you hit them

green - health
blue - link crystals
red - explosion and damage

Go to the very end to see a machine that is off. Cast fire on it and ride the
bubbles up and get the chest for a <Flame Burst>.

Go back and ride the bubbles up to the upper level. The big chest is
another trap unverse. The small chest contains a <potion>. Keep following
the path until the next area.

In the sewer, take a right path and keep doing to a small doorway.

Before leaving though explore for some chests. Hit the wheel to turn and
dash through the lifted gate that was to the right of the entrance you
came from to get a <potion>. Hit another wheel to go through a gate up the
stairs from the first wheel to get a <guard recipe>. Go back and do it
again but this time dash so you get under the second gate ahead as well.
Collect a <poison blade>, <sleep>, and hit the unverse for some wild nuts.
Thats all for now so now leave the sewer.

Outside, collect the small chest for a <potion> and save at the save point.
Go past the save point for a big chest with a <map> and go up the stairs
for a <lucid crystal>.

Save and go through the wooden doors for a cutscene.

Terra sees Snow White picking flowers. While talking, Snow White gets
attacked by unverse. Fight time...

Unverse Fight
1st wave is 5 flood
2nd wave is 2 scrappers and 2 lazer bunny
3rd wave is 5 red hot chili
4th wave is 2 flood
5th wave is 4 lazer bunny, 3 bruiser, and 2 red hot chili

Bonus: air slide

This should be simple now. Guard/revenge stamp the bruisers and stay defensive
during the fight. Against lazer bunnies, keep your distance and strike when
you get openings. The other unverse should be easy to deal with.


Air slide allows you to dash in the air, useful for getting other treasure

Go to the right to get a <satiated crystal> from the chest. Continue along the

Go to the hedge, jump on top of the gate, then air dash to the corner to get a
chest containing <cracker firaga>. This is kinda tricky so try as number of
times. Dash up the hedge to get to the top of the gate. Then dash to the top
of the higest part of the gate.

Head back to confront the Queen who will trap you in the mirror. Get ready
for a boss fight.

BOSS: Magic Mirror recommended lv 12 or above

Health: 2 and 1/2 bars

-DASH- mirror dashs into you

-COPY- mirror copies into 8 or so copies, attack the smiling face
       the smily face does not attack

-FIRE- mirrors fire off a fire spell

-ROW OF FACES- the mirrors create a row and fire, just dash away

-FIRE BOMB- mirror face fires around on top and drops bombs. Dash away

Equip cure to be prepared.
This boss is also easy. Just attack and dash away from the mirrors fire
attacks. If the mirror dashes toward you, guard although you probably won't be
able to revenge stamp him. When mirror face swirls around you, look for the
smiling face and chase it with your camera. Learn to dash to avoid attacks and
keep hitting when the face is open and he will go down. When in a row, just run
and wait for the attack to end.

The best time to attack is when the face is spinning around to hit you. Use
that time to deal a couple of air combos and severly reduce his health.

Remember that Terra can only lock onto the real face and the real face does not
fire attacks so use those two hints to quickly find the real face and attack.
Stay aggressive and carefully avoid the attacks to eventually defeat the mirror

Bonus: HP +5, FireBlazer

Obtain new keyblade, Rocks Plender

Scene of Master Xehanort talking to a solider.

Now a new world opens up. Lets do to the new world...

Mysterious Tower

See Mickey warp around. He is still an apprentice here. This should be a very
familiar place for fans of KH2.

Go to the left to get a <barrel blender>. Go south for a <power crystal>. Go to
the very East of the tower entrace for a <cure>. Now head into the tower.

Open the big chest to get a <magic recipe>. Now head up the stairs.

Terra meets Yensid. Or more accurately, Master Yensid, another keyblade master.
Terra comes to discuss with Yensid about the unverse. We hear that Mickey has
gone to hunt the source of the unverse and is travelling. A great interlude
that espouses on the story.

Terra automatically leaves and hears Master Xehanort's voice while flying.
Time to go to a new world...

????? (we'll find out later)

Terra meets Master Xehanort. Xehanort talks about the masked boy, Vanitas.
We learn that Vanitas is the darkness from Ventus (Ven), extracted during a
training accident. Due to Master Xehanort's error, Vanitas now runs free.
Terra states he is watching over Ventus and remembers the first time the trio

Terra and Aqua are training.
Master Xehanort enters with Ven and goes to talk with Master Erauqs
Terra introduces himself to Ventus, as does Aqua and try to talk. Ventus
starts to scream and clutches his head and we are told that he had lost his

Although Vanitas was sealed, he had removed the seal and goes with a keyblade
to spread darkness throughout the world. A moster born from darkness.

Master Xehanort asks Terra to hunt down and defeat Vanitas and we are treated.
Terra agrees to defeat Vanitas and do to Radient Garden. Let us now head to
the new world.

NOTE: The next level is tough compared with previous levels so you might want
      to land on a world and equip a new keyblade. I reccomend your newest
      keyblade, the Rocks Plumber to keep the same level of attack and an
      extra magic. There is also increased reach.

Radient Garden

This world should also be a very familiar world to fans of Kingdom Hearts.

After we land, we see a familiar character running but Terra misses sight.
We immediately meet unverse and initiate a fight.

Unverse Fight
1st wave is 5 scrapper
2nd wave is 4 blue sea salt
3rd wave is 4 irritable tank and 1 Chrono Twister
4th wave is 5 red hot chili and 3 irritable tank

I reccomend equiping cure and cracker fire for this fight.
This fight is tough. My Terra was at lv 15 (mostly due to levelling up my
Dimension Link characters). The first two waves are simple so take this time
to build up your command gauge for a finisher. If you have a finisher and
remaining enemies, kill them with fire or cracker fire.

When the third wave appears, use your finisher to defeat the hourglass to make
this fight easier. If you get caught by the spell, rotate the analog stick as
shown on the screen to get free. Do this quickly before the hourglass spins to
damage you or other unverse attack.


After the fight, search the primeter for a <hi-potion> and a <potion>.

Go across the corridor to meet Merlin. After the scene, open the chest for a
<moisture crystal> and exist the house. Examine the Winnie the Pooh book to
gain the 100 Acre Wood Command board. 

You will see a large unverse pass by. Open the big chest for a <map>. Go to
the North side to enter a water fountain area. Go to the end of the area to get
<all cure>. Ride the water shoots up to the top right corner to collect a
<time crystal> and a <thunder blitz>. Now go to the west to a new area.

In the new area, climb up the pipes and pick up an <esuna>. At the top, collect
a <black out> and head across the path for a <hi-potion>.

Go to the next area to meet Ven and Aqua and get ready to face a guard armor.

BOSS: Trinity Armor  recommended lv 15 or above

First stage
Health: 4 bars

Second stage
legs: 4 bars
arms: 4 bars
body: 4 bars

-FIRE BALL- Unverse shoots fire balls into the air, dash away

-CHEST BEAM- Unverse shoots yellow beam from chest, roll through the beam to
             avoid damage

-JUMP- the legs jump around, dash around to avoid them

-SPIN- the three body parts spin around like tops, guard and counter or dash

-BEAM- arms shoots blue beams while spinning, dash around or guard

-ELECTRIC BEAM- the arms and head emit an electric blue beam between them, stay
                outside the perimeter or dash though

-SLAP- hugs Terra, dash away

-DASH- dashes towards Terra, guard or dash

-ELECTRIC BEAM- body and arms make an electric beam, dash through

This boss should be familiar to fans and it quite a staple of the KH series.
Luckily, you have two keyblade warriors to back you up and they are quite
helpful in dealing damage. Don't worry if they fall. After a set amount of
time, the characters will wake up will full life to fight again. However, the
final blow must be dealt by you so don't think you can just leave the fighting
to them.

In its first stage, the armor will simply use attacks so target his legs, dash
though its attacks (invincibility frames for the win) and attack his legs.
Once the boss splits up, target the legs, then the arms, and finally the body.
The boss uses alot of area attacks do take advantage by using your dash to
dash through those attacks of your finishers to deal damage to the boss.

When the body is alone, it will try to use its beam attacks but with three
warriors on it, it doesn't stand a chance.

Bonus: Rock breaker, HP +10

Win a <<Ticket to Disney Town>>. In the cutscene that follows, Aqua comments
that she thinks that Terra skirts too close to the darkness. Terra decides to
leave and continue on their seperate ways.

In the next scene, we meet Braig, a character that holds a principal role in
the Kingdom Hearts universe. He claims that he has captured Master Xehanort.

Go back to the original area where the save point was and save. As you now have
more life, I would recommend charging 2 lv3 cures together (with an item for
additional bonuses) to gain a cura. I would reccomend a power crystal for
combo finisher up.

Go to the inital area and go down the stairs to a new area. Save and continue

In the next area, go straight and left to collect a chest with <fira>. Go to
the other side to collect a <power crystal>. Now go into the statue in the
center to begin your next boss battle.

BOSS: Braig  recommended lv 18 or above

Health: 3 and a 1/2 bars

-SNIPER- Braig jumps to a higher area and snipes you, dodge around

-SHOOT- Braig shoots you, guard

-SUPER SHOT- Braig powers up one big shot, run perpendicular and dash

-RUNNING SHOT- Braig runs around shooting, guard

-TELEPORT- Braig will teleport to get around the area

Fans of KH2 may find this fight familiar although he has some new (old?) tricks
to make this fight interesting.

Equip your new cura and possibly a couple more cures and get ready for a
defensive battle.

Braig first goes on the offensive by sniping you. You will be looking from his
point of view. In this mode, dash across the aiming reticule and dash away to
avoid the shots. After four volleys, Braig will come down.

Braig will stand upside down and shoot you. Take this time to guard his shots
as they will rebound off your blade back as Braig, damaging him. When he powers
up for his super shot, dash toward him to try and get a hit in.

When Braig shoots while upside down, either reflect his shots back or stay
right underneath Braig and hit him after two volleys of shots.

After this, Braig will run and shoot. During this time, block and near the end
of the run, hit circle to revenge stamp and hurt Braig. Braig will go back into
sniper mode and repeat the process. If you get hit, try to dash out and heal

Heal when your life gets below half. This battle is long and there arn't many
opportunities to attack. Just play defensively and you'll come out the victor.

Bonus: Deck +1, black volley, Xeharnort Report #2

Before leaving, go back to the place where you fought Xigbar for a
<mega potion> and a <chaos crystal>. Now to a new world...

Disney Town

This is a world of peace and consists more of minigames then of actual
fighting (similar to Atlantis in KH2 although its more than just singing.)

Terra drops in the middle of a race (literally) and almost get run over. We
meet Queen Minnie and Chip and Dale. We are also introduced to
Captain Dark/Pete who is pissed since we hindered his record. Since Terra needs
to defeat the unverse, he needs to enter the race (what logic).

Before going to race, I recommend leaving and looking around the town. 

In the next area, go under the bridge and open a chest for <revenge
When you get hit, press # to counter attack. Not the best move since don't want
to get hit. Go up the stairs and across the bridge for a <chaos crystal>. Go
to the next area.

In this area, go left for a <potion>. On the right is a big chest with a <map>.
Go to the new area to play fruits Caster

Mini Game: Fruits Caster
Objective: Get the fruit in the opponet's goal

0     shoot
#     Curb
/\    toss up

This is not an easy mini game. The trick is to 

Fist Match: vs Bruisers			Prize: Balloon Letter, vs Chip & Dale
Second Match: vs Chip & Dale		Prize: Magnera, vs Captain Dark
Third Match: vs Captain Dark		Prize: Chaos Snack

Go back to the previous area and talk to Huey (the one in blue) to play
another minigame.

Mini Game: Rythem Ice
Objective: build up the ice cream. Get a rating of Fantastic to get the prize.

Press the circle button above the right duck. The duck will clap so move the
cursor onto the duck and press the correct button at the right time to build
up the ice cream.

Its a Small World
Beginner: Easy, get used to moving	      Prize: Desert Paradise
You need to get perfect (not miss a beat) to get a Fantastic rating and pass
to the enxt level.

Master: Master: more comlicated	              Prize: Desert Paradize (Master)
Calm down, learn the pattern and you will pass

Special: Get above 1500 points		      Prize: Elixer

Desert Paradise
Beginner: Beats get more complicated	      Prize: Its a Small world (Master)
You can miss some beats but not too many to get a Fantastic.

Master: This is crazy hard	              Prize: Small World (Special)
I got to 10m. THis is getting hard.		     Desert paradise (Special)
                                                     Ice Blast Command style


Now lets go down the sewer (2nd option) to get some chests.
Go straight for a <Thunder> and left of the cog machine for another <Thunder>.
To start the machine, cast thunders on the central machine until the arrow
reaches the red. If you have Thunder blitz, I reccomend you use it as it moves
the arrow past two sections of the bar while a single thunder does little.
Uses the thunders to keep the arrow at bay and use thunder blitz to push the
arrow to the far end and start up the machine

Jump on the Mickey cog and right up to the first platform. Jump to the left to
collect a <mega-potion> and <Absolute Zero> shoot lock. Jump back on the cogs
and ride to the top to get on some cogs. Jump on the hand and move to the
next section of cogs. Go to the left and jump on the rotating coil. Dash past
the Mickey cogs and dash onto the platform. Collect an <auto gear> and go to
the next area.

Go to the end on stand on the fist. Jump up and Terra becomes the ball of a pin
ball machine. Try to direct Terra to the very left to collect a <Zero Gravita>.
Go on the fist again and jump onto the top to collect a <Rotiational crystal>.
Bounce around and to open the grate and obtain <break time>. Finally, go to the
very top right and open the chest for a <aerial slam>.

Go back to the previous area. go on the cogs again but this time, jump to the
other side. In jump on the moving hands and get across to the other platform.
This area is trciker so take the opportunity to air dash past the two last
hands if necessary. Collect a <action recipe> and <chaos crystal>.

Now that all done, lets race.

Mini Game: Rumble Racing

X	accelerate
#	brake
0	attack
/\	shield

This game is a simplified Mario Kart, meaning that no matter how fast or slow
you go, the computers will adjust to you. To win easily. Just learn the course
the first four laps. On the last lap, take the ramp up to a short cut and run
past the tornados to win first.

Win a hi-potion, Rumble Racing in Mirage arena, Disney Circuit, and Disney
command board.

Go back to try other courses

Disney Circuit Course			Prize: Aeroa
Grand Circuit				Prize: Unique Medalion keyblade

I reccommend you complete both courses because the new keyblade is worth
it, giving you one additional attack and one additonal magic (4 attack and 2

Now, go to the next world...

Olympus Coliseum

Unverse Fight
1st wave: 6 scrappers and 1 buckle bruiser
2nd wave: 3 axe grabber, 1 medicine bottle
3rd wave: 1 buckle bruiser, 2 yellow mustard
4th wave: 2 buckle bruiser, 2 scrappers

The buckle bruiser unverse can be troubling since you need to either
guard/revenge stamp. However, this isn't a tough fight overall. 


A new cutscene where you meet Herc and Phil. Herc is still a hero in training.
After hearing about the tournament, Terra decides test his own strength. Go to
the next area.

New cutscene where we meet Hades who offers to sponser us for the fight. For a
good guy, Terra sure seems to attract the wrong crowd to his side. Wonder why?

After the cutscene, go to the south west for a <mega-potion>, north east next
to a statue for <fire strike>. Go to the North west for a <mega-attack recipe>.
Enter the big doors to the next area.

Open the big chest for a <map>. After saving, talk to Hades to start the
tournament and learn how to use darkness.

Objective: beat the monsters in the time limit
Round 1: 3 scrappers 	   				<30 seconds>

Round 2: 1 bruiser, 1 medicine bottle 		 	<15 seconds>

Round 3: 3 chest spider					<30 seconds>

Round 4: 1 Buckle bruiser				<20 seconds>

Round 5: 5 shoe sizer					<20 seconds>

ROund 6: 2 yellow mustard, 2 red hot chili		<40 seconds>
         2 blue sea salt, 1 axe flapper

Round 7: 3 buckle bruisers				<40 seconds>

Round 8: 2 chrono Sistar, 2 sonic blaster		<30 seconds>

Round 9: 1 bruiser, 5 mandrake				<30 seconds>

Round 10: 12 Seido Jelly				<30 seconds>

This is not a very hard fight. The problem has to do more with attacking the
unverse quickly to beat the time limit. Use area attacks to beat most of the
unverse within the time limit if your are having trouble.

Bonus: HP + 5, Sonic slide

Sonic slide is attached to air dash, allowing you to damage unverse while
dashing in the air. Equip it. If you have the munny, buy a Zanzuken slash for
this next battle. Command charge two curas with a power crystal to get a curaga
with last live. This next battle will be quite tough.

Talk to Hades to start the boss fight...

BOSS: Zack Fair recommended lv 22 or above

First phase
Health: 3 bars

-BEAM BLADE- Zack slashs with a dark slash along the ground, dodge or guard

-COMBO- three hit combo, dash away

-HERO's COMMING- jump slash, dash to dodge

-SLASH- a single slash, guard or dash away

Zack in his first phase is not too tough. His jump slash is unguardable.
However, Zack often only uses his single slash or jump slash so he has plenty
of openings. When he jump slashes, dash toward him to get an opening for a
combo. With a single slash, just guard/revenge stamp to take health. Keep on
chipping away and the battle is won.

Zack harnesses the darkness and powers up again, no chance to save or heal. Get
ready to fight again...

Second phase
Health: 3 bars

Additional Attacks
-Hero's Pride- Zack engages in an unstoppable, unblockable combo, shoot lock

-Meteor stike- Zack drops five meteors on you, dash to dodge

Zack will immediately power up and unleash a hero's pride. During this time,
shoot lock so you get an immunity to his attacks and deal some damage.If you
have last live with your curaga, you can survive one combo. However, you cannot
survive the hero combo. TO continue fighting, use revenge slash. When Terra is
hit, take the time to revenge slash, giving you invincibility frames which
allow you to deal some damage and survive the last slash, giving you a chance
to survive. Use that opportunity to heal. This makes the battle significantly
easier since Zack can use Hero combo multiple times with very little charge
time. Guarding simple sword combos is still possible but Zack uses jumps more
now so dash toward him and lay combos. Be patient as the speed of this battle
can make you unintentionally rush. Stay calm, heal, and you will be victorious.
This is a tough battle so don't be discouraged if you lose the first couple of

Bonus: Deck +1
Zack comes to his senses and admires Terra.

Get Zack for Dimension Link and Mark of Hero Keyblade. Now to a new world...

Deep Space

We start fighting unverse in space before actually landing. There are tons of
sedio jelly.

Unverse Space battle

0	attack
/\	dash
#	guard

For this fight, just dash to get close to the unverse and mash attack to take
out as many squid as possible. After taking out so many, Terra wins and is
tired out in the process.

Bonus: HP + 5

Terra is taken up to an unknown spaceship trapped in a cell. Using the keyblade
Terra frees himself and enters an unverse battle.

Unverse fight
1st wave: 4 flood
2nd wave: 4 yellow mustard
3rd wave: 1 medicine bottle, 2 sonic blaster
4th wave: 2 irritable tank, 1 medicine bottle

This battle isn't too tough. Take out the unverse any way you want.


Terra meets the scientist who make Stich who asks for freedom in exchange for
assistance. After freeing, equip your new keyblade and start exploring.

You can open cells by examining them. Jump and moving platform to get to a 
chest with <high jump>. Replace your regular jump with it. Search around for
a <mega ether>, a <power crystal>, a <brutal blast>, and a <mega-potion>. Now
go through the big door to a new area.

Save at the save point. Open the big chest for a <map>. Chose the second option
after examining the pad to go to a new area.

Open the chest to your immediate left for a <hi-potion>. Go through the hole to
go to a new area. Terra changes to armor mode to enter space.

Youll be on your ship. Use the spinner to deal damage to the unverse. Just go
straight to the next area.

In the next area, get a <serenity crystal> and a <glittering crystal>. Examine
the console to get the blocks to float. Jump to the top and get the chest for
a <thundera>. Go through the gate to the next area.

Go down for a <time crystal>. Go to the very bottom for a <mega potion>.
Examine the console to get reduce gravity. Float up to collect a
<rotational crystal>. Go through the gate on the second level.

Save at the save point and collect the <hi-potion>. Go to the next area for a
<ether>. Continue on and collect a <hi-potion>. Go through the gate for a

We meet Stich trapped in a cage. The scientist frees Stich who takes Terra's
charm. Stich doesn't destory the charm but drops it, allowing Terra to retrive

Time to fight an experiment...

BOSS: Experiment 221 recommended level 22 or above

Health: 2 and a 1/2 bars

-ELECTRIC DASH- dashes at Terra, dash to avoid

-ELECTRIC BALL- 221 tosses several electric balls, dash to avoid

-FLY- 221 flies around

-ELECTRIC SHIELD- 221 casts an electric shield, stay away

-MANIPULATE- 221 controls the electric arms which shoot beams, defeat them

-HUGE ELECTRIC BALL- 221 tosses a huge electric ball, stay away

This is a pretty tough fight. It is hard to deal combos so damage is slow. The
best way to deal damage is to use revenge slash for good damage and dash away
to avoid attacks. When 221 controls the arms, guard the beams to protect

While experiment 221 flies around, jump and hit it once or twice. Dash around
if Experiment launches electric balls. When the experiment manipulate the arms,
dash around or stay in a corner and guard the beams the arms shoot out. You
can attack the arms but its a waste of time. After the experiment leaves the
arms, it launches a huge electric ball and flies around again. Attack when
its flying and heal when necessary and chip its health to win.

Bonus: Thunderbolt

After the fight, Terra leaves. Experience 626 is added to Dimension Link.
You get Hyper Drive keyblade.

Go back to the first console with the blocks. Keep gravity on and climb the
purple blocks to get to a new area. Collect <detonate square>. Go back to the
space, cross to the other side to the portal area, and go across to the other
gate. Open a chest for a <power crystal> and a <dejon>. Now that you collected
everything, lets go to the next world...


Go to never land to meet Captain Hook and Smee protecting their treasure. Terra
decides to help them out with the unverse.

Unverse fight
1st wave: 7 flood
2nd wave: 1 medicine bottle, 2 pile face
3rd wave: 5 flood, 1 wild bruiser
4th wave: 2 Axe flapper
5th wave: 3 wild bruiser, 1 medicine bottle

This is a tough fight. The wild bruisers are tough so guard and revenge stamp
them. Rely on finishers to take advantage of invincibility frames. In the
5th wave, take out the medicine bottles first to make the battle easier as
the medicine bottles heal the wild bruisers.

After the fight, Hook asks Terra to take care of Peter Pan for him which Terra
agrees to. (Why Terra? every decision you make is the wrong one). Open chests
for <rotational crystal>. Go to the next area.

In the next area, open the big chest for a <map>. Go across the water for a
<hi-potion>. Buy a detonate shield and stun guard. Equip the stun guard since
you want to level it up as its an improvement to your current guard by adding

Go to the north for a new area. Open the chest for a <hi-potion>. Go north to
the next area. Open a chest for a <elixir>. Go across the islands to another

Go down the slope for a <hi-potion>. Smash a rock next to the cliff to find a
hidden chest with <firaga>. Break the wall of rocks and continue on.
Climb onto a red cliff and dash across to collect a <mega potion>. Dash onto
the tree through the hole. In this area, ignore the big chest since its a trap.
Open the small chest for a <gaia break>. Jump into the water and go north to a
new area. Continue northto a new area. Open the small chest for a
<mega elixir>. Go to the end of the area for a <zero graviga>.

Head back to the first save point and go the other way to a new area.

In the Indian camp, jump on the drum and hit the blue totem until the face
lines up to get a <thundaga>. 

Go back to the area with the stone walls and continue on to a new area.

Continue on for a save point, a chest with an <ether>. Go across the water for
a <hi-potion>. Go to the other side of the island and choose the second option
after examining the boat to enter a new area.

Go right after entering the new area to witness a cutscene. Hook and Smee will
leave you to deal with Peter Pan. In the next scene, Peter flies in to steal
the treasure.

Peter Pan

Health: 3 and 1/2 bars

-Fly- Peter Pan will fly around
-Dagger- Peter's arms will shine and he will fly toward you and swipe with his
         dagger, dash to avoid the attack
-dagger combo- Peter will swipe multiple times, guard

This battle is not too hard. Peter will fly around and try to attack you. When
his arms shine, dash toward him to avoid the attack. When Peter is floating,
use the opportunity to get a combo in. If Peter comes in close for a chance to
guard and revenge stamp. After dealing about two bars of damage, the battle
will end.

Bonus: Peter added to Dimension Link

Terra will apologize for fighting Peter. Peter chases Captain Hook to rescue

Leave the cave for a cutscene. The lost boys are attacked by pirates. Go to the
end of the area for a chest containing <auto gear>. Run back into the cave to
see a huge number of jellies.

Unverse fight
1st wave: Jellies

This is a simple fight. Use detonate square and detonate shield to take out
tons of jellies at once. Also, just mash attack and eventually, you will win
the battle.

Bonus: Deck + 1

Terra will free Tinkerbell and get ready to fight Hook. However, the croc
appears to chase Hook away. Terra is reminded by Tink's dust of the stars in
the sky and his friends. Terra tells the lost boys that true treasure is

Recieve a new keyblade, Pixie Charm.

Terra will leave the world and see a light, filling him with warmth.

Terra will appear on Destiny Island and pick up a paopu fruit. Terra feels
that his link to Aqua and Ven has been cut and feels lost. Terra sees a young
Riku and Sora racing, both sitting on a tree and watching the sea. Terra
understands that the reason why he came to the island to see the light in
these two boys.

Terra meets young Riku and tests his heart. We see a different character, then
Riku grown up observing young Riku. Terra tests Riku by having him touch his
keyblade, vowing to teach him both the outside world and the strength to
protect his loved ones once he becomes of age. Riku leaves to meet with Sora

We gain a new keyblade, Gaia Bane after the cutscene.

After the scene, return to Neverland and equip Gaia Bane for 5 attack and 3
magic. This is your best keyblade so far.

Enter the tree to collect <mega magic recipe> and a <Glittering crystal>. Go
back to the skull and climb the side to enter the eye. Collect a <mega elixir>.
Air dash to the other side to collect <solo arcanum> and <Chaos Crystal>.
Finally, go back to the big lake and swim through a hole in the North wall to
collect the final chest containing <Dark Haze>. To the next world...

Keyblade Graveyard

Terra returns to Master Xehanort to gain further orders. Master Xehanort
informs Terra that Ven has regain his memories and is going to Erauqs to learn
the truth. Xehanort tells Terra to go protect his friend, Ven from Erauqs.

We gain new command style Dark Impulse.

Time to go rescue our friend...

Land of Departure

Terra flies in just in time to see Master Erauqs try to erase Ven. Master
Erauqs tells Terra to move but Terra refuses. With sorrow, Master Erauqs fights
Terra as Terra struggles against his master. Master Erauqs powers up with

To protect his friend, Terra harnesses the darkness, warping Ven away and
facing Master Erauqs.

Master Erauqs recommended lv 30 or above

Health: 3 and 3/4 bars

-STRIKE COMBO- Master Erauqs strikes you repeatedly ending with a jump slash,
               guard or dash away

-LIGHT SWORDS- summons eight swords and throws them at you, guard

-RISING SLASH- a rising slash, dash away

-SONIC BLADE- Master Erauqs dashs at you several times, guard

-LIGHT BALL- Erauqs shoots three light balls at you, dash away

-BLOCK/COUNTER- Erauqs blocks your attack and counters

-FIRE PILLARS- Erauqs summons 3 fire pillars that chase you, dash away

-LIMIT BREAK- Erauqs summons his light swords but instead of throwing
                     them, they turn into pillars of light that rotate, dash
                     through or walk with the pillars to avoid them,

For this fight, equip curagas, curas, dark haze, and firaga.

You start the fight already in dark impulse style. This gives you an advantage
in opening the fight with quick and powerful strikes. However, this is far
from an easy fight. Although you can run out of dark impulse, fill your command 
gauge to enter back into the style. As expected from Terra's master, Erauqs is
no slouch with the keyblade. Tempt him to attack and block/counter him.

After he is at half, Master Erauqs will start to use his desperation attack and
fire pillars. He also teleports when he strikes with his keyblades, making it
harder to block. Take you time and wait for an opening. Shoot firaga and dark
haze to deal quick damage or single strikes to break down Master Erauqs'

When Master Erauqs launches his light swords at Terra, guard to reflect them
back to deal damage. This will be the move that you use most to deal the most
damage. Reflect Master Erauqs' swords to deal damage and dash through the fire
pillars to escape damage. Keep a strong defense and you will win.

Bonus: HP + 10

we see Master Xehanort stab Master Erauqs from behind and tells Terra to come
to the Keyblade graveyard. Master Xehanort shows his true colors, sinking the
Land of Departure into darkness. Master Xehanort summons a dark portal and
runs away. Without Master Erauqs, the protector of the Land of Departure, the
world will succumb to darkness. Terra watches with regret as his and his
friends' home sinks into darkness. Terra vows to protect his friends and flies
off to the Keyblade graveyard...

New Keyblade, Chaos Reaper. Obtain Xehanort Report #8.

We are close to the conclusion of the stort. Before ending, I reccomend we go
to the Mirage arena to get some extra bonus health. It is also a good idea to
level up.

Mirage Arena -Optional-
Play the arena stages to get both health and levels. Here are notable ones.

Arena Mode: Wheel Master		 HP +5
Arena Mode: Mimic Master		 keyblade "dark biter"

Now travel to the Keyblade graveyard...

Keyblade Graveyard

as this is the last level, I recommend coming in with a Terra above level 30.

Terra will arrive in the Keyblade Graveyard alone, vowing to use his strength
for his friends. 
Back track for a <mega-potion> and a <Elixir>. Go forward and open the large
chest for a <Map>. Continue on to the next area.

In this next area there are tornados. Get sucked up by them and you will enter
a battle with several waves of unverse. If you get sucked in by a tornado, you
will battle one of these three waves of unverse.

Fight #1
1st wave: 3 scrapper, 2 blue sea salt, 1 bruiser
2nd wave: 4 lazer bunny
3rd wave: 3 buckle bruiser

Fight #2
1st wave: 4 red hot chili
2nd wave: 2 irritable tank, 2 sonic blaster
3rd wave: 4 mandrake, 1 pile face

Fight #3
1st wave: 3 Giant flood
2nd wave: 1 giant chrono, 3 giant yellow mustard
3rd wave: 4 shoe sizer

Go behind a rock to pick up a chest with <wind cutter>. Continue on to collect
a <mega elixir>. Travel along the edge of the map to find a chest with a
<mega ether>. Go to the side of a rock to find the last chest with a
<mega potion>. Congradualtions, you found every chest in the game for Terra's
story. Go North west to the next area.

This is the last save point. I recommend creating one curage with cura + cure
with a time crystal so you get curaga with magic haste. I also recomend
building a restore guard with curaga+reflect guard. Add a power crystal to get
finish plus, allowing you to have two finish plus abilities. I also recommend
mastering these new commands. Do so by going to Castle of Dreams and fighting
at the save point in front of the house. I find that I rack CP alot here. I
also find it to be a great place to level up all my Dimension Links. I plan to
defeat the last boss with careful strikes and guards rather than overpowered
commands so I will not list any reccomended commands to equip. I recommend you
just equip the commands you like the most. Here are the commands and stats of
my Terra before the final battle.

NOTE: Also take the time to try out multiple finishers and shoot locks to see
which one you like best.

Level 35		Keyblade: Chaos Reaper
Commands: Dark Haze, Detonate sphere, Curaga, Curaga, wind cutter, final break
          solo arcanum
Action: high jump, restore guard, revenge stamp, slide, air slide, sonic slide,
        revenge slash
Shoot Lock: Sonic Shadow
Abilities: Last live, libra, 2 Combo F up, 2 magic haste
Finisher: Random End

all commands at max level.

Now go to the north and watch the awesome cutscene. We reunite with Aqua and
Ven and are ready to take on Master Xehanort and his apprentice, Vanitas.

Terra confesses to Aqua that he defeated Master Erauqs and promises to accept
punishment for his transaction. However, ebfore stepping back, he must move
forward. Ven tells us that Master Xehanort wants Ven and Vanitas to create a
keyblade, a keyblade that even Ven fears, which is why Master Erauqs wanted to
erase him. Ven worries that he will fight Vanitas. Terra promises that he will
protect his heart/ However, Ven asks that if he fights Vanitas for his friends
to erase him.

Master Xehanort and his apprentice Vanitas approaches. The fight begins...

FINAL BOSS: Master Xehanort (First Form)  recommended level: level 35 or above

Health: 4 and 1/2 bars

Master Xehanort Attacks
-STRIKE- Xehanort ataacks with keyblade, dash away

-ICE- Xehanort casts ice, dash away

-TELEPORT- Xehanort teleports around making him hard to hit

-DARK ICE- Xehanort shoots out three blocks of ice, dash away

Health: 2 and 3/4 bars

Vanitas Attacks
-STRIKE- Vanitas attacks, simply attack him or dodge away

-UNDERGROUND- Vanitas dives underground and chases you with an upward strike,
              dash away

-TELEPORT SLASH- while hitting, Vanitas will suddenly freeze and appear above
                 you to strike with a downward slash, dash away

we are first in a battle with both Master Xehanort and Vanitas. Keep your focus
on both keyblade warriors as they both attack. However, Vanitas is often more
aggressive close-up while Xehanort stays back and casts ice spells at you. In
this fight you must stay aggressive. Focus your attacks on Vanitas and cut down
his health. After Vanitas' health has gone down about one or two bars or so,
Master Xehanort orders him to finish off Ven and Aqua. Vanitas leaves you to
fight agaisnt Xehanort alone.

Xehanort Attacks
-COMBO- Xehanort ataacks with keyblade followed by an ice spell,
        dash away

-ICE- Xehanort casts ice, dash away

-TELEPORT- Xehanort teleports around making him hard to hit

-DARK ICE- Xehanort shoots out three blocks of ice, dash away

-LIGHTNING- Xehanort casts a huge bolt of lighting to hit you, dash away

-KEYBLADES RUSH- Xehanort summons keyblades to chase you down, dash away

Terra draws in his darkness and anger to fight Xehanort, falling into darkness.
Now we are in a one-to-one dual against Xehanort. Stay aggressive in this fight
since Xehanort is open for alot of strikes. After Xehanort maves a move, rush
close to him and lay two or three full combos on him. Avoid his attacks and
stay on him and he'll go down. Unfortunately, we played into his plan again...

Bonus: HP +10

The fight is not over yet...

After the keyblade is taken, Xehanort uses his keyblade to free his own heart
and seizes Terra's body. Terra's armor falls and what remains is a Terra with
white hair and yellow eyes. Xehanort has siezed Terra's body. However, Terra's
sentiment has not given up yet, using a barrier to trap Xehanort and fight
as a suit of armor...

FINAL BOSS: Master Xehanort (Second Form) recommended level 35 or above

Health: 5 bars

-DARK FIRAGA- Xehanort casts four or five dark firagas at you, guard

-DARK DASH- Xehanort dashes toward you surrounded by dark energy three times
            and ends with an quake spell, guard and revenge slash

-COMBO- Xehanort dishes out a long combo of strikes, guard or dash

-GUARD- Xehanort can guard you attacks

-DARK IMPULSE COMBO- Xehanort unleashes Terra's Dark Impulse style full combo
                     complete with finisher by going underground and striking
                     up, dash away and jump dash for last attack

-ROCK THROW- Xehanort summons rocks up from the ground and throws them at you,
             dash away. you can gaurd them but they won't reflect, just better
             to dash.

-TELEPORT- Xehanort will telport to a different area to attack

-METEOR- Xehanort summons three meteors to fall on you

-BAZOOKA- Xehanort transforms his keyblade into a bazooka and shoots one huge
          ball of energy, dash away

NOTE: Fans of KH2 FM+ will know this attack from LS. This is also a shoot lock
      for Terra that can be obtained.

-CURE- Xehanort can cast cure on himself to heal some hp.
Unlike the last fight. you must be very defensive. Xehanort will throw many
spells and attacks at you so you need to guard his attacks and revenge stamp.
Most of your damage will come either from reflecting Xehanort's dark firagas
back at him or using revenge stamp to remove a chunk of health after guarding
his keyblade strikes or his dashes. Take your time, wait for openings, and
keep your self alive with curagas. 

Win Xehanort Report #11


"Aqua...Ven...Someday...I will..."

-Terra's last words

This is the end of Terra's story. Watch or skip the credits (by pause/skip
scene). Congradulations. You beat one character's story. Now two more
characters to go...

Don't worry. Each character has a different story and different bosses so you
won't get board. Although you lose all the cool abilities you had with Terra,
you get to build up a new character. Besides, the playstyles for Ven and Aqua
are very different and won't fit the setup for Terra exactly. Experiment a
little. Hope you had fun with Terra.

Now that you saved your cleared data, lets continue on with the story.

NOTE: In the main screen, you have now unlocked Trinity Report. However, it is
      far from complete since you only finished one character's story.
      If you load your Terra file, you will appear back in the Keyblade
      Graveyard at the last save point.

Now let us move on to the next character...


-fast aerial attacks
-greatest air travel (glide)
-highest defence
-Best command styles (air Blades anyone)

-lowest HP
-lowest physical attack
-Platform intensive
-worst planned worlds

I recommend playing Ven before Aqua for several reasons.

Ven is alot closer to Terra in playstyle than Aqua. His guard lasts longer than
Aqua's version and his dash is longer, giving you more immunity I personally
felt that his story was also the most frustrating gameplay wise so its best to
save the best for last.

Playing Ven second also makes more sense storywise. Ven is the base of the
story and the events that occur are due to his existence, even though Terra
was the catalyst that started the story. Ven's story gives a more general
overview of the characters in the story and the most allusions to future events
(for KH and KH2 fans). Ven's story also has the biggest spoilers due to the
necessity of the character but these spoilers are necessary to better
understand Aqua's story.

Finally, I recommend playing Ven before Aqua because playing Aqua last is the
most ideal for reasons I will explain later. I generally felt that Aqua as a
character had a more challenging story so difficulty-wise, playing Ven before
Aqua will help you in Aqua's story.

Land of Departure

We start at the beginning of the Keyblade Master Test. Aqua and Terra are about
to take the test and are being overseen by Master Erauqs and Master Xehanort.

Master Erauqs summons some light balls but Master Xehanort taints them with

After the light balls almost attack Ven, Ven joins the fray with Aqua and Terra

BOSS: Keyblade Master Trials: Light balls

Health: 1/4 bar each

-LAZER- balls shoot lazer, ignore or jump away.

There are several light balls to deal with. However you have Terra and Aqua to
back you up. as Ven, jump and attack since Ven will dash toward the balls to
strike. Ven is faster in the air so keep Ven in the air as you chase down the
balls. After a couple of strikes, the light balls will be defeated.

Bonus: HP +5, Speed Rave command style

Aqua and Terra begin sparring. As Aqua comes in for an attack, Terra's hand
beings to leak darkness. Terra erases it and barely blocks Aqua's strike.

Although both preformed remarkably, only Aqua was given the title of master due
to Terra's lack of control over his darkness.

Master Xehanort and a masked boy talk to discuss Ven's progress. The masked boy
says Ven is not ready but he will send him on a journey. Ven is playing with a
wooden keyblade in his room shaped like Terra's. A bell rings and the masked
boy tells Ven to hurry as this will be the last time Ven will see Terra as
Terra. Ven argues that his bond is strong with Terra but the masked boy mocks
his naive reasoning. Ven runs to see Terra leave and decides to follow him,
entering armored form and transforming his keyblade into a skateboard. Ven
flies off just as Aqua tells him to wait.

Aqua and Terra added to DIMENSION LINK.
Obtain Xehanort Letter.

Only one world is currently accessible to us so let us travel there...

Dwarf Woodland

Jump down and run toward the mine entrance behind you. Next to the entrace is
a cheat with an <ether>. Go left and climb up the rock steps and run to the end
of the cliff for a <potion>. Backtrack down and continue on the path to another
chest with a <potion>. Go into the mine to a new area.

Ven walks to see several dwarfs working. Although Ven tries to introduce
himself the dwarfs claim he is a theif and run for cover. Ven introduces
himself and asks if the dwarfs had seen Terra. The dwarfs clain its a trap so
Ven chases after them. Go up the stairs to the next area.

Climb up the ledges to a chest with a <minimum>. Go right for a chest with
a <auto-gear>. Continue on for a chest with <Revenge counter>.

When you are hit by an enemy, press # and Ven will strike back. Pretty good for
its invulnuability frames but we don't want to rely on it.

You have to hunt for six dwarfs. Attack boxes to find them. Bashful is
riding in a cart. Sneezy in in the jumping box. Doc and Happy run away from
you in boxes. Sleepy is alseep in his box. Grumpy is in a box that charges at
you for minor damage. After finding all six, a cutscene will take
place and Ven will ask where other people may be. Save and exit the mines.

In the next area, go right and follow the stone road down to the woods.
Continue on to the next area.

Ven will hear someone scream. Enter the house and open the big chest for an
<attack recipe>. Leave the house and follow the stream upstream to a chest with
<poison>. Run behind the house and open tbe big chest for a <map>. Go to the
small chest and get a <fire>. Now go across the bridge into the woods to a new

In the dark woods, open chests for a <ether> and a <potion>. Go a little
further to find a chest with a <glittering crystal>. Continue on to meet Snow

Snow White is scared of the trees attacking her and wants a place to rest. Ven
offers to guide her to the Seven Dwarf's house.

Bodyguard Snow White

Trees and unverse are attacking Snow White. Equip minimum and poison for your
command actions and get ready to fight some unverse. Unlike the Terra version,
keep close to Snow White. When attacked by trees, stay close to Snow White for
a command to press #. After, press 0 to eradicate the trees in one hit. Use
poison and minimize to keep the unverse at bay. The focus is not to kill
unverse but to keep them out of Snow White's path. At the end, examine Snow
White for the goal.

Bonus: HP +5


Ven will argue with the dwarfs again and leaves. Head back into the dark woods
for a fight.

BOSS: Mad Treant  recommended lv 2 or above

Health: 1 and 1/2 bars

-FIREWORKS- Mad Treant shakes its head and fireworks shoot out, roll away

-JUMP- Mad Treant jumps and emits a shockwave after landing, roll away

-ROOTS- Made Treat sinks its roots into the ground to strike Ven, roll

-POISON FRUIT- after jumping, poison fruit will drop, roll away

-BALL SHOOT- Mad Treant will shoot four balls out of its mouth that will try to
             fall on you, roll out of the way

This boss is suprisingly hard for a first boss due to the fact that Ven does
not have cure and becuase Ven has weak attacks. I recommend equiping fire and
strike raid to inflit damage from afar.  When Mad trent jumps, avoid the attack
by rolling away. When it lands, attack it quickly and back off to avoid roots.
Run around when Mad Trent launches fruit or fireworks to avoid damage. The
best opening is to attack when Mad Trent lands on the ground and attack to
win this battle. Half way through the battle, Mad Trent will drop HP balls to
heal use that to recover some health.

Bonus: Deck +1, Fire Blazer

After, Ven meets an old hag (the Evil Queen in disguise) and gives her the
posion apple she dropped (what!! Come one Ven). The old hag says she met
a man with a similar weapon who used that weapon to spook her into finding

Snow White is added to the Dimension Link
New keyblade Rock Splinter obtained.

Before leaving, go back to this world one more time. Equip your new keyblade
and go back into the dark wood. Go to the very end to enter a new area. Here,
go over the bridge and open a chest for a <Mositure crystal>. Now thats done,
lets travel to the next world...

Castle of Dreams

we see Ven has shrunken to the size of a mouse. Freed from a mouse trap, we
meet Cinderella and are taken to Jaq's mouse hole.

CLimb up the pillar and jump to the higer one for a chest with a <potion>.
Climb up the pillars to the end to the next hole.

In the next scene, we hear about the ball. We learn that Cinderella will also
be attending the ball. Although she looks happy, Jaq is worried since
Cinderella's sisters are hindering her progress in making her dress. Ven and
Jaq agree to help Cinderella make her dress, Ven going to collect items. Jaq
warns Ven about the cat Lucifer.

I recommend going to the moogle and buying a cure if you have the money. Now,
equip cure and lets go look for those item and chests along the way.

Run left and jump on the bed. Then jump on the table next to the bed for a 
chest containing a <stun blade>. Go to where Jaq is and open the big chest for
a <map>. Jump on the ball of yarn and roll to the table and jump up to collect
a <magic recipe>. Exit through the hole in the wall. Continue down to the other
hole to enter a new area.

Items for Cinderella
+ White Ribbon +
+ White lace +
+ Pink Cloth +
+ Pink Thread +
+ White Button +

In the new area, walk under the table to find a <blizzard>. There are a lot of
unverse here so its a great place to level up. I got to level 5 by clearing
unverse before exploring. Jump on the ball of yarn and climb the boxes next to
the hole you came through for a <time crystal>. Go to the other pile of boxes
and examine the white ribbon to collect a -white ribbon- for Cinderella's
dress. Roll toward the table on the jump and jump up to collect a
<balloon letter>. Go to the sofa and examine the -white lace- to collect it.
Examine the pink cloth on the ground next to the window to collect it. Go
through the hole in the wall.

In the hole, go to the far end and climb the ledge to collect a <potion>. Jump
on the edge of the fork and jump to reach the higher levels. Go to the right 
of the ledge past the second fork to find a new hole.

Follow it outside and collect -Pink Thread-. Jump up and climb across the books
to collect a <zero gravity>. Drop down and enter the second hole again.

Return to the same ledge and ignore the second fork. Go into a corridor with a
red ball of yarn. Jump down to a chest to collect an <ether>. 

This time jump on the second fork and reach the other ledge. There, hit the
match box so it goes through the hole. Go across and jump on the match box to
get to the cobweb with cheese. Hit the cheeses down and jump down. Climb a
cheese onto a pillar to collect a <power crystal>. Go to the back past the fork
and open the chest for a <serenity crystal>. Climb up the cheese on the green
barrel and enter the hole. Go right and collect the - white button-. 

Ven will automatically return to Jaq. Jaq states the only thing left to look
for are pearls. Go back to the dressing room for a fight.

Ven sees a sleeping Lucifer and tries to steal the pearl. Just as Lucifer is
about to strike Ven, Jaq saves him by throwing a ball of yarn. Ven hands the
pearl to Jaq and tells him to take it as he will handle Lucifer the cat.

BOSS: Lucifer recommended lv 5 or above

Health: 2 bars

-POUNCE- Lucifer will jump on the couch and try to jump on you, roll away

Note: If Lucifer jumps from too high up, it will be stunned once it lands

-CLAW- Lucifer will lift its claw and hit you once, roll or guard

-TAIL- when running, Lucifer's tail will swat you away

-RIDE- near the end of the fight, Ven will jump and ride on Lucifer. Press the
       right commands several times and Ven will finish off Lucifer

This battle is quite simple. Simply chase lucifer around and hit him. If your
health becomes low, cast cure to heal yourself. Roll around or guard if Lucifer
tries to swat you although the damage is not much. The only truly tricky part
may be the end when Ven rides on Lucifer and you have to input commands.
Calmly input the commands on the screen and you'll be fine.

Bonus: Diamond Dust command style

Ven and Jaq quickly go to try to finish making the dress. Ven and Jaq talk
about dreams and Ven declares that his dream is to become a keyblade master.

Cinderella is added to Dimension Link.
Obtain new keyblade, Crystal Works.
Royal board added to Command board games list.

Lets return to collect one last chest. Go back to the second mouse hole in the
dressing room and enter it. Climb the ledge with the fork and go right past the
corridor with the ball of yarn. Jump down onto the fork and see the chest on
the ledge on the other side. Defeat all the unverse here. Then have Ven stand
on the fork and jump forward. Swing your keyblade to stay longer in the air.
Three swipes should allow Ven to grab the ledge and open the chest for a
<thunder storm>. If its too hard, come back later with air slide.

Now we leave for our next world...

Enchanted Dominion
-TORNADO STRIKE- (come back with high jump <Radient Garden> or air slide)
-SLEEP- (come back with high jump <Radient Garden> or air slide)

Ven remarks his belief that Terra isn't here either (oh if he knew what Terra
did). Ven sees sleeping beauty and is told by the red fairy to stay away.
The red fairy says that Ven has a heart of pure light similar to sleeping
beauty. Ven is told that Sleeping Beauty had her heart taken by Malificent. Ven
offers to get it back, despite warnings of the traps within the castle.

Go through the hole in the room to another area. In here open a chest for a
<sleep>. Now go through the doors to another area.

In this area, go to the other side close to the wooden bench to find a chest
containing a <hi-potion>. Go down the stairs to the next area.

In the throne room, look to the left of the big wooden door for a chest with a
<hi-potion>. Go to the left of the throne to find a chest with <thunder>. Go
through the big wooden doors to the next area. Go across the bridge to the next

Open the big chest for a <map>. Save and continue on.

In this area, run to the end and jump on the ledge up. Go to the chest on your
left to collect a <potion>. Approach the green flames and purple smoke.

The three Fairy Godmothers will remove the seal and cause the green flames and
purple smoke to disapper. Continue on to the next area.

Go to the left of the bridge to collect an <ether>. Go toward the castle.

In the castle continue through and take out the enemies. To your right before
the first arch, there should be some broken stairs. Climb up them to reach a
chest containing <Absolute zero>. Continue on. Past the arch and enemies, go
to the left of the second arch to find a chest containing a <cure>. Continue
through the arch to the next area.

Ven approaches the guards an engages them in a fight. I recommend equiping a
fire or blizzard and two cures. You want to stay away and strike slowly and 
let of magic attacks from a distance with the hopes to entering a command
style. Entering an elemental style makes this battle musch easier.

After the fight, collect a <hi-potion> for the chest in the area and go west to
the next area.

This next area is basically an invisible maze, the walls popping up as soon as
you come close to them. Go to the blue teleporter to wrap. Then the orange to
warp and exit through the door in the north east.

In the next area, jump across the gap and open the chest for a <time crystal>.
Go to the next area.

There is a chest to the right of the stairs containing a <hi-potion>. Go past
the enemies and take the green teleporter. Collect the chest at the far end for
a <serenity crystal>. Go across to find a chest with a <rise crystal>.

Backtrack back to the location where you got the time crystal and this time
jump down. Take the exit to the next area. Here, go to the teleporter and take
it when it turns purple. Go explore for a chest containing <magnet>. Go back
through the portal and this time, take the portal when the color turns yellow.
Then take the red portal and approach the green fire.

Ven uses his keyblade to free Sleeping Beauty's heart from the fire. Ven sees
Sleeping Beauty's memories. Ven runs off, only to be stopped by Maleficent.

BOSS: Maleficent recommended lv 10 or above

Health: 2 and 1/8 bars

-LIGHTNING- Maleficient casts one shot of purple lighting at you, roll away

-SLEEP- Maleficient will cast a green smog, run into the circle and beat the
        minigame to cast it back at her

-SNIPE LIGHTNING- Maleficent will cast several bolts of lighting down on you.
                  The spots will show purple spots before striking so run and
                  roll around to avoid

-UNDERLINGS- Maleficent will summon minions to help her

-VORTEX- Maleficent transforms into a vortex and flies around, roll away

-COUNTER- During sleep, run to the cirlce and press #. Press the correct
          buttons as the cursor rotates and Ven will reflect the sleep spell
          back at Maleficient, causing her to take damage and sleep.

This is an annoying especially after all we went through without a save point.
Have Ven roll around to avoid the attacks. Maleficent will often just warp
around and cast two shots of lightning at you. Roll to avoid the shots and 
take that opportunity to attack Maleficient. Malificent will occasionally
warp to the center to cast sleep. During this time, run to the light circle
created by the faries and play the mini game, selecting the correct commands
as the cursor rotates. This will allow Ven to counter the spell, deal some
damage, and create a great opportunity to launch a combo on Maleficient.

If Maleficent warps to the high point of the circle, she will cast snipe
lightning. Lightning will hit the glowing cirlces that appear on the ground so
roll around and avoid those circles to avoid damage. If you keep attacking
Maleficient and not let her warp, she will transform into a vortex and fly
around. Stay away as you cannot damage her and she can damage you.

Bonus: HP + 5, Thunder Bolt

Ven denies Maleficent's allegation that Terra stole Sleeping Beauty's heart.
Aqua comes in and tells Ven that Terra would not do such a thing. Aqua asks
Ven to return with her and let Terra travel. However, Ven is unwilling to
leave as he needs to see Terra again.

Obtain new keyblade, Fairy Star

Ven sees the masked boy floating in space while searching for Terra. Before
chasing after him though, lets land back on this world to collect some last
chests (we cannot collect all four now until we get air dash).

Go back to Maleficent's castle and enter. You will see one of the walls
slightly collpased, allowing you to climb the wall. Go up and go right to find
two chests containing a <rise crystal> and a <balloon letter>. Continue to the
second large area and find another wall with a corner that is broken, giving
you access to the top of the wall. Climb up the wall and open the chest on the
left for a <moisture crystal>. Thats all we can get for now until we get aerial

Lets chase the masked boy to this new world.

Note: This next battle will be tough so I suggest levelling up. During this
      time, I went to Dream Castle to level up Ven's Dimension Link characters
      which brought my level up to 14. I also recommend you equip two cures
      before going into this battle.

NOTE: To get <tornado strike>, go to the place where you got the Time crystal
      by going through the green portal, then red, then yellow, then through
      the door. High jump or air slide to the chest on the isolated platform to
      collect the last chest.

????? (we'll find out later)

Ven confronts the masked boy and asks what he means by Terra not being Terra
anymore. The masked boy replies that Ven will know soon enough and summons his
own keyblade. 

BOSS: Unknown Masked Boy (Round 1) recommended lv 17 or above

Health: 2 and 3/4 bars

-overhead strike- MS lunges and follows up with a rising slash, guard
-Fire- MS launches a ball of fire that moves slowly, them splits into five to
       chase you with MS following with strikes, roll away
-Downward strike- while comboing, MS will freeze, then appear above Ven with a
                 downward strike, roll away
-Thunder- MS jumps up and casts thunder, roll away

You can't win this fight. Just battle and get familiar with his moves. After
you lose about half of your health, a cutscene will emerge. The Masked boy is
disappointed with your strength and powers up a dark firaga attack and launches
it at you.

Luckily, we are saved by another keyblade weilder who heals us, King Mickey.

Mickey confronts MS and states that the keyblade is not a tool used to hurt
other people and that he will be his opponent. Ven joins in.

BOSS: Unknown Masked boy (Round 2) recommended lv 17 or above

Health: 2 and 3/4 bars (same as you left him in the previous fight)

-overhead strike- MS lunges and follows up with a rising slash, guard
-Fire- MS launches a ball of fire that moves slowly, them splits into five to
       chase you with MS following with strikes, roll away
-Downward strike- while comboing, MS will freeze, then appear above Ven with a
                 downward strike, roll away
-Thunder- MS jumps up and casts thunder, roll away

-Spinning combo- Mickey uses a spinning combo which takes off a significant
                 amount of MS' life
-Holy- Mickey casts a ball of light which does damage to MS.
-work together- Mickey will ask to combine strength, run to him and press #.
                Mickey and Ven back-to-back will rotate around casting light
                giving imunity frames to you and damage to MS.
NOTE: This attack is similar to Riku and Mickey's combination attack in Re:COM

I recommend having two cures equiped for this fight as it is long.
In this fight, Masked boy still retains his moveset from the previous battle
and you have a powerful ally by your side. Don't worry about healing Mickey
since if he falls, he will eventually revive himself. Stay defensive and wait
for openings to get a strike in. Chip away at MS' health using only two strikes
rather than the three strike combo. Your finisher can deal good damge but
leaves you open to a downward strike. Pratice hitting twice then rolling away.

Occasionally, Mickey will call for help, during this time, press # near him and
you can cast a combined attack to keep MS away from you. If MS is caught in the
range of your attack, he will suffer from severe damage.

Bonus: HP + 5, Deck +1

MS is lying face down on the ground. He says he will observe a little longer
and disappears into the darkness.

Ven thanks Mickey for his help and introduces himself. Ven learns that Mickey
is learning from Yensid and is usin a gummi to travel. However, the form of
travel is unstable since he does not know when or where he will travel. The
gummi flashes

Ven wakes up in space and flies to Radient Garden...

Learn ability high jump
Mickey added to Dimension Link

Radient Garden

Ven lands and thinks he sees Mickey in the distance. Take this time now to
equip high jump in your command list in the red section (select jump and 
replace it with high jump). Also, add another command to your command list
since you earned a bonus from the fight.

Walk to the perimeter of the first area you are in to find a chest with a
<ether>. Go to the other side to find a chest with a <potion>. Go into the town
after Mickey.

In the next area, look in the left to find a chest with a <hi-potion>. Go up
the stairs and run to the very right to find a chest containing <bind strike>
next to the fountain. Climb another set of stairs and go left to find a chest
with <slow> between two trees. Drop down and go to the other side next to the 
tall set of stairs to find a chest with <rise crystal>. Go back up the stairs
through the white gates to a new area.

In the new area, look left to find a chest with a <hi-potion>. Go up the stairs
to initiate a cutscene.

Ven will run toward the door but is blocked by Dilian and Aeleus who tell Ven
to go home. A huge unverse appears and Dilian and Aeleus move to confront it
but states he will take care of it. The scientist Even appears and tells Dilian
and Aeleus to remain guarding the castle, stating that Ven is special and will
be fine.

Backtrack to the first area and a cutscene will occur. Ven will save Scrooge
from the unverse. Scrooge will give Ven three Disney Town passes for him and
his friends as thanks for helping him, knowing that Ven is an outsider of this
world like him.

Go into town in the new area. Ven will meet Merlin. Ven tells him to be careful
but he replies that he is a powerful wizard and nothing is of danger to him. He
invites Ven into his house to see a book. Open the big chest in the area for a
<map>. Go into Merlin's house.

In Merlin's house, open the big chest for a <guard recipe>. Examine the Winnie
the Pooh book that is on the white desk to get the 100 Acre Wood command board.
Leave the house, save, and be on your way.

In the fountain area, go into the water and jump on the streams to reach higher
ledges. Go to the very far east of the fountain for a chest with <revenge rush>

Revenge rush is a guard/counter move. When you successfully guard an enemy
attack, press 0 and Ven will counter attack. A very useful move and a staple
must-have move in this game. Equip it as soon as possible. Now go to the top
left area of the fountain to move to the next area.

Continue along the path and climb the pipes for a <auto gear>. At the very top,
go right to find a chest containing <fira>. Go left and head straight. Along
the way, you will find a chest with a <hi-potion>. Keep on going to the next
area where the boss awaits...

Ven, Aqua, and Terra reunite as they face off against the large unverse that
has appeared.

BOSS: Trinity Armor  recommended lv 15 or higher

Health: 4 bars

        Head: 4 bars
        Arms: 4 bars
        Legs: 4 bars

-FIRE BALL- Unverse shoots fire balls into the air, roll away

-CHEST BEAM- Unverse shoots yellow beam from chest, roll through the beam to
             avoid damage

-JUMP- the legs jump around, roll around to avoid them

-SPIN- the three body parts spin around like tops, guard and counter or roll

-BEAM- arms shoots blue beams while spinning, roll around or guard

-ELECTRIC BEAM- the arms and head emit an electric blue beam between them, stay
                outside the perimeter or roll though

-DASH- dashes towards Ven, guard or roll

-ELECTRIC BEAM- body and arms make an electric beam, roll through

In this fight, you will be backed up by both Terra and Aqua. If you are
familiar with previous KH games, you may recognize this boss with some previous
incantations of the Heartless armors. However, this boss is slightly different
but not too hard none the less.

As Ven, target his legs first and attack. Terra and Aqua will help and deal
great damage so don't feel like you have to defeat the entire unverse yourself.
If Aqua or Terra are knocked out, wait and they will recover on their own.

Ven's dodge roll is his greatest asset so use it to roll through the various
beams the Armor. Since Ven has low defense, always focus on your health and do
not rush the battle. It is better to forgo an opening and heal or dodge an
attack than it is to deal damage unless your dealing the final blow.

After the legs are destroyed, focus on the arms. Use aerial attacks with Ven
and unleash finishers and mash styles when you get them. Keep an eye on your
health and try to block/counter during the spinning phases.

After both arms and legs are gone, be really aggressive on the body. The body
will shoot beams more often so roll around to avoid damage.

Bonus: HP + 10, Cyclone

Ven hands out the tickers to both Aqua and Terra. Ven tells Terra he met a
masked boy, who we now know is called Vanitas. Aqua is worried about Terra's
mission, questioning his actions and Master' Xehanort's mission. Terra leaves
and states that they should follow their seperate paths. Aqua explains that
Master Erauqs sent Aqua to bring back Ven and observe Terra because he was
worried, not because he did not trust them. Ven stays he will go find Terra
and try to explain the situation.

Return back to town and go back to the center square. We see a young silver
haired boy in a lab coat surrounded by unverse. Ven tells the boy to run away
and gets ready to fight the unverse...

Unverse Fight
1st wave: 5 flood
2nd wave: 4 red hot chili
3rd wave: 4 Blue Sea salt
4th wave: 4 Irritable Tanks
5th wave: 4 Irritabl tanks, 1 chrono sistar

This is not a tough fight if you stay calm and heal when necessary. The first,
second, and third waves are easy so mash if you want to. Against irritable
tanks in the fourth wave, you can take them one by one and have them explode,
rolling away at the last second. You can also try to get one to explode close
to his friends to take out multiple unverse. The fifth wave is tough. I
recommend focusing first on taking out the chrono sistar with finishers,
commands, and  attacks and then back off to heal. Then take out the irritable
tanks one by one.

The scientist Even calls out for Lenzo. Lenzo, the silver haired boy in the lab
coat approaches. We learn that Lenzo lost his parents and that the lab was
taking care of him. Ven says he is looking for his friend, Even replying that
he saw someone matching that dscription near the underground sewer. Even gives
his thanks for protecting Lenzo and replies "I feel that we will continue to
have ties in the future," (a foreshadowing of a relationship in KH2).

Gain slide turn. When locked onto an enemy, press # at the right timing to get
behind the opponent. Very good against bruisers and other large unverse. Equip
it and continue on. Go down the stairs into the new area, save, and continue
on to the next area.

In the new area, a cutscene appears. Ven says he will go with Terra but Terra
rejects his offer. However, Terra replies that one day, Ven will save him which
Ven casually acknowledges since they are friends. Terra flies off and Ven goes
to inform Aqua.

Before leaving however, search the area for chests. To you left is a chest with
a <moisture crystal>. On the other side is a chest with a <power crystal>.
Leave the area and backtrack.

Another cutscene plays where Ven informs Aqua that he met Terra but that Terra
left on his own. Aqua also decides to leave to which Ven asks to join. Aqua
sternly tells Ven that he must go home since she does not want to put Ven in
danger. Aqua changes into her armor form and leaves.

Ven reminesnces a training session with Terra with wooden swords, Terra saying
"is that all you got Ven" (a similar remark Riku once made to Sora). After
practice, Terra remarks that Ven's wooden sword is all beat up. He states that
Ven is putting too much strength in his sword and must let it flow, showing his
undamaged practice sword (which looks like his keyblade). "If you are worthy,
someday this sword will choose you to be its wielder."

Terra states his and Aqua's dream is to be keyblade masters. Ven holds the 
wooden sword now dispondent. Lea and Isa walk by, Lea picking up the wooden
sword. Isa tells Lea that they will be late if they don't hurry. Lea calls Ven
a child and shows his toy chakarams. "I'm not nobody. My name is Lea. Got it
memorized?" Lea challenges Ven to a fight to which Ven accepts as Isa looks on.

Lea falls and calls it a draw, Isa stating the fight was simply Lea running
around and tiring himself out. Lea asks for support to which Isa replies
"sorry, I'm bad at lying." Lea tells Ven to choose his friends wisely, leaving
with Isa. Lea says that he feels that he will meet Ven again since they are
already friends. "have it memorized."

Isa tells Lea not to pik up a discarded dog to which Lea replies "I want to be
left in the memories of many people since you can live forever inside people's
memories." Isa and Lea head toward the castle although we don't know for what

Obtain new keyblade, Rascal Flame.

Head back to Radient Garden and equip your new keyblade for one last chest.
Return to the palace entrance and go to the left for a chest containing
<freeze raid>.

Now, get ready to leave to enter a new world...

Disney Town
-SUPER GLIDE- (obtain after getting glide in Neverland)

Ven is suprised by Capitain Justice, Pete in a white outfit looking to see if
Ven needed any help. Ven says that he's okay. Ven asks Captain Justice about
the town and we learn that Disney Town is currently performing the Dream

In the area you are in, look behind you for a chest with a <potion>. Open the
big chest for a <map>. Go join the conversation. We are introduced to Huey,
Dewey, and Louie who are having trouble making ice cream. Pete/Captain Justice
cannot work the machine to make ice cream so Ven gives it a try...

Mini Game: Rythem Ice

Objective: tap circle on the right duck to build up the ice cream according to 
           the beat. The higher the ice cream and the more accurate the tap,
           the higher the score.

direction pad up		Huey (red)
direction pad left		Dewey (blue)
direction pad right		Louie (green)
   O				shoot ice cream


Clear the game and Queen Minnie gets some ice cream. Pete tries to make the 
machine into scrap metal but Queen Minnie stops him. We learn that Pete is
trying to win a prize for winning the Dream Award by being the most popular
person in the town which is why he tries to do good deeds even though he is
normally a destructive bully.

You gain the Disney Town command board. Return back to Disney Town.

Go down into the sewer to look for some chests. Go straight for a <thunder>.
The chest next to the machine also contains a <thunder>. Equip three thunders
and cast them on the machine until the arrow moves to the red area to turn on
the cranes. This can be done by casting thunders until Ven's command gauge
fills and Ven changes into Thunder Bolt command style. Then, a couple of
strikes will power the machine.

Jump on the mickey cog and leap to the left for a <mega-potion>. Jump on the
cog again and ride it up. Go on the cogs and jump on the hand and go left.
Jump on the rotating cogs and get to the North West section to get a
<mega ether> and enter a new area.

In the next area, go to the end where there is a pinball machine, Have Ven
stand on the fist and hold jump and Ven will become the pinball. Go to the
middle left alcove for a chest with <all cure> and a <attack recipe>. Go into
the center alcove to find a chest in the right containing a <rise crystal>.
Exit out to a new area with a chest containing a <slot blade>. Get to the top
right alcove to find a chest with <aerial slam>. Hit all the green bumpers to
open up the grated alcove and get a <break time>.

Leave the area and backtrack out. Move to the area with a sign that says Fruits
Caster. Continue on and exit to a new area. Open the chest under the bridge for
a <stop>. Go up the stairs and across the bridge for a chest containing
<glittering crystal>. Go up the stairs and straight to find a chest containing
<Turn Slash>.

Turn slash is a technique you use after successfully using slide turn. After 
slide turn, press O with turn slash equiped for Ven to use it.

Now to play some mini-games.

Mini-Game: Rumble Racing

Objective: take first place in the race

  x		accelerate
  O		attack 
  /\		guard
  #		break

-Country course-			Prize: Disney Circuit, hi-potion
Short cut: take ramp up to the upper section of the race to 

-Disney Circuit-			Prize: Grand Circuit, aeroa
Short cut: previous short cut, also take ramp to get to upper level in town
           part of the course to bypass racers

-Grand Circuit-				Prize: Winning medallion
short cut: take the high ledges for power ups and short cuts

Mini-Game: Fruits Catcher

Objective: score more points than the opponent

    O		shoot
    #           curve
    /\		in air
/\ + /\		smash at opponent
/\ + O		smash shoot

-vs. Bruiser-				Pirze: vs Chip&Dale, balloon letter

-vs. Chip&Dale-				Prize: vs Captain Justice, magnera

-vs. Captain Justice-			Prize: Chaos Snake


Alot of the other chests are easier to get with air dash so we will return to
this world later to collect all the chests.

Lets move on to the next world...

Olympus Coliseum

We meet Herc and Zacks. zacks is begging Phil to be his trainer. Phil refuses,
saying that he hands his hands full with Herc. Unverse appear and Zacks hopes
to prove himself to fill. Ven enters the fray...

Unverse fight
1st wave: 4 flood and 4 axe raven
2nd wave: 1 buckle bruiser, 4 jellies
3rd wave: 4 flood, 4 axe raven
4th wave: 3 buckle bruiser, 3 jellies, 1 axe raven
5th wave: 14 jellies

This unverse battle is not too tough since your backed up by Zacks and Herc.
The unverse present are not too tough so just chase after them and attack. You
can try out your new slide turn/turn slash combo on the buckle bruisers which
is great since these bruisers are invulnurable from the front.

Phil states that he will watch herc and Zacks fight each other in the
tournament before rethinking who he will coach. Zacks is estatic while Herc is
fearful. Zacks enters the tournament. Ven wants to enter as well but finds out
that the tournament is already full. Ven cheers up Herc and offers to help
Hercules. Herc goes ahead first to get prepared for training.

Go forward into the next area.

In this area, collect some chests. There is a chest to the left of the entrance
behind some pillars containing a <cura>. In the south west is a chest with a
<mega-potion>. A chest in the North East behind the statue's foot contains a
<fire strike>. After obtaining these items, head inside the building.

Open the big chest for a <map> and save your game. I recommend reorganizing
your list of commands and replacing your cures with cura and equipping aerial

After your set, go talk to Herc to start his training...

Training Session #1
Objective: Smash the pots, score more than Herc

Small pot = 1 point
big pot = 3 points

This minigame is really easy. Just smash the pots around. To really excel at
this game, hit the barrel down and jump on it to roll around smashing pots.

Bonus: HP + 5

After, talk to Herc again to start the next session of training...

Training Session #2
Objective: Smash the pots, score more than Herc

small pot = 1 point
big pot = 3 points

again, to dominate this session, knock the exploding barrels (barrels with
stars) next to pots and jump on rolling barrels to roll around and break
the bots. Target the large pots to build up points faster. This training
session is longer and Herc has more stamina but you should still be fine as
long at you use the rolling battle.

Bonus: Deck + 1

Phil will come in and explain the format of the tournament to both Herc and 
Zacks. Herc and Zacks steadily progress through the tournament. Zacks and Herc
shake hands and prepare for a fair fight, both pretty evenly matched which
reminds Ven of Terra and Aqua. We hear that monsters (Unverse) are attacking
the town so Ven volunteers to take care of the unverse so Herc and Zacks can
continue fighting.

Save, and prepare for the boss battle for this world by heading to town. Ven
will encounter a whole armada of jellies. However, he is joined by Herc who
forfeited the match to help his friend...

Unverse Jellies Armada recommended lv 18 or above

Health: one strike

-STING- the jellies run into you for and sting you for minor damage, roll or

-COOP- Herc will call your name. Get close and press #. Herc will grap Ven so
       rotate your analog counter-clockwise to spin Ven. Then, press O to 
       release Ven to take out more jellies. Ven will be stunned after.

For this fight, equip as many cures and curas as you have as this is an
endurance battle. I had one cure and one cura. The enemies arn't tough but
there are many of them.

The only attack the jellies have is sting. The individual damage is minor but
builts uo due to the sheer number of them. I recommend casting fire, thunder,
or blizzard and attack to enter a different command style which makes Ven
faster at attacking and more powerful. Also, it is best to use the first part
of the coop attack but not the second as launching may leave Ven dazed which
open Ven to damage. Just spin around and Herc will eventually let Ven go.

Bonus: Air Slide

To use Air Slide, equip it and when in the air, press # to dash. Ven will
apologize to Herc for making him forfeit. One jelly still remains but Zacks
takes it out, also forfeiting. Herc believes he lost since he forfeit first.
However, Phil appears and states that we would coach from observing the match,
not the person who won. A hero must not only be strong but also selfless.
Although both have the makings, Herc won because he made the split decision.

Ven whispers that he knew that Phil would not have stopped coaching Herc
(during training we see Phil oversee Herc's training from afar). Phil states
that he believes in Herc's potential but he wasn't growing so he needed a
catalyst to promote growth. He thanks Ven for helping Herc grow.

Ven leaves to continue on his journey and says he will return when Herc becomes
a hero just jokes that it will take forever for Zacks to be one.

Zacks is added to the Dimension Link.
Obtain new keyblasde, Mark of Hero.

We leave this world but before continuing, I think we should return to some
previous worlds to collect chests.

Collection List

Enchanted Dominion

-Tornado Strike- 
To get <tornado strike>, go to the place where you got the Time crystal by
going through the green portal, then red, then yellow, then through the
door. High jump or air slide to the chest on the isolated platform to
collect the last chest.

Disney Town

-Mega Potion-
-Rotational Crystal-
To get these items, go down into the sewer and turn on the machine with thunder
and Thunder Bolt Command style. Go right and jump on the four moving hands to
the other side to pick up these two chests. I recommend getting air slide
before attempting to get these two chests since you can use air slide to bypass
jumping onto the last two hands which makes this platforming much easier.

Now lets go to the next world...

Deep Space

Ven will see an unverse squid floating in space. Time to fight.

 O	attack
 /\	dash
 #	guard
 x      jump

Metamorphosis (in space)

Health: 2 and 1/2 bars

-SPIN DASH- the unverse spins at you, guard or jump

-SPIN- the unverse will spin, stay away

Although this initiall seems like a tough fight, it isn't. Be defensive and
get ready to guard when the unverse moves away since it will try to spin dash
at you. Attack it when its finished and try to chip at its health. Once you
take off a little less than half a bar, the unverse runs away and the battle

Bonus: Wing Blade command style

Ven will chase after the Metamorphosis who runs into a nearby ship. We switch
scenes to Gantu telling a noncompliant Stich not to run away when an alarm
rings signalling invaders. Stich spits at the door to get the arms to fire and
create a hole, running away.

Gantu will find Ven and ready his blaster. Ven explains that he is searching
for a monster that ran into the ship but Gantu does not believe him until the
computer tells him that the monster has invaded the control system of the ship.

Stich sees Ven and says "Terrra...Aqua...". He shows us a charm made from
scraps of space junk that resemble the inital charms Aqua handed out. The ship
declares that it will self-destruct if the monster invades further. Ven tells
Stich not to come becuase of the danger of the mission.

In the first area, immediately go open the two chests for a <hi-potion> and a
<power crystal>. Back track to a previous room with a warp pad to open a chest
in the center containing a <glittering crystal>. Go forward and left down the
corridor for an unverse fight.

Unverse Fight #1

1st wave: 3 flood, 2 monotracker
2nd wave: 2 scrapper, 2 yellow mustard
3rd wave: 2 flood, 2 irritable tank

This is an easy fight so just attack and defeat the unverse.


After the fight, the door opens and you can continue on. Open the two chests
for a <mega-ether> and a <hi-potion>. Continue on for another unverse fight.

Unverse Fight #2

1st wave: 2 flood, 3 yellow mustard
2nd wave: 2 scrapper, 2 sonic blaster
3rd wave: 2 flood, 2 scrapper, 2 irritable tank

This is another easy fight so just attack and defeat the unverse any way you


The door opens and Ven continues. Stich is looking at his charm when Gantu
shoots and destroys it. Stich is angry at Gantu who mocks Stich as a creature
that only knows how to destroy.

Go through the gate to the next area. Open the big chest here for a <map> and
save your game. Continue on through the next gate.

Jump to the bottom and open the chest for a <zero gravira>. Go to the control
panel to turn off gravity. Jump to the second level to find a chest with a
<thundera>. Turn off gravity on the third level to collect a chest with a
<Pulse Bomb>. Jump down, turn off gravity, and climb to the top and exit via
the gate.

In the next area, take out the gun turrents by reflecting their shots back at
them. Open the chest for a <mega-attack recipe>. Jump down and open a chest
near the turrents for a <time crystal>. Go to the bottom-right end of the room
for a chest containing <fire blitz>. Turn off gravity with the console and air
dash across the top of the room to the other platform for a big chest
containing <Xehanort Report #1>. Turn off gravity and climb on the purple
blocks into a new area.

In this area, save and open the chest for a <mega-potion>. Go through the gate
for a new cutscene.

Ven meets the metamorph we found in space and declares he won't let him run
anymore. Stich comes in to join the fight...

BOSS: Metamorph (Ship)

Health: 2 and 1/2 bars

-SPIN- Metamorph spins to inflict damage

-ABSORB- Metamorph will latch onto the Ship's core and drain energy, doing 
         damage to the ship. Combination attack with Stich to stop.

-LIGHTNING- Metamorph will drop lightining from its tentacles and move around,
            roll away

-SPIN DASH- After being knocked off the core, Metamorph will spin dash around
            the ship, dodge roll away or guard.

-HIDE- After dropping to one bar of health, Metamorph will turn invisible, hit
       it to reveal it again (you can still lock on).

-BEAM- Metamorph will fire a blue arrow, stay away to avoid.

-COOP- When Stich is jumping, run up and press #. Ven will throw Stich
       by pressin O, which will cause Metamorph to detach from the ship

-SHOOT- Stich shoots green lazers to damage Metamorph

This is a tough battle. Not only do you have to watch for the Working with
Stich, you will need to prevent Metamorph from attaching itself to the core
of the ship and inflicting damage, designated by the bar in the corner.
Luckily, you have Stich to help you.

Roll around when metamorph spins to avoid its attacks. Since metamorph chases 
you and its spin lasts for a long time, keep rolling to avoid damage.
Metamorph will then float around. It will sometimes spin dash during this
phase so roll around. After its spin attacks, metamorph is open to attack.

You can deal single air strikes at metamorph when it is floating around so do
so to chip at its health. When metamorph clasps on the ship's core, go to Stich
and wait for him to jump to coop, causing metamorph to drop HP balls and open
itself to damage. Don't attack too much or it will chase Ven with lightning
which hurts and lasts for a long time so roll away. After dealing about a bar
of damage, metamorph will start to turn invisible. Just attack it so it will
reappear. During this time, after you coop with stich, the metamorph will
launch a beam but it is very bad at hitting you with it.

BONUS: HP + 10, Deck +1

Stich is sad by the fact that his charm is broken. However, Ven tells him that
a bond is not a shape and is not broken. Gantu will come in and state that
Stich does not know the meaning of the word and that his bond is nonexistent as
he is a creature of destruction. Ven defends Stich and declares his friendship
with Stich. Stich defeats Gantu and both escape the ship. Stich activates his
hyperdrive but his navigation system is off, causing him to zoom off and leave
Ven behind.

Experiement 626 (Stich) added to Dimension Link.
Obtain new keyblade, HyperDrive.
Obtain new command board, Deep Space.

Return back to Deep Space to collect some missed chests. Go back to the area
where you fought the boss and climb up to the second level to collect a
<Detonate Shield> in the center. Go to the very north of the climbing platforms
for a chest containing a <chaos crystal>.

Now its time to fly to Neverland...


We see Mickey looking around and see a black warp hole, Mickey looks behind and
sees Vanitas who tells him to move.

Ven hears voices in the dark and opens his eyes. We meet Tink and two of the
lost boys. Ven introduces himself to the boys who leave to go find a shooting
star. Ven asks if he could come along. We learn that the shooting star fell to
the south. Time to start exploring.

Before following the lost boys, explore behind you by going to the left side of
the large rock to find a chest containing a <auto-gear>. Go to a new area in
the north.

In this area, keep going north and ignore the big chest (its a trap) and open
the small chest at the very north to collect a <mega-elixir>. Backtrack to the
first area and go south to the next area this time. Don't forget to open the
chest containing a <hi-potion> on your left on the way.

Go across the water to the very end to collect a chest with a <elixir>. Swim
through the hole in the wall to your left to find a chest containing <aeroga>.
Return back to the previous island and go to the north west exit (from where
you entered) to continue on.

Cutscene of Ven walking with the lost boys to their treehouse. We hear a crow
and Peter Pan appears. Ven introduces himself to Peter. Peter tells the lost
boys that he found pirate Captain hook's treasure and asks the boys to go with
him to steal the treasure, which is more fun. Peter invites Ven but Ven
declines to continue looking for the shooting star.

In this area, go to the east exit to find a chest containing a
<balloon letter>. Enter the tree through the hole and go to the very end to
find an alcove with a <mega-ether> and a <Time Crystal>. Exit the tree and go
to the new area.

In this area, open the small chest for a <rotating crystal> and this big chest
for a <map>. Go through the west exit in the middle of the area to enter a new
area for a cutscene.

Ven sees Mickey's star shard on the ground (the "shooting star") We hear an
evil laugh and see that Captain Hook has taken both the star shard and
Tinkerbell. (I really don't care. What happened to Mickey??). Ven will prepare
to fight Captain Hook for Tink but Captain Hook gives Ven a message for Peter
to come to Skull Island if he wants to get Tinkerbell back. Captain Hook leaves
and Ven is stopped by the unverse before being able to chase him...

Unverse Fight

1st wave: 5 flood
2nd wave: 5 mandrake, 1 pile face
3rd wave: 3 wild bruiser

For this fight, I reccommend at least two curas and possibly a curaga if you
want. I also recommend building a cura with a power crystal to include gain the
ability combo finisher plus which increases the strength of your finishers.

The first wave is not difficult. The second wave will give you trouble however
due to the mandrakes. Jump in the air and target the pile face since it can
cast confuse on you which makes it much harder to fight. Keep attacking and use
your finisher to defeat the pile face. You can then use long range commands or
single air strikes to attack the mandrakes. I recommend just going into a
corner and guarding the air wheels the mandrakes shoot at you until they stop
and then quickly go take them out.

For the final wave, just use air attacks and finishers and the wild bruisers
will be defeated before they can react.


After the fight, a cutscene plays. Ven has lost sight of Captain Hook. Looking
at the sky, he remembers asking Aqua what is a star and what is light. Ven
reminisces his time with Aqua and Terra. Peter comes and Ven tells Peter Hook's
message to meet Hook at Mermaid Island. Peter flies off and Ven follows.

Go north from the current area past the tree house. A cutscene plays where Smee
sees Ven and Peter coming and readies the cannons to fire. From now on, there
will be cannon fire flying towards Ven on the island. Tinkerbell returns to
Peter and informs him of a man with a large sword. Peter will go stop the
pirate ship from firing while Ven goes to confront Hook. Tink sprinkles her
fairy dust on Ven, giving him the ability glide.

To glide, jump up in the air and hold X. Move about using the analog stick.

Go across the islands to the north-east exit to enter a new area.

While avoiding the cammon fire, take the lower path to a chest with a
<hi-potion>. Break the wall of stone with a finisher or a full combo. Break
the  big rock leaning on the wall for a chest containing <treasure raid>. Climb
the big rock to the very north and air slide to a chest on an adjacent rock to
collect a chest with a <firaga>. Air dash/glide through the hole in the wall to
a previous area.

In this area, open the chest for a <final break>. Return through the hole and
head north to the next area.

In the next area, open the chest for a <ether>. Continue on to meet Hook...

A cutscene occurs. Hook is excited for his battle with Peter Pan and thinks
that Peter is too afraid to face him. Ven tells Hook its too early to gloat and
good looks through his scope to see Peter successfully conquoring his ship.
Captain Hook draws his sword but hears the crocodile in the water (due to his
ticking). Hook is fightened but Ven won't let his escape...

BOSS: Captain Hook recommended lv 25 or above

Health: 3 and 1/2 bars

-JUMP SLASH- Hook will deal a jump downward slash, roll away

-RUNNING SLASH-Hook will fly into a rage and run towards you swinging. Hook is
               invincible during this time, roll away
-PRESENTS- Hook will throw three presents that explode, dealing huge damage,
           roll away or guard (yes you can guard the explosion)
-SUPER PRESENT- Hook throws one shining present, unleashes a bigger explosion,
                roll away
-FENCE- Hook will enter the fencing stance and unleash a quick strike, guard or
        roll away
-COMBO- Hook will shimmer and unleash a combo of jabs and slashes, guard or
        roll away
-COMBO #2- Hook will slash but ends his combo by throwing presents, guard or
           roll away
-GUARD- Hook will hold his sword sideways and guard like Ven

Bite- hit Hook into the water and the crocodile will bite Hook, throwing him
      back onto the fighting stage and dealing some damage.

NOTE: Hook can be stunned by fire.

This is a pretty fun or challenging fight depending on your level. Unlike
previous incantations, Hook is a very skilled fighter in this game and due to
the small battlefield, you need to overcome Hook through your keyblade skills
to win.

Hook is quite fast but all of his attacks can be countered. You can counter
Hook's strikes and combos with guard/revenge rush, his flying presents with
guard/revenge rush, and his jump strike with turn slide (the strike gives you
invincibility frames so its no harm if you miss).

Basically keep Ven just outside Hook's strike zone and edge close to him to get
him to attack. When Hook attacks, guard and counter with revenge rush to deal
damage. If Hook gets a strike on Ven, he will initiate a combo so press # to
try to roll out and avoid further damage. Keep your distance when you need to
heal. However, do not go into the water since Hook will throw presents at Ven
and Ven will have no way to avoid it. After hitting Hook several times, he will
fly into a rage and chase you. Go to the edge of the island to escape. Hook
will either get close to the edge, flailing his arms, or get tired and stop.
When tired, hit with a combo. When Hook is flailing, hit him and knock him
into the water, allowing the crocodile to bite him for damage.

This is a battle to see how well you can use guard so learn to use guard and
defeat Hook. If that is too hard, use long range commands and keep far away
roll away from Hook.

Hook gets less tired and less likely to move to the edge the lower his heath
gets. Just guard/counter and single strike openings or keep your distance and
take him out with long range attacks to win.

BONUS: Deck +1

Hook will fall into the water and be chased away by the crocodile. The lost
boys return with hooks chest which is empty inside. The lost boys had lost
everything inside. Peter is not disappointed since he was not interested in
gold or jewels which would have been inside. Instead, the boys decide to fill
their own treasures inside the chest, items that they themselves treasure. Ven
puts in his practice keyblade that he recieved from his best friend (Terra).
Ven hopes to continue making more memories. Peter promises to get a bigger
chest for Ven when he returns again. Ven places his sword among the many toy
wooden swords with Tink about to place the star shard. Ven says the star shard
is an item dropped by a close friend and hopes to return it to him. Tink
initially refuses but gives in to Peter and returns the shard to Ven. The
shard immediately flashes and Ven disappears, warping to some unknown
destination. Peter is not worried since wherever he may go, Ven will always
have friends...

Peter Pan added to Dimension Link
Obtain new keyblade, Pixie Charm

Return to Neverland when you have the chance later and go to where you fought
Hook to collect the last two chests containing a <mega-elixir> and a

Mysterious Tower

A new scene where we meet two important characters, Goofy and Donald. They are
depressed since they cannot find the king. Ven warps in front of them and they
initially believe him to be King Mickey but are disappointed when the flash
reveals Ven. Since Ven seems to know Mickey, Goofy and Donald drag Ven to the
mysterious tower.

In the area, go to the left of the tower entrance for a chest with a
<rise crystal>. The chest to the right contains a <chaos crystal>. Go to the
very south of the area for a chest with a <magnega>. Now enter the tower.

Inside, open the large chest at the base of the stairs for a
<mega-magic recipe>. Climb the stairs for a long cutscene.

Ven will meet Master Yensid. Yensid will know Ven from Master Erauqs but heard
that Ven was ordered to return. However, Yensid sees Ven's rash actions in his
own apprentice, Mickey, and oversees the violation in command. Donald hands the
star shard to Yensid and explains that Ven was holding this shard. Ven explains
that he met Mickey but Mickey immediately warped away in the light and Ven lost
sight of him, to Donald and Goofy's dismay. Ven explains that he found the
shard in a different world from where he met Mickey.

Yensid explains that the door to the worlds has opened, which is why he could
not find Mickey's presence. Yensid tries to find Mickey and we see an injured
Mickey on the ground, struggling to get up. Yensid cannot explain what is
happening because his vision is being blocked by a very strong presence of
darkness. Goofy and Donald ask to know Mickey's location so they can go to save
him. Yensid says that they do not have the strength but Goofy and Donald have
pride in their strengh. Ven states that he will go but he will go alone to
repay the favor for Mickey previous rescuing him. Donald and Goofy are
disappointed. Yensid sends Ven off...

Donald added to Dimension Link
Goofy added to Dimension Link

Before, continuing, lets backtrack to collect some forgotten treasures.

-Mega Elixir-
-Mega Potion-

Return to the cape where you fought Captain Hook and dash toward the other side
to find two chests containing a <mega elixir> and a <mega potion>.

Disney Town
-Super Glide-

Return to the pinball machine area (through the sewer) and jump up to the upper
exit and leave. On the outside, jump on the crates and glide to the blue alcove
at the far end of the area. Open the chest for <super glide>.

Super glide functions just like glide except that you travel much faster.
Immediately replace glide with super glide.

Now travel to the mysterious wilderness...

Mysterious Wilderness (a.k.a the Keyblade Graveyard)

A cutscene will occur and Ven will check Mickey. Mickey will grunt, showing
that he's still alive. Ven meets Master Xehanort and regains his lost memories
and clutches his head in pain.

Master Xehanort tells Ven that he had lost something but it was not lost
forever. Ven lost something so he could regain it. Now, he must reclaim it
anew, he must reclaim his darkness, absolute darkness and absolute light 
creating the legendary key, the "keyblade."

Xehanort explains that this keyblade is different from the ones they yield.
Derived from the word "ki," it is the bringer of death. Ven realizes that he
will become a keyblade which Master Erauqs also knows.

Xehanort explains that Master Erauqs did not want Ven to travel because he was
afraid that Ven will learn the truth and so wanted to keep Ven in a place where
he could watch over him. 

We learn that Ven never was allowed to leave the Land of Departure. Xehanort
pushes Ven through the portal and tells him to obtain the truth from Master
Erauqs and learn his own destiny. Ven and Mickey are caught in the tornado
summoned by Master Xehanort...


Ven is in space and decides to to confront Master Erauqs to learn what his 
"true self" really is...

Travel to the land of Depature...

Land of Departure

Ven travels to the Land of Departure and meets Master Erauqs who asks why Ven
is alone. Seeing that he is troubled, Master Erauqs is glad that he is safe and
tells him that it is too early for him to travel and he needs to stay and
continue to train.

Ven cuts him off, not wanting to be trapped on this world. Ven states that he
will become a keyblade and demands to know what "the keyblade" is.

We flash back to Erauqs telling Xehanort that what he is pursuing is dangerous
and questions why he seeks the keyblade. The keyblade will drag all the worlds
into darkness and void eveything.

Xehanort talks about the war between x-blade and keyblades legend, that the
world was consumed by darkness and from that darkness, a new light was born.
That is one of the legends of the keyblade wars. As there is creation after
destruction, Xehanort wants to know what emerges from the keyblade war."Are we
beings that are born of light from the darkness, that is what I want to know."

By successfully creating the keyblade, it will be the key to open the doors to
the keyblade wars. Erauqs asks if he is willing to put worlds as risk for his
journey and that he can never forgive letting the worlds fall into darkness.

Xehnort replies then it is within the darkness that it will appear. "Were we
not all born from darkness and emerged into this world of light?"

"If my words cannot stop you, I must stop you by force" Erauqs
Harnessing the darkness, Xehanort launches two shots of darkness to cripple
Erauqs. "That strength...have you fallen to the darkness Xehanort?"

Master Erauqs states that due to his failure to stop him back then, he must try
to stop him now by striking down Ven. Summoning his keyblade, Erauqs readies
his stand, declaring that the keyblade must not exist. After knowing Xehanort's
true self, he must stop him at all costs. You are not allowed to exist.

Master Erauqs' strike is blocked by Terra who refuses to let Ven die. Erauqs
wonders why Terra cannot understand the true heart (why Terra cannot read a
person's heart and understand its true essence/disposition). If Terra will not
open his ears to Erauqs' words, he must also be sealed along with Ventus. With
tears, Erauqs strikes Terra and the two fight. Ven tries to tell Terra to stop
fighting but Terra refuses to listen. Erauqs begins to draw his strength so
Terra harnesses the power of darkness to protect his friend. Terra summons a
portal to warp Ven to safety as he confronts his master...

Destiny Island

Ven warps to a new world and is unable to stop Terra. We meet Vanitas. Ven
states that he has no business with Vanitas but Vanitas declares that he has
business with him, that Ven has matured as the ingredient for his purpose and
that now is the time for Ven to merge with Vanitas and become the keyblade.

Ven refuses, knowing that unless they fight the keyblade (a.k.a.x-blade) will
not emerge. That is why he will not fight. Ven clutches his head and remembers
a period in his past life as Xehanort's apprentice...

Surrounded by 13 neo shadows, Ven tells him that it is impossible at his
current strength to survive the ordeal. Master Xehanort tells Ven to unleash
the  darkness hidden within his heart, using his rage to unleash the darkness
in his heart or be erased from this world. Ven must embrace his darkness and
become the keyblade for Xehanort. Unfortunately, Ven is defeated, unwilling to
embrace the darkness to save himself.

A useless apprentice, Xehanort uses his keyblade to draw out Ven's darkness,
creating Vanitas and the unverse in the process. Born from Ventus, he will be
known as Vanitas...

Vanitas says that if Ven refuses to fight, he will create a reason for Ven to
fight. Vanitas states that Ven should go to the keyblade graveyard where he
will witness the end of Terra and Aqua. Vanitas warps away. Ven looks at his
charm and knows that he is the one who must end everything...

Obtain new keyblade, Lost Memory
Obtain Xehanort Report #9

We are heading toward the last world. Before, going finish up the minigames and
go to the Mirage arena for some items.

Mirage Arena -Optional-
Notable Goods
Arena #3- Air Rider Command Style
Arena #4- HP + 5

Now fly to the last world, the keyblade graveyard...

Keyblade Graveyard

Ven sees the abyss that is the keyblade graveyard and gets ready to fight for
his For friends.

Before moving on, back track to a large alcove for a small chest containing a
<elixir> and a bigh chest containing a <Xehanort Report #12>. Exit the alcove
and open the chest for a <mega-potion>. Go forward and open the big chest for
a <map>. Head north to the next area.

In this area, touching the tornados suck you into a battle against unverse.

Fight #1
1st wave: 3 scrapper, 2 blue sea salt, 1 bruiser
2nd wave: 4 lazer bunny
3rd wave: 3 buckle bruiser

Fight #2
1st wave: 4 red hot chili
2nd wave: 2 irritable tank, 2 sonic blaster
3rd wave: 4 mandrake, 1 pile face

Fight #3
1st wave: 3 Giant flood
2nd wave: 1 giant chrono, 3 giant yellow mustard
3rd wave: 4 shoe sizer

In this area, search around the far north for a chest containing a
<mega-potion> Behind the top rock, there is a chest containing a <mega ether>.
Search around the south rock in the center for a chest containing <wind raid>
and a chest with a <elixir>. Go to the left of the north exit for the final
chest containing a <mega elixir>.

You are now going to go face the final boss. I recommend leveling up Ven to by
going off to Castle of Dreams to level up your dimension links and to obtain
new finishers. I also recommend creating some new commands through command
charge for new commands and abilities.

Ven'S Stats

lv 32

Commands: 2 curaga, tornado, fire dash, wind raid, zero graviga,detonate shield
abilities: combo finisher uP (2), libra (1)
Finisher: Air Arts 4
action commands: hi jump, restore guard, revenge rush, dodge roll,revenge raid,
                 slide turn, turn slash, air slide, super glide
shoot lock: Pulse Bomb

For this final fight, I am only going to rely on my curagas, restore guard, and
my keyblade skills to win so a general strategy can be created. Thus, the
commands apart from curaga and restore guard are notof interest.

I recommend getting the abilities leaf veil, magic haste, cure up,attack haste,
last live, and hp ups to increase health. Get as many as possible (or as you
want) for an easier battle.

Commands to create: curaga = cura + cura + power crystal
                    Get curaga and last live.
                    cura = cure + cure + glitter crystal 
                    Get cura (for curagas) and cure up

                    Restore Guard = reflect guard + curaga + Time crystal
                    Get Restore Guard and magic haste

Check out other guides for the other abilities. Your skills will determine your
success anyway...

Exit through the north through the long corridor to enter the final cutscene
and battle...

Ven arrives in on a battlefield littered with discarded keyblades. We see Terra
in the center with Aqua approaching. Aqua informs Terra that Master Erauqs is
gone. Terra admits his involvement, that he fought Master Erauqs under orders
from Master Xehanort to protect Ven. Tenrra vows to use his power to fight
Xehanort but Aqua worries that reliance on his rage and anger will only fulfil
Xehanort's plans and will not be what Erauqs wanted.

Ven approaches, the three reuniting. Ven explains that Xehanort wants him to
fight with Vanitas to create the x-blade. Master Erauqs wanted to prevent the
creation of the x-blade by erasing Ven. Ven still does not know what the
x-blade is but his heart is fearful of its power. Terra tries to comfort him
but Ven states that he might have to fight Vanitas and if he does, as a friend,
he asks Aqua and Terra to erase him.

Xehanort shows us the field of keyblades wielded, the remenants of the keyblade
war between light and darkness. A large number of keyblade weilders were erased
for the purpose of creating one keyblade. Xehanort declares that he will now
obtain this keyblade.

Aqua, Ven, and Terra transform into their armor forms and fight.

Ven and Aqua confront Vanitas while Terra attacks Xehanort. This is the intro
cutscene of the game and secret ending for KH2 FM+ (although not prerendered).
During the battle, Ven is caught and frozen by Xehanort while a helpless Terra
and Aqua watches. Xehanort summons Kingdom Hearts and the final battle begins.

Mickey approaches from the distance.

A man with an eyepatch approaches and confronts Aqua. By defeating Aqua in
front of Terra, he hopes to consume Terra in darkness that lies in his heart.
Ven tries to recover but is only barely able to move. Aqua leaves Ven to
approach this mysterious enemy as Ven is only able to watch from afar alone.

The eyepatched man is tired from the fight and flees, his role as a distraction
now complete. Aqua is knocked out by a downward strike from Vanitas. Ven is
still incapacitated but is able to release himself from the freeze spell before
Vanitas is able to land the finishing stike on an unconcious Aqua...

FINAL BOSS: Vanitas (battlefield) recommended lv. 37 or above

Health: 3 bars

-KEYBLADE RIDE- Vanitas rides on a stream of keyblades and shoots blizzard
                spells at Ven, roll away

-UNDERGROUND- Vanitas dives underground and chases Ven to deal an upward stike
              which he will repeat up to three times and end with a fire
              barrage roll away

-FIRE- Vanitas launches a large fire spell that splits into five small fires to
       chase Ven, roll away

-COMBO- Vanitas runs to slash then jumps in the air and unleashes a large blue
        strike, roll away or guard

-THUNDER- Vanitas jumps in the air and shoots out some beams of thunder, roll

-COUNTER- after getting a full combo on Vanitas, he will freeze and appear
          above Ven to launch a downward strike, guard or roll away

This is a pretty tricky fight where you need to guard Vanitas' attacks for
opening and damage. During the first part, roll or glide around to avoid
Vanitas and his blizzard shots. when he lands, he goes underground. Roll over
the spot to get him to appear. The key to winning is to get Vanitas to attack
so you can guard/revenge rush. After you take out a bar, Vanitas rides on the
keyblades again. Repeat until victory.

Roll around to avoid the blizzard shots during the keyblade ride phase. When
Vanitas jumps off, he will either use combo, thunder, or fire. Roll towards him
when he uses thunder or fire and get in one strike and roll away. when Vanitas
uses combo, guard and counter with revenge rush. If you get the opportunity to
attack Vanitas with a full combo or Vanitas freezes while attacking, quickly
roll away since he is going to launch a counter. After dealing a bar of health,
the keyblades come and Vanitas rides on them, repeating the process again.

Keep striking with single or two hit combos and use long range commands and
magics to deal damage. Cure when necessary and keep on rolling to avoid attacks
and you will eventually defeat him.

Bonus: HP + 10

Vanitas will congradulate Ven for his improvement and shows his face. I will
not spoil the since this is such a big spoiler. Ven will be held down by flood
will Vanitas prepares for their union to create the x-blade. We learn that the
unverse were created when Vanitas was seperated from Ven and the unverse are
created from Vanitas' emotions. Vanitas knew that by dispersing the unverse, he
could get the trio to travel and grow stronger as they defeat the unverse, the
defeated unverse returning to Vanitas to increase his own strength in the
process. Vanitas and Ven merge in a sphere of light, a pillar of light emerging
from their union. Within Ven,s mind, we see that the platform now depicts both
Ven and Vanitas. Vanitas appears with a semi-complete x-blade. The fusion was
incomplete and Vanitas must defeat Ven to create the completed keyblade. Ven
vows to destroy both the x-blade and Vanitas while Vanitas mocks his attempt,
as the x-blade is made from both of their hearts and the destruction of the
x-blade would necessarily lead to the destruction of Ven's own heart. Ven
accepts this sacrifice to save his friends, his strength deriving from his bond
with his friends...

FINAL BOSS: Vanitas w/ X-Blade recommended lv. 37 or above

Health: 3 and 1/2 bars

-COMBO #1- Vanitas powers up the x-blade to increase its length, then run
           slashes, downward slashes creating a cross impact, run slashes, and
           then jump slashes to create an cross that chases Ven, roll away to

-DASH- Vanitas covers himself in blue energy and dashes, roll away

-THUNDER- Vanitas unleashes bolts of thunder, roll close to him to avoid

-COMBO #2- Vanitas jumps and combos, then freeze frames and appears close to
           Ven to combo at him again for a total of three times, three slashes
           each appearence, roll away or guard

-COMBO #3- Vanitas does his slash and single blue beam air slash, roll or guard

-COUNTER- Vanitas warps in the air, does some air slashes and one ground slash,
          guard or roll away

This fight is much easier than the previous one beause Vanitas does not counter
as much and is open longer after his attacks. After Vanitas attacks, use that
time to run up to him to unleash a full combo.

For combo #1, just roll away from Vanitas during his first three slashes and
then roll towards him to avoid the air cross slash and hit him with a full

During dash, just roll around to avoid the attack. Roll toward Vanitas when he
casts thunder.

For combos 2 and 3, guard his nonpowered strikes to give you an opportunity to
conter. Vanitas' counters are also much easier to guard since he teleports
close to you and his inital swings are too high to hit Ven, giving you time to

Simply have Ven roll around and guard attacks and stay close to Vanitas. After
every attack, Vanitas is slow enough that you can unleash a full combo on him
and still be able to roll away to avoid his attacks. Keep a similar but more
aggressive strategy than the previous battle and keep your life high when
Vanitas' health gets low for his final phase. Cast cure during the final

NOTE: If you hit Vanitas out of the beam when he powers up, he will be unable
      to do the combo.


after you get Vanitas down to 1 HP, he will jump in the air and crush the
pillar and forcefully D-link with Ven...

FINAL BOSS: Vanitas (D-Link)

Health: none (command gauge)

-DARK SPRIZER- Ven/Vanitas warps around slashing
-DARK SPIRAL-Ven/Vanitas dash at each other, counter with same move for mini
-SHOT LOCK- Vanitas shoots a blue beam, use dark spiral to enter the mini game

Mini-game: Ven and Vanitas are clashing, one using light and the other darkness
           to push each other. Rotate the analog stick/press O until Vanitas is
           pushed away to fill your command gauge.

You have the exact same battle commands as Vanitas in this battle. The goal is
to fill up the command bar. This last fight is super annoying unless you use
shot lock so I sugget you use it.

For this fight, first unleash dark spiral against Vanitas' shot lock. Win the
mini game and then load up on your own shot lock (L&R together and hold) to
attack Vanitas. Unleash another dark spiral or attack with dark sprizer to fill
up your command gauge and press O to unleash your final attack.


Vanitas drops the X-blade and is unable to reclaim it, watching in despair as
the x-blade shatters. Ven's keyblade shatters and Vanitas disappears, a new
pillar emerging for Ven to stand on. Ven also disappears, his heart destroyed
by the battle. The pillar remains with only Ven's picture.

Obtain Xehanort Report #10.

Ven and Aqua in armor form are floating in space and are rescued by Mickey who
uses his star shard to warp them away. Ven is in his awakening. Ven senses a
warm and nostalgic feeling, realizing that this is his...

Now that you saved your cleared data, lets continue on with the story.

NOTE: In the main screen, you have now unlocked Trinity Report. However, it is
      far from complete since you only finished one character's story.
      If you load your Terra file, you will appear back in the Keyblade
      Graveyard at the last save point.

Now let us move on to the next character...


-highest magic
-different fighting style
-best dodge

-Gets barrier crush late
-highest in magic means depends on commands
-cartwheel = shortest invincibility frames and distance travelled
-Hardest character to use

If you followed this guide's recommendation, you should be pretty decent at
this game. However, even with your newly gained skills, Aqua's story can still
be pretty challenging. There are several reasons why I recommend you play Aqua

Aqua generally has the hardest journey. Abilities that helped you early on for
Ven and Terra are unavailable for Aqua until later in the game. Although her
guard (reflect) covers her from both magic and physical attacks from all
directions and she can guard in the air, her guard motion is much shorter than
the other two characters, making timing more important when guarding attacks.

Land of Departure

Aqua and Terra are standing ready for the Keyblade Master Trials to become
keyblade masters. Master Erauqs initiates the trials and introduces Master
Xehanort who has come to oversee the trials. Master Erauqs summons balls of
light but Master Xehanort taints them with darkness. It is now time to fight
those balls...

BOSS: Keyblade Master Trials: Light Balls

Health: 1/4 bar

-LAZER- Ball emits lazer, cartwheel away or guard

This battle is not to hard so take the opportunity to learn how to use Aqua.
Aqua's combos often hit the enemy away from her so run up to the enemies to
continue attacking. 

Bonus: Hp + 5, Magic Wish Command Style

Master Erauqs says the taineted balls were a good opportunity to test the
students and so did not stop the test. The next part of the exam is a training
fight between Aqua and Terra. Aqua skillfully dodges Terra's swings and nearly
hits him. Darkness emerges from Terra's hand which he forcibly disperses.

After the trial, we learn that only Aqua is promoted to the rank of Master due
to Terra's inability to control his darkness. Aqua is instructed to stay to
recieve further orders now that she has become a master.

We see Xehanort talking to a mysterious masked boy. The masked boy mentions
that he needs to train Ventus and bring him on a journey. Terra asks to be
left alone.

Aqua is listening to Master Erauqs when she hears bells ringing. Master Erauqs
goes to investigate while Aqua worries if Ven is okay. Master Erauqs converses
with Yensid who has forsaken the title of master to investiage the prevent
darkness from rising. Yensid has sent a message stating that the Princesses of
Light are in danger by those who pursue darkness as well as a mysterious new
enemy, the unverse. Master Xehanort is missing and Erauqs is unable to contact
him. As keyblade weilders who protect the light and fight the darkness, Master
Erauqs commands Terra and Aqua to investigate the source of the unverse and
find Master Xehanort.

Master Erauqs warns his students that as they will travel across different
worlds, they must be careful when interfering and not make the people aware of
other worlds. Master Erauqs tells Terra he hopes to give him the title of master
but that Terra is too focused on his own strength. Terra must learn to rely on

Aqua is told to wait and is given a secret mission. Master Erauqs wishes to
give Terra the title of Master at the conclusion of this mission but is worried
about the darkness that lies in his heart. Master Erauqs requests that Aqua
oversee Terra and bring him back if darkness threatens to emerge from his
heart. Aqua accepts and ensures that as a master, she will protect Terra from
his own darkness, strongly believing that Terra will not fall to the darkness.

Aqua exists to see Teraa transform into his armor form to begin his mission.
Ven also transforms to follow Terra. A worried Master Erauqs appears, trying to
stop Ven from leaving. Master Erauqs tells Aqua to return Ven back, Aqua
transforming into her armor to begin her mission.

Ventus added to Dimension Link
Terra added to Dimension Link
Obtain, Destiny Command Board

Have Aqua fly to a new world...

Castle of Dreams

Aqua emerges in the ballroom of the castle. She sees Terra and informs him that
Ven left to chase after Terra. Terra has not seen him but states that Ven was
trying to tell him something. Terra informs Aqua that Master Xehanort is
interested in beings with pure hearts of light and is not in this world. Aqua
states that she will continue investigating this world, Terra suggesting she go
talk to the prince.

Terra asks Aqua if she remembers their dream and tells her that they need to
believe in their dream to defeat the darkness. He asks her to thank Cinderella 
on his behalf.Aqua sees 

Go right of the staircase to find a chest containing a <reflect blitz>. To the
left of the staircase is a chest containing a <time crystal>. Go up the stairs.
At the top to the left of the archway is a chest containing a <potion>. To the
right at the very end of the balcony is a chest containing <thunder storm>. Go
to the next area.

We pass Cinderella's step-mother and her two ugly daughters. Aqua senses
something off about them. We meet the prince who mistakes Aqua for Cinderella.
The sevant finds a glass slipper by the steps and says that he will search the
nation for the owner of the slipper. The servant says he will bring the slipper
to the step-mother's house. Aqua goes to investigate the step-mother.

Obtain a <map>. 

Backtrack and leave the castle by going south. In the courtyard, go to the left
of the stairs to find a chest containing a <hi-potion>. At the botton right of
the area, there is a chest containing a <potion>. In the top left behind some
trees is a chest containing a <slow>. Save and head south to the next area.

Keep on heading south and ignore the big chest (its a trap). Go to the next

At the house, go to the far right end of the screen to find a big chest which 
holds a <magic recipe>. Head towards the door of the house.

The step-mother mentions she only has two daughters and welcomes the servant.
Aqua senses the darkness within and summons her keyblade. However, she is
stopped by the Fairy Godmother who tells her that it is dangerous to erase
darkness with light. Just as a strong light creates a distinct shadow, the
darkness within the step-mother and sisters were strengthed by the strong pure
light emitting from Cinderella. Darkness and Light are two sides of the same
coin. Jaq is trying to weaken Cinderella's light so the Fairy Godmother asks
Aqua to help Jaq. When your ready, go talk to the Godmother and choose the
second option to become small and go to Jaq.

Aqua sees Jaq carrying a key. We learn that the step-mother has locked
Cinderella in her room. Jaq hopes to free her with the key but it is really
heavy. Aqua offers to help. Jaq sees the keyblade and asks if she knows Ven.
Aqua introduces herself and asks if Jaq knows Ven. Jaq tells her that they
worked to make Cinderella's dress but Ven left to find his friend. We hear one
of the sister's saying that her foot as swollen and does not fit into the glass
slipper. The servant stops and tries to test the other sister. Unverse appear
so Aqua states that she will defeat them while jaq delivers the key...

Bodyguard Jaq  recommended lv. 3 or above

1st wave: 3 flood
2nd wave: 2 scrapper
3rd wave: 2 bruiser
4th wave: 2 red chili, 1 scrapper

You need to guide and guard Jaq from emerging unverse, not defeat all the
unverse. This is pretty tricky without commands. Keep close to Jaq and move
slightly ahead of him to call out unverse to defeat them. Focus more on
protecting Jaq and press # when it appears to protect Jaq from attacks. Defeat
the unverse close to Jaq so he can move forward. When Jaq reaches his hole,
press O to finish the mission.

Bonus: Thunder Bolt Command style

we see a cutscene where the step-mother tells the servant that she has no more
daughters to show. Aqua urges Jaq to hurry and suddenly transforms back to her
normal size. She falls, getting the attention of the servant. she asks if she
could try the slipper, saying that she has a right as a woman to try. The
step-mother asks how Aqua entered the house and accuses her as a theif. She
states that Aqua is not a woman of her household and urges the servant to
leave. The servant hands the slipper to Aqua to try on. Cinderella appears and
asks if she could try to Aqua's relief. Aqua lets Cinderella try the slipper
and tells her that Terra gives her his thanks. The step-mother trips the
servant, causing him to fall and break the slipper. Cinderella tells him not
to worry, revealing the other pair of the glass slipper which fits Cinderelle

The servant goes to inform the Prince and brings Cinderella along with him. The
sisters claim that Cinderella must have used dark magic as the step-mother
declares that this is not over.

We hear and scream and the servant running. Cinderella was assaulted by a
carriage. Save and continue to the next area for a boss fight.

Aqua runs in to see Cinderella on the ground with the step-mother and sisters
laughting behind a cursed pumpkin carriage dropping pumpkin bombs. Aqua
protects Cinderella with her body. The setp-mother and sisters are blown away
by a stay bomb, overcome by the darkness in their hearts. Aqua leads Cinderella
to safety and confronts the cursed carriage...

BOSS: Cursed Carriage recommended lv. 5 or above

Health: 1 and 1/8 bars

-SPIN- the carriage spins towards Aqua, block to have it tip over and drop
       health and attack chances

-SUMMON- the carriage throws out three zone bites, ignore or defeat them

-SUCK- the carriage sucks in wind to draw in Aqua and chew her if she is
       caught, wheel away

-VINES- the carriage will slash three times with vines, guard or wheel away

This is a battle of both patience and agression. If you are at a low level, a
hasty attack will leave you open to a spin. Keep your distance and wait for
opportunities to attack. 

Bonus: Hp + 5, Deck + 1

Cinderella and the Prince will run towards each other and embrace. Aqua looks
from afar and states that she learned from her master that she must erase the
darkness, asking the Godmother what she must do. The Godmother tells her no one
knows the answer and that she must find her own answer through her own

Cinderella added to Dimension Link
Obtain new keyblade, Crystal works
Obtain Castle of Dreams Command board

Before going on, return to the Land of Departure to collect some chests that
become missable in the future...

Land of Departure

Land chooing the first option. Run straight and left near the broken stairs is
a chest containing a <time crystal>. Head to the mountains.

In the next area, go right to find two chests containing a <glittering crystal>
and a <hi-potion>. Go down next to the floating circles to obtain a chest
containing a <bind>.

Since two new worlds were unlocked, have Aqua travel to the next world...

Dwarf Woodland

We see a cutscene of Snow White being pushed by an old lady to take an apple.
Snow White is cornered and forced to take the apple, biting it. (Scence doesn't
make sense. First Snow white is fearful and moving away from the apple. Then,
she takes it and gladly takes a bit!!) We see the bitten apple roll toward the
feet of the old woman who laughs.

Aqua approaches a house to see the seven dwarfs in sorrow. Asking what is
wrong, Aqua approaches the glass coffin to see the body of Snow White. Doc
recounts that she was a very kind person and the dwarfs recount their memories
with Snow White. We learn that it was Snow White's purity that changed the
dwarfs. Aqua askes why this happened to Snow white and we learn that the
Queen, jealous of Snow White's beauty, fed her a poison apple. Although the
dwarfs were able to drive her away, they were too late to save Snow White. Aqua
asks if there is a way to save her. Doc states there may be a method hidden in
the Queen's castle. Grumpy declares that he is not afraid and will go to the
castle but is stopped by Doc. Aqua states that she will go

In the area, go upstream of the small river to find a chest containing a
<poison>. Go behind the house to find a chest containing <revenge counter>. 

When Aqua is hit by an enemy, press # and Aqua will counter. During the
counter, Aqua will have invincibility frames. Not the best move but good to

Enter the house and open the big chest for a <attack recipe>. After you collect
everything, go across the bridge to the next area.

In the woods, open the chest to your immediate left for a <potion>. Open the
chest ahead for a <ether>. Go past the trees to open a chest containing a
<hi-potion>. Continue to the next area.

Go to the right for a chest containing a <serenity crystal>. Keep going north
across the bridge to the next area.

Aqua will see a man standing next to a well. She asks what is the problem and
the man asks what has happened to the castle. He used to hear Snow White's
beautiful singing voice but not anymore. Aqua asks if he knows Snow White and
we learn that the man met her from hearing her singing. Aqua tells the man that
Snow White was forced by the Queen to eat a poisoned apple and tells him to go
see her in the woods. The man runs off.

Open the big chest under the stairs for a <map>. Go up the stairs for a chest
containing a <time crystal>. Go past the well to find a chest containing a
<potion>. Now go into the sewers.

In the sewers, go along the path until you come to a wheel. Hitting the wheel
causes a gate to open. Go through that gate under the time limit and follow the
path to a chest containing a <glittering crystal>. Hit the wheel you see and
go through the next gate that opens to a chest containing a <time crystal>. Go
through the process again but this time go through both gates to find another
chest containing a <fire>. Exit through the hole in the wall.

In the next area, go left instead of jumping down to find a chest containing a
<glittering crystal>. Ignore the big chest as it is a trap and jump down. Go to
the far end of the area (near the place you entered from but at the bottom) to
find a chest containing a <balloon letter>. Now, equip fire and use it on the
broken machine next to you to have it release bubbles. Jump on the bubbles to
ride up to the upper area to collect a <magnet>. In the bottom right corner of
the area, you will find a chest with a <potion>. Go through the archway to the
next area.

Aqua enters an empty room but senses something. We looks at the mirror which
flashes green and purple, a face appearing within. Aqua jumps away but is
blinded by a flash of light and sucked into the mirror. Get ready for a boss

BOSS: Magic Mirror recommended lv 7 or above

Health: 1 and 1/2 bars

-CORRIDOR- a corridor of faces shooting fire will emerge, wheel though to avoid
           the fire balls and wait until it ends

-FACES- the faces surround Aqua and rotate twice, each ending with all but one
        face shooting a fire ball at Aqua, roll to avoid the shots and attack
        the smiling face

NOTE: The smiling face does not attack

-SLIDE- the face moves side to side

-BLIZZARD- the face shoots one blizzard shot, inflicts confuse, roll to avoid

-WARP- the face warps around, signalling a new attack

-DASH- the face appears and dashs at Aqua, dealing high damage, guard or roll

Bonus: Deck + 1

The mirror will announce that its role is over. Aqua touches the mirror.
We switch back to the dwarfs crying over Snow White. The man leans over and
kisses Snow White. Aqua notices that Snow White has awoken as if from a deep
sleep to the delight of the dwarfs. The man takes Snow White in his arms as the
dwarfs celebrate.

We flash back to a scene where Aqua is watching over a sleeping Ven. With a sad
look she asks why he remains asleep. Ven moves and awakens. Aqua, happy that
Ven has woken up, leaves to get Terra and Master Erauqs, Terra rushing in.

Snow White gives a kiss to all the dwarfs and leaves with with her prince. Aqua
wonders that like Snow White, Ven woke up to go on his own journey.

Snow White added to Dimension Link
Obtain new keyblade, Rock Splinter

we cannot get the last chest yet so have Aqua fly to the next world...

Once you gain both high jump and air dash, return.

Go to the second save point in the castle next to the well. Use a high level
high jump to jump onto the arch. Jump onto the highest part of the arch. Jump
and air dash to the far right end of the platform to open the chest for a
<cracker firaga>.

Enchanted Dominion
-ICE BARRAGE- High level high jump needed

Aqua is walking along a stone path and senses something from the castle. 
Wondering if something is there, she chooses to go investigate.

Before going to the castle look behind to your right to see a chest containing
a <hi-potion>. Head towards the castle.

In the area, jump up the broken stairs to your left to find a chest containing
<sleep>. Collect the chest left of the exit for a <cure>. Head to the next area.

Aqua heard Ven talking to Malificent, Aqua tells Ven not to be tricked by
Malificent, telling him that Terra would not do what Malificent claims.
Malificent mocks their trust against the hard truth. Aqua tells Ven that they
should return home and that Terra cannot leave yet. Ven says he cannot leave
since he needs to meet Terra.

After Malificent's remark, Aqua asks why Malificent knows about the keyblade.
Malificent states that she knows the power of the keyblade to open the doors
to worlds and people's hearts, a key that can obtain anything one wants, which
is why she got Terra to help her.

Aqua is shocked and worried that Terra really did fall to the darkness.
Malificent propositions Aqua to help her but Aqua immediately refuses. Just as
Master Xehanort stated, Aqua is a stubborn girl. Malificent states that Aqua
needs time to think and has her fall through a hole in the floor to trap her in
the castle prison.

Landing on her feet, Aqua meets a prince in chains. Aqua introduces herself
states she fell here due to a trap. The prince introduces himself as Philip and
states that he was imprisioned by Malificent and that Sleeping Beauty was
forced to sleep forever under Malificent's spell. Philip declares that he
wants to save her, Aqua percieving that Philip loves Sleeping Beauty. Three
faries come asking if what he said was true, which he defends. The red fariy
frees Prince Philip and tells him that he must face the trying path before
him. Aqua asks to join Philip on his quest as she hopes to ask Malificent

Open the big chest for a <map>. Go through the door to the next area.

Climb up the stairs to the next area. A cutscene emerges where a crow flies off
and caws after seeing Aqua and Prince Philip emerge, bring in the calvary. Aqua
gets ready to fight...

Defeat the Underlings recommended lv. 10 or above

There are alot of pigs and archers in the area. Roll around and use fire,
thunder, and/or blizzard and bind to stun the enemies. Since the area is very
large, roll away and cure if you need to heal. Unleash finishers to inflict
greater damage and take out groups of enemies at a time. Prince Philip is weak
so rely on yourself in this fight.


Before continuing, exit through the top right door to collect a chest with a
<hi-potion>. Continue through to return to the large area. Head left to the
next area.

In this circle area, climb the stairs to the top for a chest containing a 
<confuse strike>. Exit to the next area for another fight...

Escape the Castle

Underlings will be attacking you so fight with Philip. Defeat the enemies on
the ground and Prince Philip will run to the edge of the cracked wall. Go to
him and press # then O to break the wall and climb up it.

Climb the wall, open the chest for a <rise crystal>, and hit the wheel to open
the gate.

Defeat the enemies on the ground and go to the part of the bridge with weak
supports. # the O to get on top of the wall. Go up the stairs for two chests
containing a <absolute zero> and a <power crystal>. Hit the wheel to open the
main gate and exit the castle.

Bonus: High Jump

Replace your jump with high jump. Then go down south through the exit.

In the next area, go south for a chest containing a <ether>. Keep on going and
you will see another chest containing a <balloon letter>. Keep going and just
before the exit, there is a chest containing a <potion>. Go to the next area.

In the next area, open the chest for a <hi-potion> and save. Unless we level up
high jump, we cannot get the last chest so either train or keep on going.

Malificent will watch as Prince Philip and Aqua run toward the castle. Angered,
she blocks the castle Sleeping Beauty resides in by summoning dead trees. Aqua
demands Malificent tell her what she learned from Xehanort. Malificent sees
that Aqua is not willing to help her and so will not tell her. Aqua asks if
Terra really did help her to which she acknowledges that Terra did, saying
that Terra drowned in his own power into darkness. Malificent transforms into
a dragon, to confront Aqua and Prince Philip.

BOSS: Malificent (Dragon) recommended lv. 14 or above

Health: 3 bars

-STOMP- Malificent hits the ground to create two small shockwaves, roll away

-BITE- Malificent bites three times, guard or roll away

-BIG STOMP- Malificent leans back and uses both paws to stomp, roll away

-FIRE- Malificent will blow a huge stream of green fire that covers the field,
       guard with Philip to avoid.

-FLY- Malificent will Fly in the air

Prince Philip
-GUARD- Get behind Philip to avoid the flames and press # to get tossed up.
            Press O to stike Malificent and stop the flames

-COOPERATE- when flying, cooperate with Phlip to jump in the air with # and
            land on Malificent with O.

Bonus: HP + 10, Fire Blazer Command style

Aqua will be seperated from Philip who must fight the dragon on his own. The
three faries empower his sword with magic, the true sword flying accuratly to
destory evil. Philip throws his empowered sword at Malificent which strikes her
in the heart and causes her to burn up. The castle is free from its curse.
Philip runs into the castle while we see and exhausted Malificent. Aqua tells
her that the power of Philip's undying love defeated her. Malificent states
that she is not so weak at to be defeated by love. Aqua states that as a
inhabitant of darkness, she cannot understand love's power or the power of
light in the heart. 

Prince Philip kisses Sleeping Beauty to wake her up. Aqua declares that no
matter how many times she challenges, she cannot defeat the light. Malificent
tells her that as long as the light exists, darkness will continue to exist and
people like Terra will always fall to the darkness and fuel its numbers before
disappearing. Aqua worries that Terra may truly fall to the darkness.

Obtain new keyblade, Fairy Star
Obtain Xehanort Report #6

Return here after mastering high jump. Go to the first save point, exit, go up
the stairs and jump onto the platform that is on the bottom right of the square
room for a chest containing <ice barrage>.

Aqua is flying in space when we sees Terra in front of her. She chases after
him to Radient Garden...

Radient Garden

Aqua has lost sight of Terra but sees Scrooge so goes to ask him a question.
She asks if he has seen a man like her. Scrooge says that he did see and man
and that he was heading toward the castle.

Search the perimeter of the area for a chest containing a <ether> and a chest
containing a <potion>. Go left to the next area.

Go straight and left to find a chest with a <zero gravity>. Go up the stairs
and so to the left of the tall stairs for a chest containing a <strike raid>.
Go the other way past the fountain for a <rise crystal>. Climb the stairs and
go left to find a chest containing a <time crystal> among the trees. Head
through the gate to the next area.

Open the big chest for a <map>. Open the small chest for a <auto-gear>. Climb
the stairs for a cutscene.

We see a small girl being chased by unverse. Aqua senses light from the little
girl and moves to protect her. Just as a flood attacks, Mickey comes in to
strike it. Mickey tells Aqua to take the girl to a safe place. Aqua asks why
he has a keyblade which he replies that he will explain later. Aqua takes the
litte girl to a safe place and joins Mickey in fighting the unverse...

Unverse Fight

1st wave: 5 flood
2nd wave: 5 mandrake
3rd wave: 3 flood, 1 chrono sistar
4th wave: 1 irritable tank, 4 arch raven

-HOLY- Mickey will say lets join our powers. Run to Mickey and press # then O
       to shoot sprays of light as a defensive shield which damages the unverse


Aqua will thank Mickey and introduce herself as Master Erauqs' disciple. Mickey
will introduce himself as Master Yensid's disciple and says he too is in
training. Both Mickey and Aqua think that the young girl was attacked because
of the light she emits. Mickey believes the young girl to be special. Both
agree to work together to protect the light. Mickey's star shard flashes and
teleports him somewhere else. Mickey bids farewell. The young girl gives Aqua
some flowers as a thank you. The girl introduces herself as Kairi and Aqua
introduces herself as Aqua. Kairi's grandmother calls her. Aqua senses the
light in Kairi and tells her that she cast a spell to protect her. Someday,
her light will help someone in the darkness escape as a thank you for the
flowers. Kairi runs toward her grandmother and heads for home. Kairi asks her
grandmother to tell her "that" story.

A long, long time ago, the people of the world lived in peace in a world
surrounded by light. Everyone loved the light. However, since everyone wanted
the light, they began to fight, causing darkness to appear in everyone's heart.
The darkness continued to grow and swallowed many people's hearts. The world
was covered in darkness and disappeared. However, a shard of light remained,
emitting from the hearts of children. The shards of light within the children
made the world anew, that world being Radient Garden. But the true light still
rests within the darkness. Thus, the worlds we unable to connect and became
small seperate entities. However, someday the door in the darkness will open
and light will return. Even if you are swallowed by the darkness, there will
always be a light within the darkness that will save you. So never lose to the
darkness. Believe in the light that resides in the darkness and your heart will
become a light that fights off the darkness and bring happiness to everyone.

Aqua believes that it was fate and not chance that led to their meeting. Aqua
sees a large unverse flying and chases after it.

Mickey added to Dimension Link
Obtain new keyblade, Destiny Place

Go to the right of the entrance of the castle for a chest containing a
<detonate square>. Exit through the gate.

Aqua will look around and see a door broken in an on its hinges and knows that
the unverse went through there. Go down the stairs and go up the large series
of stairs. Go through the broken door to the next area.

Aqua will see Terra and Ven. All three characters equip their keyblades as the
unverse approaches. The unverse unites to form Trinity Armor...

BOSS: Trinity Armor recommended lv. 15

Health: Head: 4 bars
        Arms: 4 bars
	Legs: 4 bars

-FIRE BALL- Unverse shoots fire balls into the air, roll away

-CHEST BEAM- Unverse shoots yellow beam from chest, roll through the beam to
             avoid damage

-JUMP- the legs jump around, roll around to avoid them

-SPIN- the three body parts spin around like tops, guard and counter or roll

-BEAM- arms shoots blue beams while spinning, roll around or guard

-ELECTRIC BEAM- the arms and head emit an electric blue beam between them, stay
                outside the perimeter or roll though

-DASH- dashes towards Aqua, guard or roll

-ELECTRIC BEAM- body and arms make an electric beam, roll through

This fight is tougher for Aqua than for the other two because at this time,
Aqua does not have a revenge ability for her guard to counter attack. Thus, as
Aqua you must fight more patiently. 

Bonus: HP + 10, Blade Charge command style

The trio will unleash a united strike to defeat the armor. Ven gives everyone
a ticket to Disney Town to visit. Ven tells everyone that he met a masked boy
who Terra calls Vanitas. Aqua gives Terra a worried look. Terra tells Ven to
go back with Aqua since the mission Terra must go on is dangerous. Aqua
questions Terra's mission to be different from the one he was initally assigned
but Terra assures her that the mission will be used to battle the darkness.
Aqua is unsure. Seeing the problems Terra made in other worlds, Aqua believes
that Terra is coming too close to the darkness. Terra asks if he was being
observed and leaves in anger, stating that they should go their seperate ways.
Aqua tries to explain that the mission was to protect Terra but Terra leaves.
Aqua grips her charm. Aqua tells Ven that is truly was a mission from Master
Erauqs but was assigned out of care, as is the command to take Ven back. Ven
says Aqua has changed since becoming a keyblade master. Ven says he will go
search for Terra.

Obtain Disney Town Ticket

Go along the path to the next area. Here, go along the path rather than the
water to find a chest on your right containing a <hi-potion>. Go past the
machine in the water to the other side for two chests containing a <thundera>
and a <guard recipe>. Go down the stairs and find a chest containing a
<hi-potion> to your right. Climb down the pipes and keep going to the next area

In the fountain area, jump left, straight, and straight to the center platform.
Jump on the water spout in front of you on the lower level to boost yourself to
the higher level and jump straight to a platform with two chests containing a
<moisture crystal> and a <barrier crusher>. Jump off the fountain and run up
the stairs to the left to the next area.

To use barrier crusher, successfully guard an attack with reflect and then
press O when the command appears for Aqua to counter the attack. A great
ability that you should equip as soon as possible.

Aqua will walk into town and meet Merlin. Merlin will state that she is the
third person he met and that the book is troublesome for him. Merlin will tell
her that to awaken her inner power, she should go get whatever is in his house.
Merlin then leaves the confused Aqua who wonders if Ven and Terra came here.

Enter the house and open the big chest for <Xehanort report #3>. Run to the
small white desk and examine the Winnie the Pooh book to collect the 100 Acre
Wood Command board. Leave the house exit the area.

Aqua will see a masked boy. Aqua asks if he is the masked boy Ven was talking
about (Vanitas). Vanitas will ask how Ven is doing and if he is getting
stronger. Aqua asks what he means to which Vanitas replies that he is the one
asking the questions and that even if he told her, it would not be any use
becuase she is going to be erased here. Aqua takes offence and readies her
keyblade for the fight...

BOSS: Vanitas recommended lv. 17 or above

Health: 2 and 3/4 bars

-COMBO- Vanitas will run stash, then upward strike, guard or roll away

-FIRE- Vanitas will fire a slow ball of fire that will split into five and
       chase Aqua, guard or roll away

-THUNDER- Vanitas will jump in the air and unleash a thunder attack, roll
          toward him to avoid

-COUNTER- after hitting with a full combo, Vanitas will freeze then appear
          above Aqua to hit with a downward strike, roll away

If you played Ven's story, you would have had alot of practice with this battle
and would know what to expect. Luckily, due to Aqua's reflect, she can reflect
all of Vanitas' attacks and barrier crush him for damage.

This is a battle of skill

Bonus: Deck + 1

Aqua will be tired but standing while Vanitas lies sprawled on the floor. Aqua
approaches Vanitas to remove his helmet when he suddenly laughs. Aqua readies
her keyblade. Vanitas commends her on her strength and calls her an extra. He
asks her to become stronger and leaves through a portal. Aqua is unable to
pursue and knows that she must defeat him without involving Terra or Ven. Ven
calls and runs toward her. Ven met Terra but Terra left alone. Aqua states she
must also go and tells Ven to return back to Master Erauqs on his own since
Aqua does not want to put him in danger. Aqua transforms into her armor form
and flies off, leaving a disappointed Ven.

Fly to the next world...

Disney Town

Aqua enters the empty town and is greeted by Captain Justice, Pete in a white
costume. huh? Aqua ignores Pete and leaves. Pete angrily shouts at Aqua who
replies calmly that she is not in need of a hero to save her. Horace
Horsecollar enters asking for help. There seems to be monsters that appear in
Fruits Scatter games. Aqua wonders if monsters also appear in this world. Pete
hesitates, stating that mosters are not his speciality. Aqua asks if heroes
have specialities to which Pete relies that those monsters are out of his
control. Pete pretends to hear another call for help and flees, stating that he
will return later. Horace mocks him as not being a hero. Aqua states that she
is not a hero but offers her help. Horace asks her to beat the mosters in the
game so they won't appear again and to come speak to him when she is ready.

Before playing the game, open the big chest on the side for a <map>. Next to it
is a small chest containing a <potion>. 

Go talk to Horace and choose the second option. Horace will explain the
controls and Aqua will enter the mini-game against the monsters.

Mini-Game: Fruit Scatter
   O 		shoot
   # 		curb
   /\ 		up in air
   /\ (in air)  smash at enemy
    O (in air)	smash at goal

vs. 3 shoe sizer

This mini game is basically volley ball/soccer. The objective of the game is
to shoot the fruit into the other side's goal and gain points, the side with
more points being the winner. The best way to beat this game is to either stay
low and use curb shots to curb the fruit towards the goal by holding left or
right on the analog stick. Another method is to hit /\ to throw the fruit in
the air and O to smash the fruit at the goal. This leaves your own goal
unprotected and is slower than simply shooting although this becomes necessary
in harder levels.

For this match, choose either method and just shoot the fruit in the goal.
Avoid the nets but tossing the fruit in the air or shooting. 

Obtain a balloon letter after winning.

Horace will be amazed by your skills and declare you as a true hero. Queen
Minnie will come and also thank you. Aqua will kneel after realizing Minnie's
true rank and introduce herself (very formally). Minnie will ask her not to be
so formal. Queen Minnie sighs saying that they need to protect this world since
the king is not there. Horace states that everyone is excited about the Dream
Festival. Horace states that for a hero, Pete is not help at all, just a loud
and selfish bully. Pete is only acting to win the Million Dream Award. Aqua
asks what the award is to which Minnie replies that the person who recieves the
most votes for popularity wins the award. Pete believes that he will be popular
by dressing as a hero when he needs to understand people's hearts to become a
true hero. Horace tells Aqua is the best and will vote for her. Aqua says she
will try her best to meet everyone's expectations.

The scene changes to the announement of the winner of the awards. Everyone is
excited to see who the winner is. Horace wonders who this years Million Dream
award recipient is. Chip and Dale hope the person they chose (Terra) is the
winner. Since their shop is doing well; Huey, Dewey, and Louie believe their
chosen person (Ven) is the winner, which will be met by prasie from uncle
Scrooge and suprise from Donald. Queen Minnie enters the stage to announce the
winner of the Million Dollar Dream Event. Pete looks from afar with confidence,
saying that there is no need to state the winner since he knows its him. This
year, there are multiple winners. The winners for this year are Ventus, Aqua,
and Terra. Aqua is glad to hear that Terra and Ven came to the town as well.
Pete storms in, shocked that he did not win. Pete jumps on the stage and asks
if there is a counting error since there must have been votes for Captain
Justice. The crowd looks nonchalantly at Pete, who thinks that it is his other
persona, racer Captain Dark, who has votes. Pete is met will a lukewarm

Queen Minnie tells Pete that there is no counting error and that the winners
are those three. Queen Minnie says that despite his usual behavior, Pete was
much more helpful and although it is only a little, there are votes for Pete as
well, Pete is a popular person for someone as well. Pete declares that he
doesn't care about the votes demands he get the prize. Queen Minnie scolds
him, telling him that she turned a blind eye to his previous antics but his
declaration of ignoring the feelings of one who voted for him is unforgiveable.
Queen Minnie tells Pete to cool off and think about his actions, having broom
soldiers march in to take Pete away. Queen Minnie invites the winners to the
stage although only Aqua is able to appear. As the representative, Queen Minnie
states that they recieved the most votes as the most popular people in Disney
town. Aqua thanks everyone. Queen Minnie presents the award, Queen Berry Ice,
a special ice cream made in their honor. Aqua tries the ice cream and states
that it is delicious.

We then see Pete stuck in an empty vortex room, angry that he is left there.
Pete declares that he will definately escape. We then hear Maleficent's voice,
stating that with his strength alone, Pete cannot escape. Pete demands the
person show herself. Maleficent tells Pete to be quiet and listen to what she
has to say. Maleficent states that if Pete follows her orders, she will let 
Pete out. Pete states that if he could get out, he will do whatever the person
says regardless who the person is. Pleased with his answer, Maleficent summons
a dark portal for Pete to enter to escape his confinement. Maleficent declares
that together, they will try to conquor all the worlds and that Pete will help
her attain her goal.

Obtain Disney Town command board
Return back to the world to play some mini-games and collect some chests.

Go down into the sewer and head straight for a chest with a <thunder>. Go left
to the machine and open the chest for another <thunder>.  Equip the thunders
and cast it on the machine to turn it on (change to Thunder Bolt style for
an easier time).

Jump on the Mickey cog and jump to your left to collect a <mega-potion> and a
<power crystal>. Jump on the cogs, then the hand and go left. Jump on the
rotating cogs past the Mickey cogs that attempt to push you off and go left
for a chest containing a <serenity crystal>. Exit to the next area.

In this area, go to the end to a pinball machine. Have Aqua stand on the glove
and jump. Aqua is the pinball. Get Aqua to the middle left alcove for a chest
containing a <auto-gear> and another chest for a <action recipe>. Go to the
upper middle alcove for a <moisture crystal>. Go to the top right alcove for
<aerial slam>. Hit all the green bumpers to open the gated area and collect a
<break time>. Go down to the middle alcove and exit out the back to a new area.

In this area, open the chest to Aqua's left for a <slot blade>. Jump down.
Near the top section next to the stairs is a chest containing a <rotating
crystal>. Go down to the very bottom and go past the bridge for a chest with

Play mini-games for items and new commands. Here are a list of notable
challenges you should finish for these items.

Rumble Racing (talk to Chip & Dale to play)
Aqua has a huge advantage here over the other two characters because her attack
is a shot, giving her a longer range and more safety to hit enemies. To
compentate, her ship is much bigger making it easier to hit and I think her
shields last for a shorter time.

Country Course				Prize: Disney Circuit, hi-potion
Disney Circuit				Prize: Grand Circuit, aerora
Grand Circuit				Prize: Winning Medallion keyblade

Fruit Scatter (talk to Horace to play)
vs. bruisers				Prize: vs chip&dale, balloon letter
vs. Chip & Dale				Prize: vs Captain Justice, magnera
vs. Captain Justice			Prize: Chaos snake

Rythemic Ice (Talk to Dewey to play)
Its a Small world
Beginner				Prize: Desert Paradise beginner
Master					Prize: desert paradise master
Special					Prize: Elixir

Desert Paradise
Beginner				Prize: Its a small world master
Master					Prize: Its a small world special
					       Desert paradise special
 					       Ice Blast command style
Special					Prize: chaos crystal

I recommend beating all the races to get the keyblade, all the fruit scatter
matches to get the new shot lock, and both beginner and master levels of
Rythemic ice to get the new command style. Anything else is optional.

We need air dash to get the last few chests so we will leave to go to the next

Once you get air dash, return to Disney Town for the last two chests.

Go town the sewer, turn on the machine and jump on the cog. This time, go right
and across the four hands. Unless your good at platforming, I recommend just
air dashing past the last two to get to the last two chests containing a
<mega-potion> and a <chaos crystal>.

Olympus Coliseum

Aqua will enter the gates and be immediately confronted by unverse. Aqua readies
her keyblade but Phil comes in, telling her to let him handle the unverse. Aqua
is taken aback as the short centaur takes a pose. However, Phil is intimiated
and runs, telling Herc that its his turn. A scrawny Herc comes in and fights
alongside Aqua...

Unverse Fight

1st wave: 1 buckle bruiser, 4 flood
2nd wave: 2 buckle bruiser, 2 medicine bottle, 1 scrapper
3rd wave: 3 red chili, 3 scrapper
4th wave: 1 medicine bottle, 3 buckle bruiser
5th wave: 1 buckle bruiser, 2 red chili, 2 flood
6th wave: 4 red chili, 2 flood, 2 scrapper, 4 medicine bottle
7th wave: 1 buckle bruiser, 2 medicine bottle, 2 scrapper

-HELP- when Herc yelps, press # when it appears on the screen and Aqua will
       cover him

This is not a hard but a long battle.

Phil is return remarking that it was a troubesome situation. Herc will say it
was because Phil was showing off while Phil replies that Herc is still a baby
chick. Herc states he wants to quicky get strong and become a hero. Aqua asks
if becoming stong is to become a hero. Herc agrees with the comment, saying he
wants to be as strong as tournament champion Terra. Phil asks Aqua what she is
doing later and asks if she wants to talk about the heroes Phil has trained in
the past. Aqua asks if Phil knows Terra to which Phil replies that right now,
everyone talks about the hero, champion Terra. Phil is sad thinking that Aqua
is also a Terra fan. Aqua says that she is looking for Terra, Phil saying that
everyone is looking for him. Terra won the tournament in his debut entry and
disappeared from then. Herc says Terra's strength was the same as that of
heroes and wants to become like Terra. Aqua sees that Terra is not in this
world anymore. Phil tells her that Terra might appear in the this tournament
and if Aqua enters, she might meet him. Phil offers to enter for Aqua and
train her to Herc's dismay. Phil says the substance in Aqua and Herc is
different. Aqua agrees to participate in the tournament and introduces
herself. Phil offers training but Aqua refuses. Phil tells Aqua to talk to him
when she is ready for the tournament.

Go to the left of the entrance behind the pillars for a chest containing <cura>
Go to the right behind the statue's foot to find a chest containing a 
<fire strike>. Go to the bottom left corner of the area for a chest containing
a <mega-potion>. Enter the coliseum.

Open the big chest for a <map>. Save, prepare your battle commands, and talk to
Phil and choose the second option to start the tournament...

Tournament recommended lv 20 or above

Round 1: 3 scrappers				30 seconds

Round 2: bruiser				15 seconds

Round 3: 3 trap chests				30 seconds

Round 4: 3 blue sea salt, 3 yellow mustard,	40 seconds
         1 arch raven

Round 5: 3 lazer bunny				15 seconds

Round 6: 2 bat, 3 mandrake			50 seconds

Round 7: 3 buckle bruiser			50 seconds

Round 8: 1 chrono sistar, 2 blue sea salt	50 seconds
         2 red chili

Round 9: 6 shoe	sizer				40 seconds

Round 10: Jellies				40 seconds

Bonus: HP + 5

Aqua has entered the final round. She believes her final opponent will by
someone named Zacks. Aqua turns around to see a black haired man asking if she
is Aqua. Zacks introduces himself and states that by beating Aqua in the final
round, he will meet and challenge Terra. Aqua asks about Zacks' challege
against Terra as she does not know the rules. Zacks has Phil explain the rules.
The tournament is split into two blocks, east and west. The winners of those
blocks fight to determine the tournament winner. Aqua is currently in the west
block and Terra may be in the east block. Aqua states that if that is the case,
she does not need to battle and will go check to see if Terra is there. Phil
stops her however, stating that competitors are not allowed to view the matches
in other blocks. Herc asks Zacks if such a rule exists to which Zacks is also
unsure. (Phil just doesn't want Aqua to leave). Phil asks Aqua to continue on
as his reputation will be hurt if he entered a contestant who withdrew halfway
through. Zacks also begs Aqua, Aqua agreeing to stay throughout the entire
tournament. Phil goes first into the lobby to wait for Aqua. Herc is excited to
see the match between Aqua and Zacks but is told to go train. Zacks wishes both
competitors for a fair match and squats. Aqua states that she is a comrade of
Terra's and asks what Zacks' relationship with Terra is. Zacks replies that
Terra saved him when in the last tournament, Hades controlled Zacks to try to
get Terra to fall into darkness. Zacks attacked Terra with unnatural strength
but Terra freed Zacks from his spell without giving into the darkness. Zacks
gets ready to fight while Aqua looks worried...

Enter the coliseum, talk to Phil, and chose the second option to start the
fight against Zacks...

Zacks says he made a promise with Terra to fight against him again. Aqua says
she is a little jealous of the friendly competiton between men and readies her

BOSS: Zacks recommended lv. 20

Health: 3 bars

-HERO'S COMMING- Zacks slashes, jumps in the air and brings his sword down into
                  the ground, creating a shockwave. guard or roll away
-BLADE BEAM- Zacks slashes and a single beam homes along the ground to Aqua,
             guard or roll away
-COMBO- Zacks slashes, guard or roll away

This battle is 

Bonus: Deck + 1

Zacks lies on the ground sad that he lost. He quickly recovers and says the
path to becoming a hero is long. Hades appears to see the new opponent and is
disatisfied to see Aqua. Zacks calls Hades but Hades calls him a nosy hyena to
which Zacks reacts negatively. Aqua asks if the newcomer is Hades, the person
who possessed Zacks and tried to consume Terra in darkness. Hades asks if Aqua
knows the wimp to which Aqua replies that Terra is her friend and that he
overcame the darkness, that we wasn't a wimp. Hades states that it was Terra
who asked to learn about the darkness to Aqua's disbelief. Hades gets mad
recounting Terra choosing at the end to not embrace the darkness and asks Aqua
if she was interested. Aqua declares that she has no interest in the power of
darkness. Hades states that he will fight Aqua in the next round and will show
her the true power of darkness. Zacks tries to chase him and wishes he won the
round so he could challenge Hades. Zacks asks Aqua to take revenge on Hades for
Terra and him to which Aqua agrees.

Talk to Phil and choose the second option to being your fight against Hades...

Zacks is on the stand watching. Aqua enters the arena and sees the ice titan
enteralong with Hades, stating that this wasn't going to be a one-on-one
battle. Zacks states that Hades is cheating. Aqua asks if that is part of the
rules to which Hades says rule #2: secret weapons allowed. Hades allows Aqua to
also bring a friend, Zacks coming in. Aqua stops Zacks, asking him not to enter
stating that her alone is enough...

BOSS: Hades and Ice Titan recommended lv 22 or above

Health: Hades: 2 and 1/8 bars
        Ice Titan: 2 bars

Attacks (Hades)
-FIRE STRIKE- Hades does a cross slash with fire on his arms, guard or roll
-FIRE BALL- Hades pulls back and launches a fire ball at Aqua, reflect or roll
-FLAME COLUMN- Hades shoots flames out of his arms and spins around, roll
               through the flames or away from the circle

Attacks (Ice Titan)
-ICE- Ice titan shoots ice which homes on Aqua, guard or roll away
-ICE BREATH- Ice titan crouches low and breaths a layer of ice, roll away
-STOMP- Ice titan moves which deals damage if Aqua is too close

This is an easy battle even though there are two enemies. Hades will leave the
work initially to ice titan and will not attack so take this time to attack and
take out ice titan. Unlike KH, you cannot reflect the icicles back at ice titan
for damage. Instead, you lock on to his feet and attack to deal damage (much
easier). Keep attacking the ice titan with air combos to avoid his shockwaves
and he will eventually go down.

Once ice titan is defeated, attack Hades. Hades is also quick weak as he has
weak attacks and huge openings. 

Bonus: Diamond Dust command style

Ice Titan flails about and falls. Hades sees that a fake titan is not enough
and tells Aqua to remember this as he disappears. Aqua and Zacks leave, Zacks
saying next time he will defeat Hades. Zacks says they need to celebrate Aqua's
victory and asks for one date. Taken aback, Aqua makes an excuse saying she
needs to leave soon and that she is still in training. Zacks agrees, saying
that he is still an unhatched hero. Zacks says that they will go on a date
when Zacks becomes a hero. Aqua says she cannot make this promise. Zacks goes
off to train, leaving Aqua alone. Herc runs in but sees that he is too late,
just when he finished training. Herc asks why Aqua's face is so red to which
Aqua replies that it is nothing. Aqua asks if Herc is also training to become
a hero and tells him that strength alone doesn't make a hero. Herc knows from
looking at Zacks and Aqua that strength is not the only thing that makes a
hero. Aqua sees no wavering in Herc's heart and believes that he will one day
become a true hero.

Zacks added to Dimension Link
Obtain new keyblade, Mark of Hero

It is now time to fly to the next world...

Deep Space

Aqua looks out the window into space. She turns and sees unverse and summons
her keyblade to get rid of them...

Unverse Fight #1

1st wave: 3 flood
2nd wave: 3 sonic blaster, 1 medicine bottle
3rd wave: 3 flood
4th wave: 1 Chrono sistar, 1 medicine bottle, 2 yellow mustard

This is not a very hard fight compared to previous fights but the 4th wave can
be a problem. The first three waves are basic attacking. Take out the medicine
bottle in the 2nd wave first to make the battle easier. In the 4th wave, attack
the chrono 


Aqua will sheath her keyblade and find a charm similar to the ones she made for
Terra and Ven on the floor made from space junk. The charm is taken by Stich
who grows. Stich sees the keyblade and realizes that Aqua is a friend of Terra.
Gantu approaches and asks Aqua if she has seen Experiment 626 (Stich). We learn
that Stich is manufactured and although small, highly destructive. Gantu asks
if Aqua had seen it. Aqua gives directions and leaves but is stopped by Gantu
who asks who she is from. Aqua cannot answer but Gantu believes her to be King
Mickey and brings her to the command center.

Gantu has Aqua come with him to the command center. The commander tells Gantu
that he was given orders to eliminate all intruders on the ship. Gantu says
his mission is successful but he is being hindered by monsters. Gantu
introduces Aqua as King Mickey. Aqua states that she is not King Mickey and
introduces herself to the commander. She states that she came to the ship
hunting for the monsters and that they can only be defeated by her weapon. She
asks for permission to search and eliminate the monsters on the ship. When
asked if what Aqua said is true, Gantu says they are currently looking for
ways to defeat the unverse. The commander says they do not have time for such
things and asks Aqua to lend her strength. The commander says they need to
focus on capturing experiment 626 and so ask Aqua to eliminate the monsters on
the ship. In addition, the commander asks Aqua to capture Dr. Jamba and
experiment 626. Gantu claims that this is his mission but the commander states
that this mission is too hard for him and he should return to his quaters. Aqua
sees the connecting charm and wonders if Ven and Terra had come aboard this

In the command room, open the small chest for a <ether> and go out into the
corridor for a chest containing a <balloon letter>. Exit through the gate in
the right. Go through the corridor to the next area.

Go to the center and open the chest for a <hi-potion>. Go through the gate to
enter space.

Space Unverse Fight
   /\	        dash
    O		attack (arrow)
    #		reflect
    X		jump

1st wave: 2 red, 2 blue, 2 yellow

This is an easy battle. The only problem is you can't heal although you can
heal by collecting HP balls dropped from the unverse. The best way t fight is
to fly to one of the poles in the side so Aqua will spin as this will allow
Aqua to spin around invincible and do damage to near by unverse. Press O to
release and spin like crazy at the unverse to damage them. Aqua's arrows have a
little homing capability in them so you can also stay in the center, lock on to
enemies, and fire arrows until their all gone.

Bonus: Air Slide

To use air slide, jump into the air and press # to dash in the air.

Aqua will pick up the charm made by experiment 626 and fly off. In the current
room, clear the room of unverse and examine the center device to activate the
portal. Choose the second option to be transported to a new area.

Open the big chest for a <map>. Then go left and south through the big blue
doors to the next area.

Aqua will be in the prison complex where see will see Stich. Unverse appear and
attack so Aqua saves him. Aqua asks if he is experiment 626 and informs Stich
that he has orders to capture him. Stich says Terra and leaves. Aqua follows
attempts to ask a question but unverse appear...

Unverse Fight #2

1st wave: 4 flood
2nd wave: 4 scrapper, 1 medicine bottle
3rd wave: 2 sonic blaster, 2 irritable tank, 1 medicine bottle

This battle is not too hard and is made easier by the fact that stich helps

Bonus: HP + 10

Aqua thanks Stich for her help and finds that Stich is looking for something.
When asking what, Stich replies Terra and leaves. Aqua returns to the command
center who asks Aqua to capture Dr. Jamba and Experiment 626. Aqua asks if
Experiment 626 really is that dangerous to which the commander replies that it
has no doubts. Aqua accepts the order.

Return to the prison cells and explore the cells with ligher screens to find
chests containing a <mega-potion>, <teleport>, <final break>, and a 
<rotating crystal>. 

To use teleport, press # right when an attack is about to hit you to get Aqua
to teleport behind the enemy.

Backtrack to the command center but this time exit through the other gate to a
new area.

In this area, drop to the bottom and open the chest to your right for a
<fire blitz>. 

Aqua sees Dr. Jamba to stop fooling around since they have work to do. Aqua
tells Dr. Jamba to stop and informs them that she has orders to arrest both
Dr. Jamba and experiment 626. Stich sees the charm in Aqua's hands and grabs it
from her, cuddling it. Aqua asks why Stich made the charm in such a shape and
Dr. Jamba tells her that Stich made it to model a protective charm that was
carried by a man named Terra, stating that it represented a bond. This charm
has taught the creature who only knows destruction friendship. A lazer is
fired close to Stich and Gantu appears. Aqua asks what he is doing, stating
that the mission was to arrest. Gantu declares that his mission is to erase
both Dr. Jamba and experiment 626 which he hopes to fulfill now. Stich runs
but is cornered. Aqua enters the fray to defend Stich, seeing that Gantu
cannot be reasoned with...

BOSS: Captain Gantu recommended lv 25 or above

Health: 3 bars

-LAZER- Gantu fires five shots at Aqua, reflect or roll away

-SLAP- Gantu hits Aqua away, doing damage, reflect or roll away

-CHARGE- Gantu will rush at Aqua, breaking boxes in the process, roll away

-RAPID FIRE- Gantu will rapidly fire shots while rotating, reflect or roll

-Lazer- Stich shoots three lazer shots at Gantu for damage
-Coop- press # when Stich is jumping and O to throw Stich at Gantu, distracting
       Gantu and giving Aqua an opening to inflcit damage

Bonus: Deck + 1

Gantu will try to continue fighting but will be stopped by the commander who
was watching the fight from a monitor. The commander will thank Aqua for her
help and demotes Captain Gantu back to patrol. The commander escorts
experiment 626 and Dr. Jamba. Aqua asks as a request if there is any way to
save experiment 626. The commander refuses, stating that it is a dangerous
creature. Aqua states that experiment 626 has the ability to learn about bonds
and friendship and is not simply a destructive creature. The commander states
that although it can't promise, it will try to observe Stich longer (keeping it
alive in the process). Aqua introduces herself to Stich and her friends to be
Terra and Ven. Stich tries to say Aqua, Terra, Ven, and friend. Stich leaves
with Dr. Jamba and the commander.

Experiment 626 (Stich) added to Dimension Link
Obtain new keyblade, Hyperdrive
Obtain Deep Space command board

Before leaving, travel back to the world for some chests. Go back to the place
where you fought Gantu by entering through the second point, activating the
portal, and going through space to the next area. In the area, search the
bottom right corner of the room for a chest containing a <serenity crystal>.
Go to the right of the console for a chest containing a <mega-ether>. Climb the
purple blocks to enter another area with a save point. Open the big chest for a
<mega attack recpie>. Return back to the previous room and turn off gravity
with the console (mind the guns). Jump up on the pink blocks to reach the upper
level of the room. Jump on the pink block and travel to the other side to get a
<zero gravira>.

Lets go collect some missed chests

Disney Town
-Mega Potion-
-Chaos Crystal-

Go town the sewer, turn on the machine and jump on the cog. This time, go right
and across the four hands. Unless your good at platforming, I recommend just
air dashing past the last two to get to the last two chests containing a
<mega-potion> and a <chaos crystal>.

Dwarf Woodland
-Cracker Firaga-

Go to the second save point in the castle next to the well. Use a high level
high jump to jump onto the arch. Jump onto the highest part of the arch. Jump
and air dash to the far right end of the platform to open the chest for a
<cracker firaga>.

Now, lets travel to the next world...


We see lost boys walking in the Indian camp when they find a map on the ground.
They run to get it but Aqua picks it up. Peter states that the leader is the
person who touches the map first and thus, Aqua is the leader. The lost boys
say that they are going to go search for treasure. Aqua says that she has
something she has to do and refuses. Peter says that due to the rules and
Aqua's refusal, they must cancel the treasure hunt. Aqua then chooses to accept
being the leader for the search after hearing the boys complain.

Aqua locates their location on the map and the cross as the location they need
to get to. Peter Pan introduces himself and Tinkerbell and Aqua introduces
herself. Peter says that the first place they should go to is the mermaid shore
and flies off.

Exit the camp to the next area. Open the big chest for a <map> and a small
chest for a <mega-potion>. Go north to the next area.

In this area, open the chest for a <hi-potion>. Go into the treehouse and go
straight to find an alcove to your left with chests containing a <elixir>
<detonate shield>. Exit the treehouse and go north to the next area.

Aqua will be walking with the boys and Peter when Captain Hook appears claiming
that he has found Peter. Today he will finish the fight. Peter says that he is
too busy today and that he will challenge Hook another time. Hook demands Peter
return his treasure. Aqua asks who he is and Peter replies a stingy pirate. The
group ignores Hook and leaves. Hook calls Smee who has the cannons on the ship
fire. Aqua tells the group to keep moving to avoid getting hit.

Go across the water to the very west for a chest containing a <elixir>. Go in
the water and go through a hole in the wall for a chest containing a
<firaga burst>. Jump up on the land and take the south exit to the next area.

In the next area, go right and open the chest for a <hi-potion>. Go north and
go to the very west past the rock to open a chest containing a <ether>. Go to
the north exit to enter the next area.

Aqua asks the boys what the problem is who tells her that the location of the
treasure is jump a steep cliff. Peter says that its okay, that they can scale
the wall with a little pixie dust. The boys are worried since they have never
flown so high and the danger if they fell. Peter asks when the boys became such
cowards. Peter tells the boys to have courage if they want to find the treasure
to which the boys agree. Peter has Tink fly ahead and the lost boys follow

Before going up, explore the area for chests. Go to the very north of the area
for a chest containing a <time crystal>. Go back a little to the very west of
the map to find a chest containing <auto-gear>. Jump up to the ball of pixie
dust to fly up to the upper ledge. Climb to the top and continue on to the next

In this area, go right and jump up the balls of pixie dust and find a chest to
your right containing a <firaga>. Go across the balls of pixie dust past the
waterfall to find a chest containing a <time splicer>. Jump down and go to the
very west part of the map. Jump down to a lower part of the cliff here and
search the area to the right near the waterfall for a chest containing a
<thundaga> and a chest containing a <chaos crystal>Jump up on the balls of
pixie dust (go right, left, right) to get to the very top of the cliff. Head
north to the next area.

In this area, go left to find a chest containing a <mega-ether>. Then go south,
east, and north to the next area.

Aqua asks where they are and one of the boys is disappointed that they did not
have to go around the entire island to get to their destination. Peter says
there is value in the journey and getting the treasure easily would have been
boring. Aqua says she mistook Peter, seeing that he acts to support and guide
the boys along a path. Peter states that he is not that great. we hear Hook who
says that Peter is late and that he already got the chest. Smee checks the
contents of the chest but find only junk (and Ven's practice keyblade) rather
than gold and jewels in the chest. Hook asks what happened to the treasure that
was previously in the chest to which a lost boy replies they had lost all of
it. Hook is furious and tells the boys to prepare. However, he hears the
ticking of the crocodile and runs with Smee following behind. Aqua sees Ven's
practice keyblade and picks it up. Peter tells her that Ven left it as a
treasure and he is going off to create more memories. They made a promise to
meet again after he made more memories. Aqua realizes that Ven came to this
world as well. However, she senses a dark but familiar presence. She tells the
lost boys and Peter to stay where they are as she goes seek out the presence.

Gain double flight

To use double flight, while Aqua is in the air after an initial jump, press X
again to have Aqua jump again in mid-air to propel herself higher.

Go west back into the Indian camp to meet a familiar sinister face for a boss

Aqua will search around the camp and is asked by Vanitas if she enjoyed her
treasure hunt. Aqua will turn to see Vanitas holding Ven's practice keyblade.
Vanitas says that Ven doesn't need such a toy anymore and breaks it in half and
tosses it. Furthermore, Ven doesn't need his friends either. Vanitas prepares
to fight. Aqua summons her keyblade to fight... 

BOSS: Vanitas recommended lv. 26 or above

Health: 2 and 3/4 bars

-COMBO- Vanitas unleashes a running slash, then an unward slash, reflect or
        roll away

-THUNDER- Vanitas jumps in the air and shoots bolts of thunder, roll away

-FIRE- Vanitas fires a ball of fire that splits into five smaller flames to
       chase aqua, reflect or roll away

-COUNTER- After being hit, Vanitas freezes, then appears above Aqua and
          unleashes a downward strike, reflect or roll away

-UNDERGROUND- Vanitas goes underground and chases Aqua, dealing an upward
              strike and unleashing a volley of fires around him, roll away

Although his moveset has not really improved, Vanitas has increased in strengh
and has fewer opening in his moves.

Bonus: HP + 5, Ghost Drive Command style

Vanitas falls and his keyblade files into the air. Aqua collapses on her knees,
having successfully defeated Vanitas. Aqua goes to collet the broken wooden
keyblade but is unable to get up. Aqua is still comforted by the fact that the
threat has been eliminated and Terra and Ven are safe. Aqua looks toward the
ocean and rests.

We flashback to the beginning when Terra is telling Ven he is still too young
to understand. Aqua laughs at their relationship, similar to siblings. Peter
calls Aqua to wake up and asks what had happened. Aqua recovers and assures him
that he is fine. Peter is worried about Ven's treasure but Aqua tells him not
to worry as their treasure, the bonds within their hearts, will not break so
easily. Sinve Ven knew that, he left the practice sword here. Peter admires
their strong bond and asks them to all come together next time to play.

Peter Pan added to Dimension Link
Obtain new keyblade, Pixie Charm

Aqua is travelling through space and senses light.

Destiny Island

Aqua finds herself on Destiny Island and sees the legendary paopu fruit that
she based her charm on. She is worried about her upcoming battle. We hear child
Sora and child Riku racing each other on the beach. Sora challenges Riku again
but both notice Aqua. Aqua jumps down (to Sora's surprise). Aqua looks at Riku
and sees his calmness and purity remind her of Terra, and looks at Sora who
reminds her of Ven. Aqua believes one of these two boys maybe be worthy to be
the next weilder. Aqua asks their names, Sora and Riku. Looking at Riku, Aqua
senses that he already has passed the keyblade inheritance test, possibly done
by Terra. Aqua asks if Sora likes Riku who replies that Riku is his best friend.
Aqua tells Sora that if Riku begins to waver from his road, that he gets lost
on a road of darkness, that he should stay by his side. That is something only
Sora can do. Sora and Riku leave the island by boat and Aqua stares at the sea
while sitting on a paopu tree. Chosen people cannot be too close. Those boys
cannot follow the same path Aqua, Terra, and Ven currently follow. Aqua wonders
what will happen to her and Terra in the future.

Obtain new keyblade, Rain Storm


Aqua flies around in space and sees Mickey floating, unconcious. Aqua carries
Mickey and asks what had happened. Mickey whispers Yensid to which Aqua agrees
to bring Mickey back to his master.

Fly to the next world...

Mysterious Tower

after landing, go right of the entrancefor a chest containing a <mega-elixir>.
Look to the left for a chest containing a <glittering crystal>. Go to the very
south of the area away from the tower for a chest containing a <magnega>. Now
go enter the tower.

Open the big chest at the base of the stairs for a <mega magic recipe>. Go up 
the stairs.

Donald and Goofy are watching over the unconcious king lying in bed. Yensid
tells Aqua that he senses from the starts that Master Erauqs' heart has
disappeared (he had been killed). He has been struck down. This shocks Aqua and
asks who did it. Yensid closes his eyes and replies "Master Xehanort and...
Terra." Aqua refuses to believe that Terra would strike down Master Erauqs.
Yensid replies that he also hopes that he is mistaken since he does not know
the details of the event from the information he recieved from the stars. Aqua
asks where Terra is. Yensid replies that Terra's heart is going toward the
battlefield of the keyblade wars, the keyblade graveyard. Aqua decides to also
go there to confirm Yensid's vision. Yensid tells her to be careful.

Aqua files off on her keyblade, telling Ven and Terra to wait for her as she
will definately save them.

Donald added to Dimension Link
Goofy added to Dimension Link
Obtain Xehanort Report #4

Before heading to the last world, I recommend going to Mirage Arena to get some
HP boosts some experience. I recommend entering the final area with an Aqua
at around lv 30 or above.

Mirage Arena -Optional-

Go to this optional arena to level up Aqua and to collect some bonuses.

Notable Bonuses
Arena Mode: Cursed Carriage	HP + 5

Keyblade Graveyard

Aqua looks at the empty abyss that is the keyblade graveyard. She summons her
keyblade and reaffirms her belief that "they are connected".

Look behind you for a chest containing a <mega-potion>. Go inside the large
alcove to find a chest containing a <elixir>. Go north and open the big chest
for a <map>. Keep going north to enter the next area.

In this area, there are tornados. Getting sucked into one will initiate a fight
against unverse which comes in three varieties.

Fight #1
1st wave: 2 blue sea salt, 1 2 scrapper, 1 bruiser
2nd wave: 4 lazer bunny
3rd wave: 3 buckle bruiser

Fight #2
1st wave: 4 red chili
2nd wave: 2 sonic blaster, 2 irritable tank
3rd wave: 1 pile face, 4 mandrake

Fight #3
1st wave: 3 giant flood
2nd wave: 1 giant chrono twister, 3 giant yellow mustard
3rd wave: 1 giant medicine bottle, 4 giant shoe sizer

Search around for chests. To the right of the first rock is a chest containing
a <mega-ether>. Look to your right along the wall to find another chest
containing a <mega-potion>. Go along the left side of the wall for a chest
containing a <mega-elixir>. Go look in the alcove made the the rock in the
center to collect a <aeroga>. Go north west to enter the last area.

Save here and prepare Aqua for her final battle. I recommend creating new
commands with additional abilities to increase Aqua's chances for survival
against the final boss.

I recommend creating a recovery barrier at least through reflect + curaga. You
will be guarding alot against the next two enemies so this ability is really
helpful. I also recommend equiping attack haste abilities and/or magic haste
abilities and at least two curagas for the next battle. Once you are ready, go
down the long hallway to the opening in the north.

Aqua approaches Terra and informs him that Master Erauqs is dead. Terra informs
her that due to his assisting Xehanort and Erauqs' attempt to erase Ven, Terra
fought to protect Ven. This was all Xehanort's plan to awaken Terra's darkness.
Terra declares that he will finish this. Aqua tells him that hate and revenge
fuel darkness and if Terra falls to the darkness fighting Xehanort, that would
be part of his plan and would not be Master Erauqs' wish.

Ven approaches and tells us that Xehanort is trying to get Ven to fight Vanitas
to create the X-blade. Although he doesn't know what it is, Ven's heart is
afraid of its power. Terra promises him that they will protect Ven from fear.
Ven states that in the battle, he may need to fight Vanitas. Terra tells him
that they bond will prevent him from fighting Vanitas. Ven tells them that as
friends, he requests that they erase him if his fights Vanitas to prevent the
creation of the x-blade. Xehanort and Vanitas approaches.

We see the remnants of the keyblade wars, many keyblade users fallen to create
one key, the key Xehanort will now obtain. The trio enter their armor forms
and engage Xehanort and Vanitas.

You will see the introduction from the beginning of the game/secret ending from
KH2 FM+ (although not prerendered). We see the trio stuggling but failing to
defeat Master Xehanort and his apprentice, Vanitas. Terra is stuck fighting
both opponents while a missed attack by Ven opens him up to a freeze by
Xehanort. Aqua is able to catch the falling Ven before he shatters, barely
alive. During the chaos, a new player enters the fray.

The one-eyed man tells Aqua to let him look after Ven while she should go fight
Terra since Terra works for master. The one-eyed man states that if he can
defeat the two in front of Terra, Terra will fall to darkness. Ven will tell
him to shut up to which the one-eyed man taunts that such a little kid to also
be a keyblade user. Aqua tells him that their bond is not so fragile as to
break from their meddling and places Ven down. Aqua declares that Terra will
not fall to the darkness and fights the man...

FINAL BOSS: BRAIG recommend lv 40

Health: 3 and 7/8 bars

-RUN DOUBLE SHOT- Braig will run and shoot from both guns two shots each, roll
                  or guard

-SHOT (air)- Braig will teleport upside down and shoot several shots, roll
             close or guard

-CIRCLE SHOT- Braig will run in a cirlce around Aqua, constantly shooting,
              guard or roll around

-SUPER SHOT- Braig will power up and unleash a powerful big shot, roll through

-SHOT (ground)- Braig will stand and shoot three shots at Aqua, guard or roll

-DESPERATION ATTACK- Braig will teleport to the center, shoot shots around him,
                     then teleport rapidly around the area, ending with jumping
                     into the air and shooting several powered shots, roll

Braig is powerful and has many quick attacks. Thus, this will be a very
defensive battle. If you have Restore barrier, it will be a life saver.
Braig will start off with some run double shots which you should roll from.
Although you can reflect the shots, you can get damaged by Braig's running.
Braig will then jump in the air and shoot at you, reloading preiodically. If
you are at a low level, I recommend reflecting the shots back at Braig to deal
damage. If you are at a high level, I recommend rolling toward him when he
shoots and hit him with an air combo when he is done shooting. After some
damage, Braig will jump back to the ground and run around Aqua shooting.
Reflect the shots and use barrier crush near the end of his run so you have a
chance to deal damage.

Braig will occasionaly just stand and power up to unleash a super shot. You
cannot damage him when he is powering up but can prevent the shot by hitting
him to disrupt him before he charges. If Braig is charging, roll around him to
avoid the super shot. Braig will then run around and shoot shots at Aqua which
you can reflect back for easy damage.

Braig will occasionally unleash a desperation attack where he will shoot in
circles around him. During this phase, roll or reflect. Then, Braig will
teleport around quickly so move to the edge of the area. When Braig jumps in
the air, run or roll around the perimeter of the area to avoid the shots as
they chase you (KH2 players may be familiar with this attack).

Braig is open after shooting, when he is running around for a dash strike, or
after his desperation attack so use these opportunities to deal a couple of
strikes to whittle his health down. Most of my damage came from reflecting
his shots back at him. Keep up the defensive play and you will win.

Bonus: HP + 10

Braig will jump away, panting and acknowleding the power of a keyblade master.
Braig states that his role as a distraction is over and runs away. Aqua looks
back at Ven who tells Aqua to watch out. Before she can react, she is knocked
out but a downward strike by Vanitas.

Aqua is floating, hearing Ven's voice asking to be erased. Aqua awakens to King
Mickey. Aqua stands up and looks for a sign of Ven. We see Ven sitting down,
seemingly free from his previous freeze attack. Aqua runs up to Ven, failing to
notice the huge keyblade he is weilding. Aqua tries to talk to Ven but Mickey
notices something different. We get a close up of the x-blade which is...

A blade attached to two Kingdom Keys at the base, a design similar to the
original ultima weapon in KH1 but longer.

Ven scoffs with yellow eyes and moves to stab Aqua, intercepted by Mickey.
Mickey tells Aqua that the boy before them is not Ven, Ven emitting darkness
and replacing his armor with Vanitas' muscle suit. With a combination of both
Ven and Vanitas' voices, Vanitas declares that he has absorbed Ven's heart and
will use the keyblade to open the door to connect all worlds and summon all
those keyblade weilders who seek the light of the heart, Kingdom Hearts. This
will be the beginning of the Keyblade War. Aqua tells him to stop saying
foolish things and demands Ven's heart be returned...

FINAL BOSS: VANITAS recommended lv 40

Health: 5 bars

-DASH- Vanitas will dash around quickly, roll away or guard

-UNDERGROUND- Vanitas dives underground, chasing Aqua, he will jump up and dive
              back down a total of three times, ending with a barrage of fires
              roll away

-THUNDER- Vanitas jumps in the air and unleashes thunders, roll

-COMBO #1- Vanitas will use a running strike and a air strike, leaving a blue
           energy slash that chases Aqua, roll or guard

-COUNTER- after hit with a full combo, Vanitas will disappear and appear above
          Aqua with a downward strike, the strike leaving ice as an additional
          shockwave attack, roll or guard

-DESPERATION ATTACK- Vanitas jumps in the air, says its too late, and hits a
                     downward strike, leaving a large cross slash that fills
                     the area in the ground and fills the screen with light,

NOTE: This desperation attack is similar to Sora's KH1 Trinity Limit.

-COOP- Mickey will ask to join powers, go up to him and press # then O and Aqua
       and Mickey will circle emitting sparkles of light. If Vanitas enters the
       area, he will suffer damage.

-KEYBLADE STRIKE- Mickey will occasionally strike Vanitas to deal damage

This battle is tough since Vanitas has few openings. Luckily you have Mickey
for support. Vanitas will being by dashing which you should reflect and barrier
crush for some damage. When Vanitas jumps underground, roll around and avoid
the glowing spot or roll over the spot to force Vanitas to jump out and attack
you. When Vanitas uses thunder, roll toward him or teleport behind him. When
Vanitas enters his combo, reflect and abrrier crush to deal damage. After
getting combos or finishers off on Vanitas, he will counter which you should
either reflect or roll away from. I recommend rolling, especially if you whiff
an attack beforehand.

Vanitas will occasionally use his desperation attack after he has lost about
half of his total health. During this time, either use Mickey's coop if
available since you will be immune to the attack and deal damage, or roll
around so that Aqua avoids damage. You can dodge the shockwave but will still
get hurt so heal later.

Unlike the previous fights, Vanitas staggers more so you can inflict longer
combos for greater damage. However, I still recommend you only hit once or
twice and roll away. If you build up your command bar, unleash your finisher.
I recommend rolling around and playing defensive, getting small strikes in to
whittle down his health. stay defensive and you will win.


Vanitas will bring back his x-blade and swing, using the force of the swing to
blow back Micket and Aqua. Aqua will have her back to the wall while Vanitas
approaches her, asking if she is already done. Aqua will hold her charm and
ask for strength from Terra and Ven. The charm flashes and Aqua's keyblade
will be powered by light. Aqua will rush in for a strike against a confident
Vanitas who tells her that no matter how many times she tries, she will always
fail. Aqua's strike meets, Vanitas' the resulting shock moving across the area.
Aqua will push back while the x-blade chips (due to Ven's intervention),
allowing Aqua to push Vanitas back and release the x-blade. The x-blade
shatters into streams of pure light and energy. Mickey recovers and sees the
x-blade breaking, unable to contain its full power in its incomplete form.
Aqua can only use her arms to block the light but sees the darkness leave Ven's
fallen body. The x-blade explodes in a huge mass of energy, Mickey trying
barely to contain the expolsion. Aqua runs and grabs Ven's body, the resulting

Obtain Xehanort Report #7

Aqua awakens in the Mysterious Tower. Yensid informs her that she was found
unconcious along with Ven and were brought by Mickey to recover. Unfortunately,
Terra was not found. Ven does not awake, his heart sleeping. Yensid does not
know if Ven will awaken from his sleep, unable to sense his heart. Unless Ven's
heart returns to his body, he will never awaken. Aqua declares that she will
protect Ven until he awakens. Yensid tells her that her duty is not to protect
but to trust in her friends. Ven is sleeping between light and darkness and
Aqua should stand by the door of light, believing in him to return. keeping
her bond with Ven so that when Ven's heart returns, he can follow the bond back
to her back to the world of light. Mickey says he will also keep his bond with
Ven strong to ensure Ven's return. Aqua also mentions Terra, Aqua saying that
she knows that she can find Terra.

Credits roll.

Congradulations, you have finished the stories for the three characters (if
you followed this guide). If not, save, go to new game and choose another

NOTE: In the main screen, you have now unlocked Trinity Report. However, it is
      far from complete since you only finished one character's story.
      If you load your Terra file, you will appear back in the Keyblade
      Graveyard at the last save point.

If you have already completed all the character's storys and collected all
Mickey marks  (on normal), the game will ask you to create a save file for
the new Last Episode. Simply load the new file, Last Episode, to enter the 
final chapter of KH: BBS.


How to unlock last episode
Beginner: not possible

Standard: Get all Mickey marks with all three characters. This means get all
          abilities, all chests, all Xehanort reports, etc.

Proud: complete all three character stories and collect all Xehanort reports

As you see, although proud is harder than standard, the requirments to get
bonuses are much lower which is why I recommend playing proud mode. Activate
the console to turn off gravity. Jump up to higher levels. At the level with
another console, activate it to turn on gravity and jump to the other platform
for a chest containing <rainbow shower>. Jump down, turn off gravity, and jump
to the very top. Go through the gate to the next area.

Go to load and load up the Last Episode file.

We see Aqua piggybacking Ven to take him to a safe place. Still unconcious, Ven
summons his keyblade and opens the keyhole to a new world. Aqua decides to
follow his lead and enters the door of light to a previous world.

Aqua enters the Land of Departure to see it shrouded in darkness. Shocked at
the sight, Aqua looks downtrodden at the battlefield where Master Erauqs'
keyblade lies. Aqua remembers her vow to her master to prevent Terra from
falling to the darkness. She picks up the keyblade and takes it with her and
Ven into their previous home.

Inside the training room, Aqua remembers the secret passsed to her by Master
Erauqs' after becoming a master. When she is surrounded and attacked by
darkness, she should use Master Erauqs' keyblade to close the keyhole within
the world as it is the duty of the keyblade master to protect the world. When
light and dark interact, the world will react to defend itself. Keyblade
masters have the special ability to create a fortress to protect the world.

Aqua uses Master Erauqs' keyblade to reveal the keyhold and uses it to close
the keyhole, transforming the shape of the world into a mysterious trap whose
secrets cannot be unlocked by anyone who stumbles upon it. The world changes
into a fortress surrounded by white walls and chains. Aqua tells Ven to wait
for her as she will bring Terra back and will wake him up. Aqua leaves Castle
Oblivion with Ven safe inside, protected by the surrounding darkness. Aqua
hears Terra and asks him to lead the way to him.

Obtain new keyblade, Pride Crest

You can explore around the previous worlds but there is nothing new.

We see Radient Garden is tainted with darkness. Fly and land there...


Aqua lands to see the world shrowed with darkness and sees a white haired Terra
with yellow eyes looking up at the dark sky. Aqua runs to him but Terra reachs
out and grabs her throat, strangling her. In Xehanort's voice, Terra asks who
he is. Aqua recognizes the strength to be comming from Terra's darkness and
sees that he is not Terra. The man asks if he is Terra. Terra clutches his
head in pain, then awakens with an evil smile declaring that Terra's heart has
disappeared into the darkness, drowning in its power. Xehanort summons his
keyblade and attempts to strike Aqua but Aqua dodges. Aqua declares her name as
Master Aqua and summons her keyblade, declaring that he will have her friend's
heart returned.

FINAL BOSS: Xehanort (Terranort)

Health: 6 bars

-DASH- Terranort will dash around and strike, guard or roll away

-DARKNESS- Terranort will launch darkness shots at Aqua and follow up with a
           strike, guard or roll

-COMBO #1- after darkness, Terranort will launch into a long combo, guard or

-GROUND FINISHER- Terranort will use a strike and summon rocks out of the earth
                  to strike Aqua, guard or roll

-DARK IMPULSE COMBO- Terranort will use the full dark impulse combo consisting
                     of strikes, a hand of darkness, a chase underground, and
                     a rising hand of darkness, roll

-TELEPORT STRIKE- After being hit, Terranort will teleport behind Aqua to
                  strike her again, guard or roll

-METEOR- Terranort summons a huge meteor to fall on Aqua for huge damage, guard

-SHOT LOCK: CANNON- Terranort will use his shot lock, cannon, to turn his
                    keyblade into a cannon and fire a large sphere of energy
                    at Aqua for large damage, roll

-GUARD/COUNTER- Terranort will guard and counter Aqua's attacks with Terra's
                guard and revenge rush

-CURE- Terranort will cast cure on himself to recover health

This is a tough fight because Terranort is a very aggressive boss. He teleports
around and uses any opening he gets to attack you. Terranort spends the
majority of the fight dashing around or teleporting and swinging his keyblade
for huge damage. I definately recommend equipping two curagas at least and
abilities combo live and last live.

Stay completely defensive for this fight. Terranort will start by dashing so
I recommend reflecting to guard the attack but do not barrier crush. Keep
mid distance from Terranort and let him attack with combos. If Terranort uses
Combo #1, reflect and barrier crush to deal damage. After damaging, Terranort
may teleport behind Aqua to strike again. Use this opportunity to reflect and
barrier crush again for more damage.

Occasionally, Terranort will use his dark impulse combo. This combo cannot be
guarded against so roll away. If you are caught, use revenge rush after his
first hand to inflict some damage and remain immune from his second hand and
quickly roll away to heal. This attack is pretty cheap.

After inflicting a bar or so of damage, Terranort will begin using darkness.
When Terranort uses darkness, roll away from him and reflect to reflect the
dark firagas back at him for damage. This was my main damage dealer apart from
barrier crushes to whittle his HP.

Terranort will repeat warping around and striking so don't miss the opportunity
to reflect and barrier crush. Sometimes, Terranort will reflect. Hitting him
will allow him to guard and revenge rush so I recommend staying on the
defensive to avoid giving him the opportunity. You really don't have many
opportunities to attack him apart from using finishers which he often avoids

Occasionally, Terranort will move away and cast cure. Let him. Terranot doesn't
cast cure often and his cure does not heal that much HP. After curing, he
immediately beings attacking again so you may as well just stay away and let
his health dwindle when he attacks you.

After taking off more than half of his HP, Terranort will use his shot lock
cannon. You cannot reflect or really roll away from this attack so get ready
to heal after the attack. You can reflect the attack at him (to deal no damage)
with Aqua's lv 4 Magic Shot finisher. Another way to dodge this attack may be
to also use your own shot lock since Terra's set up is obvious.

Terranort will use more darkness attacks so keep a greater distance to reflect
his dark firagas and roll away from his dark impulse combos. Always roll away
and maintain a good distance before attempting to heal or equip leaf veil.
Terranort will also occasionally use a ground finisher, using rocks from the
ground to hurt Aqua. You can guard this with reflect and barrier crush him so
this is not a problem.

After he is down to about a 1/4 of his health, Terranort will become more
aggressive and use his last attack, meteor. This occurs when Terranort goes to
the center of the arena and points his keyblade in the air, a huge meteor
appearing to fall on Aqua. I recommend going close to Terranort and casting
reflect/barrier crush. Yes, you can reflect meteor so do so to get a chance to
avoid damage and inflict damage on Terranort. Terranort will continue to cast
dark firagas so reflect them back and roll to avoid his attacks until he is

I recommend levelling up, especially if you had trouble with the previous boss
since I believe Terranort is the hardest boss in the game (apart from the
secret boss). I was able to beat him at lv 32 but that was only after learning
his attacks and staying very defensive so I recommend leveling up to 45 or
above if you are new and definately have the abilities leaf veil, combo live,
and last live to make the battle more manageable.


Terranort will declare that he will show Aqua darkness's true face and summons
guardian from within himself.

FINAL BOSS: Xehanort (Terranort) with Darkside

Health: 7 and 1/2 bars

-COMBO #1- Terranort will have darkside disappear and enter a keyblade combo,
           guard or roll

-DASH- Terranort will dash at Aqua, roll or guard

-GROUND SLAM- Guardian jumps underground, grabs Aqua, lifts her in the air, and
              slams her to the ground, roll around and avoid eight jumps

-STRIKE- Guardian will swing a punch when Aqua is close, roll

-ELECTRIC- Guardian will shoot electricity on the ground to chase Aqua, roll
           and avoid three shots for an opening

-CAPTURE- Guardian will leave Terranort to grap you, roll away. If caught,
          rapidly press O to break free

-RAY OF LIGHT- After being grabbed and breaking free, he scene will change and
               the arena will be filled with light. Guardian will be throwing
               energy balls and striking to keep Aqua away while Terranort
               stays in the center. Roll towards Terranort and strike him to
               release the spell

Attacks after Desperation Attack
-DARK ENERGY BALLS- Guardian will hurl two energy balls that will home on Aqua
                    like during the Desperation attack, roll to dodge, getting
                    hit will inflict blind on Aqua

Unlike the previous fight, Terranort is much more open and exposed to attacks.
Unlike previous KH games, guardian is not a great shield so Aqua has quite a
few openings to unleash two hits or a full combo on Terranort.

Terranort himself will often not attack, only occasionally moving to attack with
a weaker dash or combo. You can reflect and barrier crush the combo since it is
long but the dash is quick and short so just roll away.

Guardian will be dealing the majority of attacks so focus on it instead. The
first attack is the most damaging so roll to avoid it. Roll perpendicular
around Terranort and watch the guardian jump out of the hole eight times.
After the eigth time, Terranort is open to attack so unleash a full combo on
him. While comboing, guardian will strike to stike Aqua to keep her away so
either roll away if you are low level or keeping hitting him if you have a high
enough defense.

After dealing about a bar of damage, guardian will use another attack. Now,
Guardian will cast electricity along the ground to chase Aqua up to a max of
three times. Fans of KH1 and KH:COM will be familiar with this attack since
Ansem used it quite a bit. Just roll past the electricity and get a combo or
couple of hits in on Terranort after the guardian stops shooting those electric
attacks and roll away again.

After further damage, guardian will then use a grab attack where he will fly at
Aqua. If caught, mash O since Terranort will approach Aqua to unleash a combo#1
for major damage. After getting freed, the arena will change to a arena of
light. Terranort will be crouched in the center with guardian guarding him and
using swipes and dark energy balls to keep Aqua away. Just roll perpendicular
to guardian and get close to Terranort. Give one hit and the arena will
disappear back to the original arena.

Now, guardian will throw dark energy balls as well instead of electric attacks.
Guardian's attacks will be varied among the three, mostly using electricity
and sometimes using ground slam and usually starts his cycle with dark energy.
If hit, Aqua becomes blind so roll around the area until the effect wears off.

Terranort is open pretty much after every attack so keep close to Terranort,
roll to avoid the attacks, and strike. Unlike the previous fight, Aqua needs to
be aggressive so stay on Terranort, wait for openings and attack to stagger
him so you can unleash a combo and reduce his health. Keep in mind that you
should have Terranort attack you when unleashing a finisher to deal damage
since Terranort moves away when Aqua preforms a finisher. Keep on him, heal
when necessary and you finished the last boss of the game.


Terranort will jump back, hurt. Light will shine from his body and Terranort
will try to seal it. Suddenly, Terranort stands frozen. Aqua senses Terra within
trying to seal Terranort's movements. Xehanort directs his keyblade to his
heart, telling Terra to leave his heart. Thrusting the blade into himself,
Xehanort sinks back into the darkness, Guardian collapsing behind him. Terra
falls back and sinks into the darkness, Aqua rushing to reach him. Aqua dives
into the darkness after Terra.

Aqua is in her armor form on her keyblade chasing after Terra. She is able to
reach Terra and grabs him, turning around and flying back to the light. Aqua
sees the light fading and knows that that this rate, both her and Terra will
fall into the darkness. Aqua undoes her armor, having Terra hold her keyblade
and sends him back up without her. Aqua apologizes to Ven, saying that she
won't be able to immediately wake him up but promises that she will as she falls
into darkness.

We see young Sora and young Riku staring at the sky. Riku and Sora decide to go
back home. Riku asks whats wrong and Sora realizes that he is crying. Sora
wonders why and states that he suddenly felt his chest tighten. Riku tells him
that someone must be sad since Sora can connect to anyone in any world.
Somewhere, someone is in trouble and wants Sora's help. Sora wants to do
something. Riku suggests Sora should try to talk to the person through his heart
which Sora tries.

Closing his eyes, Sora looks into his heart. We see Ven still sitting on the
chair but Sora's voice, asking Ven if he could hear him.

We see Braig bring Ansem, escorted by Dilan, to Terra's unconscious body. Ansem
asks if Terra is alright to which Terra awakens. Asking his name, Terranort
replies "Xehanort," to which Braig smiles. Braig carries Terranort while Dilan
carries Aqua's keyblade and armor back to the castle.

In the world of darkness, Aqua walks. Aqua doesn't know how long she has walked,
nor how much time has passed. Four darksides appear and Aqua summons Master
Erauqs' keyblade but realizes that even with her skills, she is outnumbered.
Aqua believes that this is where she will be erased by the darkness, a darkside
ready to strike. However, two lights flash and the darksides are erased by Terra
and Ven's keyblades before flying off into the darkness again. Smiles and
realizes that since falling into the world of darkness, she had forgotten to
smile. Aqua looks at her charm and remembers Ven, Terra, Master Erauqs, Mickey,
and the many friends she encountered on her journey. Aqua knows that even if
she is in the world of darkness, she is still connected...

Credits roll

After the credits, we see Sora standing on a platform of light. He sees Ven's
heart in the distance and asks if it can hear him. Ven replies that in the
darkness, he heard a voice. By following the voice, he felt light and a
nostalgic feeling. Ven says that both of their hearts were born with missing
pieces and had filled each other. Ven says that he needs to sleep again and
asks if he can become one with Sora again. Sora agrees if that will stop Ven
from being unhappy. Ven thanks Sora and enters his heart.

Sora will open his eyes. Riku asks if it worked and Sora replies that he think
it did. Both boys look up at the sky.

Looking at the Heavens, these two boys chosen to save the world were looking at
the same sky


The Trinity Report appears after you beat one character's story.

Trinity Report
Land of-------Enchanted----Dwarf-----------Castle---------------------------
Departure      Dominion   Woodland          of Dreams             

Land of----------------------Dwarf-------Castle--------------Enchanted------
Departure                     Woodland    of Dreams            Dominion

Land of-------------------------------------Castle------Dwarf------Enchanted-
Departure                                    of Dreams   Woodland   Dominion


Tower      Graveyard     Garden   Town             Coliseum  Space

             Graveyard  Garden     Town     Coliseum                      Space

                     Garden    Town                     Coliseum     Space

---Neverland---------Destiny------------------Land of-----------------Keyblade
                      Island                   Departure              Graveyard
Neverland------------Mysterious--Keyblade----Land of----Destiny-------Keyblade
                      Tower       Graveyard   Departure  Island       Graveyard
                                Island                  Tower         Graveyard

Terra story cutscenes

Ven story cutscenes

Aqua story cutscenes

Last Episode Cutscense

NEW PATH- Sora joins with Ven's heart

Blank Points (Secret Ending)

Total Code
Battle Commands

Mini Game Records

Story Completion

Item Synthesis

Total Play Time

Step Trophy
-take 99999 steps


Time Trophy
-Beat the entire game within 80 hours




Clear Trophy
-Clear one character's story

Trinity Trophy
-Clear all characters' stories on proud mode

Secret Report
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Fruits Caster

Objective: Get the fruit in the opponet's goal


   0          shoot
   #          Curb
   /\         toss up
  O (air)     smash at goal
  /\(air)     smash at opponent

Fist Match: vs Bruisers			          Prize: Balloon Letter
                                                         vs Chip & Dale

This is an easy match. With you character, run up to the fruit and press
/\ and O to shoot at the goal. The opponents cannot really block you so just
keep on shooting. Stay close to the front to get access to as much fruit as
possible and keep shooting to win.

Second Match: vs Chip & Dale		          Prize: Magnera
                                                         vs Captain Dark
                                                     OR  vs Captain Justice

This match is a little harder since Chip and Dale can also smash at your goal.
To win, get access to fruits and /\ O to keep on scoring goals. Use your
analog stick to direct the fruit to the goal if it is not infront of you to
gain better chances at the goal. Chip and Dale are quite slow to shoot so just
get to the fruit and shoot to score.

Third Match: vs Captain Dark/Captain Justice      Prize: Chaos Snake

This requires tactics since this is hard. Don't try to spam shots since you
will waste them. Try to keep fruit on your side since this will block fruit
from Pete from hitting you or at the goal and causes less score opportunities
for Pete. You MUST use /\ and O to beat Pete. Wait for the opponent's goal to
slide along the floor and toss up fruit and shoot to score a goal. Make sure
you only use /\ and O and don't bother trying to stun Pete. Avoid fallen
bannanas that may appear and keep shooting. When goals block you, don't be
afraid to wait and let the clock run but keep in front of your own goal and
mash #  or O to repel Pete's shots.

Rythemic Ice
Objective: build up the ice cream. Get a rating of Fantastic to get the prize.

Press the circle button above the right duck. The duck will clap so move the
cursor onto the duck and press the correct button at the right time to build
up the ice cream.

Its a Small World
Beginner                       	       Prize: Desert Paradise

This is the first and easiest game. Just watch the ducks and follow the 

Master                                 Prize: Desert Paradize (Master)

This one is a little harder but the reward is worth it. Stay calm, learn the
rythem and press.

Special                                Prize: Elixer

This is hard and not worth it. It is still possible although the prize is not
great. Play if you want.

Desert Paradise
Beginner                               Prize: Its a Small world (Master)

This is easy but necessary to continue. Take this opportunity to learn the
song and its rythem.

Master                       	       Prize:Small World (Special)
			           	     Desert paradise (Special)
                                             Ice Blast Command style

This is the game you want to beat at it has the best prizes. Just stay calm
and watch the pattern and you will be able to beat it with a fantastic rank.

Special				       Prize: Chaos Crystal

Insane and the prize is not worth it. Play if you want.

Rumble Racing

X	accelerate
#	brake
0	attack
/\	shield

Country Course

Short cut: on the first turn, go up the ramp to the upper cliff and follow it
           to cut off a significant part of the race

This race is easy so take your time on the first two laps to know the course
and then go crazy, taking the shortcut and avoid the two tornadoes at the end
to take first place. To win the time limit, take the short cut every time and
avoid the tornadoes to beat the time.

Disney Circuit

Short cut: after the tunnel, near the end before the second tunnel, go up the
           ramp and take a sharp right to cut a significant part of the course

This is also a pretty easy race. To beat times, take every ramp so you can use
the speed boosts. In the second tunnel, to the left after the second turn is a
shield that you should pick up as it allows you to block the tornado at the end
before the goal. In Disney Town, just finish the four laps and take the short
cut and shield in the last lap to win.

Grand Circuit

Short cut #1: take the first ramp after the right turn exiting the tunnel to
              go to an upper area to collect a shield

Short Cut #2: after exiting the arch, take the ramp up on the cliff to bypass
              a good part of the course. Stay to the right to land and collect
              a shield

This course depends just as much on collecting shields as it does taking short
cuts. You want to get both shields since the first tornado is nearly impossible
to dodge and the shield is the only one that will help you consistenly. When
you get to the second shortcut, the first shield will have faded away so take
the second shortcut and stay to the right to jump off the shortcut onto a
shield to bypass the next tornado. This second tornado is easier to dodge so
the shield is not essential although helpful. You need to take every shortcut
to shave off valuable seconds if you want to beat the time limit in the record


This section of the guide will go into detail regarding the mirage arena.
When you first enter, you are given the chance to name your avatar and
customize his/her color. Go to the yellow circle to choose to connect online
or offline.

NOTE: Online allows you to play with other players in the battle arena or play
      against each other on the command board.

Go to the station and select the level you want 

Level 1: 5 flood, 1 bruiser
         5 scrapper, 3 red chili
         3 bruiser

Level 2: 3 zone bite, 3 red chili
         3 bruiser, 3 red chili
         4 scrapper
         3 bruiser, 3 red chili

Level 3: 6 lazer bunny
         4 bruiser
         3 bruiser, 3 roll
         4 arch raven, 3 bruiser

Level 4: BOSS: Iron Prisioner I  Health: 6 bars

BOSS: Iron Prisoner I

-PRISON- IP throws a prision underground to capture you, roll away. If captured
         attack to break the prison.

-FIRE SPIN- IP spins and is covered in fire, cannot block so roll away

-UNDERGROUND- IP goes underground and pops up, roll away

-SWING- IP swings around three times, block or roll away

This battle is quite a challenge compared to other 


Arena Mode: CURSED CARRIAGE (Aqua)
Level 1: 3 shoe sizer, 3 planr
Level 2: 3 monotracker, 2 arch raven
	 3 trap chest, 3 blue sea salt
	 4 monotracker, 3 blue sea salt
	 3 trap chest, 4 monotracker, 3 arch raven

Level 3: 6 red chili
	 3 arch bat, 3 medicine bottle, 1 bruiser
	 2 arch bat, 2 medicine bottle, 3 bruiser, 1 red chili

Level 4: BOSS: Cursed Carriage 		Health: 6 bars


Arena Mode: CAVE I (arena lv 8)
Level 1: 3 flood, 3 trap chest
         4 trap  hest, 3 scrapper

Level 2: 4 trap chest, 3 arch raven
         4 trap chest, 1 chrono sistar
         4 trap chest, 3 bruiser
Level 3: 6 trap chest
         4 bruiser, 1 trap chest, 3 lazer bunny
         4 rare unverse
         8 trap chest

Level 1: 3 bruiser, 4 flood
         4 blue sea salt, 1 bruiser
         4 mediine bottle, 4 bruiser

Level 2: 3 scrapper, 3 zone bite
         3 scrapper, 5 blue sea salt
         5 zone bite, 3 bruiser

Level 3: 1 bruiser, 1 red chili, 4 blue sea salt
         4 red chili, 4 zone bite
         3 red chili, 3 blue sea salt, 3 bruiser
Level 4: BOSS: Wheel Master Health: 9 bars, for needle and wheel 3 and 1/4

BOSS: Wheel Master

Arena Mode: IRON PRISONER II (arena lv 3)
Level 1: 5 flood, 1 bruiser
         6 scrapper, 1 red chili
         6 red chili, 1 bruiser
         6 bruiser, 6 red fjili

Level 2: 6 flood, 1 bruiser
         3 scrapper, 3 red chili
         6 flood, 1 bruiser
         3 scrapper, 3 bruiser, 3 red chili

Level 3: 3 irritable tank, 3 red chili
         4 blue sea salt, 4 zone bite
         4 irritable tank, 2 blue sea salt, 2 red chili
Level 4: 8 lazer bunny
         3 scrapper, 3 irritable tank
         3 lazer bunny, 5 scrapper
         3 arch raven, 5 irritable tank
Level 5: BOSS Iron Prisoner II  Health: 6 and 1/4 bars

Arena Mode: MIMIC MASTER (arena lv 5)
Level 1: 5 flood, 3 bruiser
         8 red chili, 1 bruiser
         3 red chili, 5 shoe sizer, 1 bruiser
Level 2: 1 irritable tank, 3 flood
         3 zone bite, 2 sonic blaster
         3 sonic blaster, 3 flood, 1 irritable tank
         4 zone bite, 4 flood, 1 irritable tank

Level 3: 3 sonic blaster, 4 medicine bottle
         6 flood, 2 medicine bottle
         3 medicine bottles, 3 lazer bunny
         4 sonic blaster, 4 medicine bottle
Level 4: 4 scrapper, 1 irritable tank
         6 wheel
         3 scrapper, 3 sonic blaster, 1 irritable tank
         4 sonic blaster, 4 irritable tank
Level 5: BOSS Mimic Master    Health: 9 bars

Arena Mode: TRINITY ARMOR (arena lv 7)
Level 1: 3 scrapper, 1 irritable tank
         3 red chili, 3 sonic blaster
         3 red chili, 3 scrapper, 4 irritable tank
Level 2: 3 bruiser, 1 chrono sistar
         3 sonic blaster, 6 medicine bottle
         6 bruiser, 3 medicine bottle

Level 3: 3 blue sea salt, 3 flood
	 1 irritable tank, 4 flood
         3 chrono sistar, 3 irritable tank, 2 blue sea salt

Level 4: 1 sonic blaster, 8 shoe sizer
 	 3 bruiser, 3 mandrake, 3 shoe sizer
         3 bruiser, 3 mandrake, 3 sonic blaster

Level 5: 3 yellow mustard, 1 irritable tank
         1 yellow mustard, 3 irritable tank, 4 monotracker
         3 chrono sistar, 3 yellow mustard, 3 irritable tank

Level 6: BOSS: Trinity Armor			Health: head: 6 and 7/8 bars
                                                arms: 5 bars
                                                legs: 5 bars

Arena Mode: CAVE II (arena lv 15)
Level 1: 3 trap chest, 1 irritable tank
	 4 trap chest, 1 irritable tank
	 2 red chili, 2 blue sea salt
	 5 trap chest
	 6 trap chest

Level 2: 1 chrono sistar, 4 lazer bunny
	 3 arch raven , 3 trap chest
	 4 arch raven, 1 trap chest
	 2 chrono sistar, 4 arch raven, 3 lazer bunny
	 10 trap chest
Level 3: 5 trap chest
	 5 trap chest, 3 rare unverse
	 10 trap chest 

Arena Mode: IRON PRISONER III (arena lv 10)
Level 1: 8 scrapper
	 8 monotracker
	 8 shoe sizer
	 8 bruiser

Level 2: 2 scrapper, 6 arch bat
	 3 blue sea salt, 3 scrapper
	 6 arch bat, 1 buckle bruiser
	 3 scrapper, 3 blue sea salt, 4 buckle bruiser

Level 3: 4 sonic blaster, 4 medicine bottle
	 3 irritable tank, 3 blue sea salt
	 5 irritable tank, 3 blue sea salt, i medicine bottle

Level 4: 8 medicine bottle, 1 irritable tank
	 3 medicine bottle, 3 irritable tank, 1 chrono sistar
	 3 medicine bottle, 3 buckle bruiser, 1 chrono sistar
	 4 irritable tank, 4 buckle bruiser, 1 chrono sistar

Level 5: 10 blue sea salt
	 10 arch raven
	 9 bruiser
	 9 irritable tank
Level 6: BOSS: Iron Prisoner III	Health: 6 and 1/2 bars

Arena Mode: MIMIC MASTER II(arena lv 17)
Level 1: 

Level 2: 

Level 3: 

Level 4: 

Level 5: 

Level 6: 

Level 7: 

Level 8: BOSS: MIMIC MASTER II		Health:

Arena Mode: 
Level 1: 

Level 2: 

Level 3: 

Level 4: 

Level 5: 

Level 6: 

Level 7: 

Level 8: 

These are the arena missions and how to beat them.

Collect more than 300 medals
Collect more than 1000 medals
Collect more than 3000 medals
Collect more than 5000 medals
Collect more than 9999 medals

To clear this, just play alot of mini games in the arena. Just work on trying
to complete the other missions to build up your medallions. The best game to
get medals is probably command board or arena mode, depending on the level of
your character. Higher level powerful characters should just repeat the arena
again and again although you get to level up commands, get a chance to get new
commands you can't usually get or make, and get a large number of points a pop
playing command board.

Clear CAVE I

Country Course
Beat the 3 lap race in 1 min 30
Beat the 5 lap race in 2 min 30

Disney Circuit
Beat the 3 lap race in 3 min
Beat the 5 lap race in 5 min

Grand Circuit
Beat the 5 lap race in 5 min
Beat the 9 lap race in 9 min

Know the short cuts of every race and take them in every lap to beat the times.
The tornados are also problematic so make sure you dodge every one to beat the
times. Overall this is more a test of endurance rather than skill. Practice and
you will beat these missions easily.
Try to beat this at Mirage arena instead of at Disney town for better chances.
Always race with only two people on the track to reduce the number of enemies
on the track as this will make the race much easier.
Collect all boosts and collect all shields which allow you to cut off seconds
from your time. Shields are essential as they allow you to bypass the tornados
without being thrown in the air and losing time. Use your brakes for nearly
every turn to pull off sharp turns.

NOTE: You do not need to win the race (get first) to win the missions, only
      beat the times

Win Keyblade Board
win Royal Board
Win Spaceship Board
win Town Board
Win Honey Board
Win Secret Board

Command board is like KH monopoly since you buy blocks and level them up to get
to charge higher rent. However, your goal is not to bankrupt the others but to
obtain the minimum amount of BP points (decided at the beginning) and racing
back to the start first.

NOTE: You can obtain rare commands by landing on bonus panels (panels with a
      circle and crown already on it) and buying them. The higher the cost, the
      better the ability. Even if you lose the game, you still get the ability.
      Also, do not worry if your panels are bought since you still keep your

To win the command board, you need to get above the minimum number of BP points
and return back to the start point (keyhole) first. It doesn't matter if you
have the least number of blocks and/or points, the first to return after meeting
the requirements wins. As a general strategy, I recommend always using your
magic cards to roll the dice twice or thrice so you can get your character to
travel further and get more blocks and/or reach checkpoints faster. Always focus
on reaching the checkpoints and returning to gain points but don't be shy in
unlocking and levelling up blocks. Obtaining adjacent blocks with the same
symbol boosts your costs

NOTE: You can only get the Mickey marks for these by beating them in the Mirage
      arena. You can unlock the secret board by beating all the other boards in
      the Mirage arena

13. DIMENSION LINK Characters [LINK]

Dimension Link characters are characters you can summon to assist you during a
fight. If your connected with another PSP, you can call a player to multiplay
for a short amount of time.

These characters replace the traditional summons of Kingdom Hearts and are
great improvements. They level up by collecting the dropped floating stars
(shaped in the special charms given by Aqua) to "level up" you dimension link

This section will now list the characters useable and their abilities within
each character story.

Character Name			Ability #1		Ability #2


Ranking: /10



13a. TERRA

Aqua				Magic Reflect		Reraise
Commands: Blizzara, Fira, Thundra, Detonate Square, Magnera, Cura, Fire Strike

Ranking: 5/10

Finisher: Finisher, Terra spins and defeats surrounding inverse
          (lv 2) Magical Volley, Terra spins and uses his attack. Press the
          buttons on the screen to use attacks and deal damage.

Comments: Aqua provides good mid-high level magic early on in the game. Her
          finisher is also pretty good. as Terra is weak with magic, a magic
          boost is helpful at times. Her abilities, Magic reflect is ok but
          reraise is a great ability for obvious reasons. Her abilities are
          impressive but her commands lose their value late game.

Ven				Haste			Auto-Counter
Commands: Final Break, Strike Raid, Slide Dash, Final Brave, Free Slade, 
          Aerora, Cura

Ranking: 5/10

Finisher: Finisher, Terra does his finisher with a little sweep
          (lv 2) Air Dive, Terra jumps in the air and slides around. Press the
          right button to sweep down to hit the enemies

Comments: Ven's abilities are pretty good but are not too impressive. His
          commands are not too impressive and his finisher even at level 2 has
          trouble hitting enemies. The haste effect is great for Terra however
          due to his naturally slow movement.

Cinderella			Auto-recovery		Regen
Commands: Wish Shot, Wish Circle, Fairy Step, Fairy Heal

Ranking: 3/10

Finisher: Dream Sparkle, Press circle when the pointer hits the carriage.
          (lv 2) Blessing Dance, press circle when the pointer hits the
           carriage, deals much more damage than lvl 1.

Comments: Cinderella levels up really fast which is good. Her abilities are
          good but not worth the summon in my opinion. I love the great damage
          her level 2 finisher does. Its a visual marvel and should be seen

Maleficent			Half Focus		Drain
Commands: Fire, Fira, Firaga, Snipe Baning, Bite Strike, Dark Firaga, Sleep,
          Black out

Ranking: 1/10

Finisher: Snipe Thunder, press circle to use lighting to strike the opponent
          (lv 2) Dragon Breath, press circle to deal fire damage. Move the spot
          so the fire attack hits the opponent.

Comments: I do not like Maleficent. Although the Firaga is nice to get access
          to at such an early stage in the game, its not really worth it to
          summon Maleficent. It might be that I just such with her finisher
          but I had a lot of trouble with her second level finisher in hitting
Zacks				Beserk			Attack Freak
Commands: Fire Strike, Final Break, Aerial Break, Black Out, Stopra, Slot Blade

Finisher: Hero's Comming, Terra does Zacks jump attack to deal large damage
	  (lv 2) Hero's Pride, Terra goes beserk like Zack and deals multiple
          hits with high damage

Ranking: 9/10

Comments: Zacks is a great D-Link partner if you want to inflict a high level
          of damage in a short amount of time. His finals do not require button
          inputs and his abilities Beserk and Attack Freak are very condusive
          for Terra to deal a high level of damage.

Experiment 626 (Stich)		Attack up		CP Double up
Commands: Thundera, Thunderga, Thunder Blitz, Zero Graviga, Thunderga Shot,
          Stun Blade, Cura

Finisher: Random beam, Terra shoots beams. Press the right command on the
          screen to shoot
	  (lvl 2) Ohana beat, Terra plays the ohana. Press the buttons when
          they get to the green line for an attack of notes.

Ranking: 10/10 

Comments: Sitch is a great D-Link partner for farming and leveling up. His
          second ability, CP Douple is great for increasing CP. His second
          finisher, Ohana Beat, is a great damage dealer that hits a very
          large area. Sitch's commands arn't exactly special but his abililties
          make him a great ally for training.

Peter Pan			Levitate		Double hit
Commands: Final Break, Aerial Break, Slide Dash, Confuse Strike, Zero Gravity,

Finisher: Air Bashing, hit circle and Terra will use some attack, not great
	  (lvl 2)- Barrel roll, Terra flies and barrel rolls his enemies. Press
          the right command on the screen.

Ranking: 4/10

Comments: Peter Pan is okay as a D-Link partner. Double hit is great as it
          increases the damage output of Terra's attacks. Peter's abilities
          arn't that essential however and he doesn't really possess any
          abilities that make him essential in any means.


Aqua				Magic Freak		Reraise
Commands: Blizzara, Fira, Thundera, Detonate Square, Magnera, Fire Strike, Cura

Finisher: finisher, Ven twirls in the center and takes out surrounding unverse.
          (lvl 2) Magic Volley, Ven summons four light spheres. Press circle to
          get Ven to toss them at unverse.

Ranking: 6/10

Comments: Aqua is a much more helpful character for Ven. Her commands and magic
          freak make her a magic powerhouse while her finishers are also good.
          Aqua's reraise is also helpful, especially at the beginning when Ven
	  still has low defense and is very weak. The only drawback is that
          this becomes near useless end-game.

Terra				Overdrive		Front Auto-Guard	
Commands: Aerial Break, Sonic Rave, Stun Blade, Zero Gravitra, Bind Strike,

Finisher: finisher, Ven performs Terra's overhead swing finisher.
	  (lvl 2) Land Break, Ven summons rocks to rise up from the ground.
          Move the cursor on the ground underneath the unverse to deal
          significant damage.

Ranking: 5/10

Comments: Terra is a great damage dealer. His abilities are not great although
	  they can be helpful in hectic unverse battles. His lack of a good
	  cure spell also makes him near useless end-game when Ven is stronger
          and has better healing spells.

Snow White			Command Boost		Quick Reload
Commands: Sleepy (Sleep), Sneezy (aeroa), Grumpy (Strike raid),Happy (festival),
          Doc (heal), Bashful (minimum),  Dopey (blind)

Finisher: Sweet memories, Ven will jump up in the air and will have four chances
          for inputing a correct command. For every correct command, a tornado
          appears to inflcit damage on surrounding enemies
	  (lv 2) Sweet Seven, Ven jumps in the air and is surrounded by seven
          different colored orbs. Input the right command on the screen and the
          orbs will rotate around Ven, attacking everything in their path.
          Input commands up to four times.

Ranking: 3/10

Comments:Snow White has interesting commands but these can be hard to pull off
         during trying times. Here finisher is pretty impressive visually and
         does deal decent damage however. I feel that although original, her
         command names and umimpressive abilities hold her back.

Cinderella			Auto-Recovery		Regen
Commands: Wish shot, Wish circle, Fairy Step, Fairy heal

Finisher: Dream sparkle, press O when the curser moves over the carriage to
          deal damage. The damage is quite weak relative to other finishers.
          (lv 2) Blessing Dance, same as the previous finisher, press O when
          the cursor moves over carriage to deal damage.

Ranking: 3/10

Comments: Cinderella is not impressive. Her finisher is weak, her commands
          arn't impressive, and her abilities are not very good. I would not
          really recommend summoning her for Ven as there are much better
          options available.

Mickey				Damage auto-teleport	EXP Double Up
Commands: Slide Dash, Bind Slide, Holy Storm, Minimum, Detonate Shield, Cura

Finisher: Light Rage, Ven jumps in the air and a circle with buttons appear.
	  (lv 2) Holy Blaster, Ven jumps into the air and a circle with buttons
          appear. Hit the correct button will allow Ven to summon four holy
          shots that will also strike the enemy.

Ranking: 9/10

Comments: Mickey is by far the best person to summon when surrounded by enemies
          or when training. His ability Exp double up allows you to level up
          twice as fast while his other ability allows Ven to automatically
          avoid many attacks directed to him by the unverse. His finishers hit
          a large area and defeat many enemies, allowing Ven to quickly build
          up levels or beat those difficult unverse battles.

Zacks				Beserk			Attack Freak
Commands: Fire Strike, Final Break, Aerial Break, Black Out, Stopra, Slot Blade

Finisher: Hero's Comming, Ven will jump up and launch a downward strike, the
          strike and shockwave dealing one hit of critical damage.
          (lv 2) Hero's Price, Ven will unleash an unstoppable combo of strikes
          moving faster than the eye can see to deal large damage to the

Ranking: 9/10

Comments: Zacks is a great character to summon when facing a boss since his
          abilities add a significant boost to Ven's strength. Zacks' finishers
          are great since they deal very high damage and the lv 2 multi-hit
          finisher provides long invincibility frames and the potential for
          high damage with every hit.

Experiment 626 (Stich)		Attack Up		CP Double up
Commands: Thundera, Thunderga, Thunder Blitz, Thunderga Shot, Zero Graviga,
          Stun Blade, Cura

Finisher: Random Beam, commands appear on the screen when allow Ven to shoot a
          green beam to inflict damage.
          (lv 2) Ohana Bear, Ven holds his keyblade like a guitar. Press the
          notes as they hit the bar to create a defensive shield of notes
          around Ven. Initially there is only one button but later increases
          to two.

Ranking: 9/10

Comments: Stich is great for leveling up commands thanks to his ability CP
          double up. This allows Ven to level up his commands very quickly
          which is very useful due to Ven's heavy reliance on them. Stich's
          lv 2 finisher is also very powerful and not that hard to unleash.

Peter Pan			Levitate		Double Hit
Commands: Final Break, Aerial Break, Slide Dash, Confuse Strike, Zero Gravira,

Finisher: Air Bashing, Ven jumps in the air, press circle repeatedly for Ven to
          hit the enemy multiple times
          (lv 2) Barrel Roll, Ven will fly in the air. Hit the correct button
          on the screen for Ven to fly and barell roll at his enemies.

Ranking: 6/10

Comments: Peter Pan doesn't really have any great abilities and his finishers
          are decent but not the best. The ability double hit is great for
          dealing damage as it doubles Ven's hits but that is about it. His
          first finisher is good but the second is too wild to use effectively.

Goofy				Protect			Stun Up
Commands: Slide Dash, Strike Raid, Stun Blade, Confuse Strike, Freeze Raid,
          Sonic Raid

Finisher: Goofy Spin, Ven will spin quickly. Move Ven around to damage enemies
          (lv 2) Goofy Turbo, Ven will spin horizontally and dash around. Move
          Ven around to damage enemies.

Ranking: 4/10

Comments: Goofy is not too impressive. His abilities like stun up are good but
          his lack of a cure variant in his commands is damaging. His finishers
          are powerful but the lv 2 finisher is much harder to control to
          inflict greater damage.

Donald				Magic Up		Shell
Commands: Firaga, Cracker Firaga, Blizzaga, Thudaga, Fire Dash, Fire Blitz,
          Snipe Banning, Cura

Finisher: Dona Flare, Ven jumps in the air surrounded by rockets. Press the
          correct button to launch a rocket at enemies.
          (lv 2) Dona Cosmics, Ven jumps in the air surrounded by rockets.
          Press the correct button to launch rockets at enemies.

Ranking: 4/10

Comments: Donald's abilities are poor and his and his commands arn't great. His
          finishers are also hard to initiate to deal a large amount of damage.
          If you are a good button presser however, you can deal some decent
          damage with Donald's finishers.

13c. AQUA

Ven				Haste			Auto Counter
Commands: Final Break, Strike Raid, Slide Dash, Final Break, Freeze Raid, 
          Slide Dash, Aeroa, Cura

Finisher: Finisher, Aqua flips and performs Ven's first finisher
         (lv 2) Air Dive, Aqua will dive at her enemies from the air, press the
         correct commands on the screen for Aqua to dive.

Ranking: 5/10

Comments: Ven is fine for an initial d-link but his commands and abilities are
	  not very helpful since Aqua is not a really slow charater. Auto
          counter is useful but not essential. It is nice to get early access
          to high level battle commands like final break early but Ven loses
          his use quickly.

Terra				Auto Drive		Front Auto Guard
Commands: Aerial Break, Sonic Raid, Stun Blade, Sonic Raid, Zero Gravira,
          Bind Strike, Cure

Finisher: Finisher, Aqua performs Terra's initial finisher 
         (lv 2) Land Break, Aqua will freeze with her keyblade pointing to the
         air. A cursor appears on the ground that you can move with the analog
         stick under your enemies, after which a shard of rock appears to deal
         damage. This occurs several times before ending.

Ranking: 5/10

Comments: Terra's lv 2 finisher is great due to the long invincibility frames
          you gain when using his commands. Front auto guard is also helpful
          but does not activate successfully all the time. However, due to the
	  lack of a decent cure spell, Terra loses his usefulness in later
          stages in the game.

Mickey				Damage Auto Teleport	EXP Double up
Commands: Slide Dash, Bind Strike, Holy Storm, Bind Strike, Minimum,
          Detonate Shield, Cura

Finisher: Ride Rage, Aqua will jump in the air. Press the correct commands on
          the screen for Aqua to strike with vertical or horizontal slashes to
          defeat enemies.
	  (lv 2) Holy Blast, Aqua will act the same as in the previous finisher
          but during her horizontal slashes, four holy balls are released to
          deal extra damage.

Ranking: 9/10

Comments: Mickey is a great partner. Both abilities are excellent since Mickey
          gives a great opportunity to level up Aqua while auto teleport allows
          you to escape damage. Mickey has great commands and one unique and
          powerful command that you cannot use any other way. Mickey remains
          useful throughout the game due to his EXP up ability and his great
          commands. His finisher is not bad either

Donald				Magic Up		Shell
Commands: Firaga, Cracker Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, Fire Dash, Fire Blitz,
          Snipe Banning, Cura

Finisher: DonaFlare, Aqua jumps in the air and is surrounded by rockets. Press
          the correct commands on screen to launch them at opponents.
          (lv 2) DonaCosmics, same as the previous but there are occasional big
          rockets that require three correct commands to launch. These do more
          damage however.

Ranking: 6/10

Comments: Donald is a disappointment especially since he is a character you
          obtain late in the game. His commands are decent but you should have
          access to other, better commands. His abilities are only good against
          magic focused enemies and there arn't many of those. His finisher is
          also not that great.

Goofy				Protect			Stun Up
Commands: Slide Dash, Strike Raid, Stun Blade, Confuse Strike, Freeze Raid,
          Confuse Strike, Strike Raid, Sonic Raid

Finisher: Goofy Spin, Aqua will spin around, move Aqua with the analog stick to
          deal damage to surrounding opponents.
          (lv 2) Goofy Turbo, Aqua will spin but also dash around to hit
          opponets, use the analog stick to damage opponents

Ranking: 4/10

Comments: Goofy is not good due to his poor abilities and his lack of a cure
          spell. Goofy's finishers are pretty powerful but disappointing due to
          its difficulty to control. This commands are not too impressive
          either and there are many better alternatives to choose.

Snow White			Command Boost		Quick Reload
Commands: Sleepy (Sleep), Sneezy (aeroa), Grumpy (Strike raid),Happy (festival),
          Doc (heal), Bashful (minimum),  Dopey (blind)

Finisher: Sweet Memory, press the correct command on the screen and Aqua will
          launch a tornado at her enemies.
	  (lv 2) Sweet Seven, press the correct command on the screen and seven
          beads will rotates to deal damage to surrounding enemies around a
          stationary Aqua.

Ranking: 5/10

Comments: Snow White is ok but not an essential character to summon. Her battle
          commands are decent and due to the fact that they are coded in the
          names of the dwarfs, can be hard to select during battle. Her
          abilites are not impressive although her finishers are quite powerful

Cinderella			Auto Recovery		Regen
Commands: Wish Shot, Wish Circle, Fairy Step, Wish Shot, Wish Circle,
          Fairy Step, Fairy Heal, Fairy Heal

Finisher: Dream Sparkle, press O when the cursor lands on the moving carriage
          to deal damage to the opponent.
          (lv 2) Blessing Dance, press O when the cursor lands on the moving
          carriage to deal damage shots to the opponent, shoots a wave to deal
          damage to a greater number of enemies

Ranking: 4/10

Comments: Cinderella's battle commands are great and her finisher is nice
          visually although they are ineffective damage dealers. Her ability is
          also not that impressive so I recommend not using her since there are
          much better characters to summon.

Zacks				Beserk			Attack Freak
Commands: Fire Strike, Final Break, Fire Strike, Aerial Break, Fire Strike,
          Black Out, Stopra, Slot Blade

Finisher: Hero's Comming, Aqua will jump up and hits a downward strike in the
          ground, dealing damage to enemies with the strike and shockwave.
          (lv 2) Hero's Pride, Aqua will dash toward the enemy and hit with
          multiple strikes, moving so fast that Aqua seems to stand still

Ranking: 8/10

Comments: Zacks is great for physical attacks and his battle commands are
          pretty good. However, his lack of a cure command is a disadvantage.
          Zacks is most impressive for his lv 2 finisher since it is powerful
          and deals multiple hits which deal high damage against the opponent.

Experiment 626 (Stich)		Attack up		CP Double up
Commands: Thundara, Thundaga, Thunder Blitz, Thunder Blitz, Zero Graviga,
          Thundaga Shot, Stun Blade, Cura

Finisher: Random Beam, press the correct commands on the screen to shoot a
          green beam to deal damage to the opponent
          (lv 2) Ohana Beat, press the commands that move across the screen
          when it hits the bar to create a wave surrounding Aqua. Can go up to
          four waves and then hits notes to deal damage with waves. Two notes
          will  appear after three waves are made.

Ranking: 10/10

Comments: Stich is the best summon. Not only does he have good battle commands
          and good abilities, his lv 2 finisher is very powerful and quite easy
          to successfully deal damage with. Due to CP double up, Stich will
          remain useful even in the late game. Stich is a great character both
          for farming and unverse battles.

Peter Pan			Levitate		Double Hit
Commands: Final Break, Aerial Break, Aerial Break, Slide Dash, Confuse Strike,
          Zero Gravira, Cura

Finisher: Air Bashing, press O repeatedly to deal damage to your opponent which
          deals damage to the opponent.
          (lv 2) Barrell Roll, press the correct command on screen and Aqua
          will barrell roll at her opponents.

Ranking: 7/10

Comments: Peter Pan is decent as a summon due to double hit and his first
          finisher. His battle commands are also pretty good although they
          arn't great. He has a pretty good lv 2 finisher as well if you can
          hit the opponent.


This section will outline how to get to the secret boss and strategies on
defeating him.

How to Get to the Boss
Beginner mode: not possible to reach

Standard mode: beat all three stories, last episode, and obtain all the
               trinity reports

Proud mode: beat all three stories and last episode

To first get to the secret boss of KH: BBS, you need to complete the
character stories for Terra, Aqua, and Ven and finish the extra chapter
"Last Episode" for proud mode. The trinity reports must all be collected
for players on standard mode. Once that has been accomplished, go to the
keyblade graveyard to find a portal south of the save point.

Inspect the portal and choose the second option to initiate the fight

Inspect the portal

From deep within this portal I sense a mysterious power.
-right now I have something I must do for my friends.
-Although I am in a rush, let me go check it out!

*Scene is of the open empty keyblade grave yard*
*Suddenly, a ball of darkness appears from which a being emerges*
*Character summons keyblade to hand*

Information: Defeat Vanitas' sentiment


Vanitas' sentiment is one fast and crazy boss. Although he only has one
life bar of health; his speed and quick and powerful attacks make him
more than a match to most keyblade warriors.

Since I do not know the names of the attacks, I will describe them by

-teleport strike- Vanitas teleports close to the character and deals a
                  three hit combo

-power up sword- Vanitas powers up his sword (similar to Leon in KH and
                 KH2 for Lionheart) to increase the range of his strikes

-power up sword combo- Vanitas chases after the character with a slahsh,
                       followed by a downward strike, leaving an x-cross
                       in the ground. Vanitas then jumps in the air and
                       throws a homing cross slash at the character

-air combo- Vanitas jumps in the air and slashes his keyblade, seemingly
            stopping and reappearing again in another location close to
            the character to slash again, and repeats for a third time
-ground dive- Vanitas then dives into the ground, pops out close to the
              character and shots out multiple fires close to him

-black dash- Vanitas dashes as a black streak. The screen goes black and a
             battalion of eight Vanitas' appear then disappear.

-Downward Strike- Vanitas will jump and be suddenly above the character,
                  using a downward strike to hit the character. Covered
                  in blue/black flames, Vanitas will then dash toward the

-Shadow Strike- Vanitas will encase himself in a sphere of darkness. Seven
                shadow copies of Vanitas will pop out one by one to inflict
                one strike, then freeze in their last position. Finally,
                Vanitas himself jumps out to deal on last strike.

-blue combo- Vanitas will get close to the character strike, then jump and
             let off a single large blue slash.

-Blind- Vanitas encases himself in a sphere of darkness similar to the
        beginning of shadow strike. However, if a shadow copy of Vanitas
        appears close to the character, it will cast blind.

        The psp screen will go dark, leaving only the command menu,
        the character's stats (life bar, focus bar, D-link) and the character
        and a small circle of light around the character visible, serverly
        limiting visibility.

        The blindness disappears back to full screen after the end of the
        attack but during this blind phase, Vanitas and his copies are still

Support Magic
-heal- after the character casts cure, Vanitas will also cast cure and heal
       his HP.

Shot Lock
Vanitas will get put some markets on your character and will launch a
blue/black beam at mid-range. Suprisingly, this attack is not as deadly
has his others due to its limited range relative to his other attacks.

Ultimania Guide Strategy
From my knowledge, the Ultimania guide outlines this strategy as the best way
to defeat Vanitas' sentiment.

Defeating Vanitas Sentiment requires abilities depending on the character you
are using although the general strategy depends on spamming tornado and/or
Detonate Square/Shield/Chaser.

Strategy Submitted by ZGCyberman65

In Ven's battle command, equip Detonate Square, Detonate shield, and tornado.

At the beginning of the first, get a combo on Vanitas to build up your command
bar and dodge roll away. After the command bar is abour 80% full, unleash
tornado. This will successfully take off more than half of Vanitas' health
depending on your level and how much you built up the command bar.

Cast Detonate Shield to build up the command bar, add some strikes in and
unleash tornado again for more damage.

Vanitas should only have about 1 hp left and an be killed with a strike.

For Aqua, equip Detonate square, Detonate Shield, and Triple Firaga

As Aqua, jump over Vanitas Sentiment when using a high leveled Detonate Square
so the mines converge onto Vanitas to deal more damage and build up the command
bar faster.

Cartwheel away from Vanitas and cast Detonate shield and Detonate square for
damage. When Vanitas flies up into the air, hit him with triple firaga.

Equip Terra with his Arcanums, Detonate Squares, and gain his lv 6 finisher
move "Destroy Arts"

Strike Vanitas and use Detonate Square to build up the command bar until Terra
can use his finisher. Then, unleash Destroy Arts on Vanitas to give Terra a ton
of invincibility frames. Place the landing spots on the locations where Vanitas
sentiment is frozen to deal some damage.

Run around away from Vanitas and use Detonate Squares to deal damage and build
up the command bar, using Destroy Arts to protect you from harm.

NOTE: For all characters, equip vanish to use in an emergency to give some nice
      invincibility frames

Strategy submitted by goodman2008
Playing as Aqua, cartwheel around to dodge Vanitas' attacks. When
Detonate square was ready, unleash one and wait for VS to chase
after Aqua and get hit upward by the mines. During this time while
Vanitas is in their air, use triple firaga to add some additional
damage, then roll away until detonate square recharges again. When
the command bar is filled, change into FireBlazer mode and fire off
more triple firagas when Vanitas was far enough away. Also change 
into Blade Charge and use finisher for additional damage.

Strategy by Drizzy_Drizake
Detonate Square spam to damage Vanitas and mega potion to heal.
Never stop pressing square while moving to avoid damage.

Make sure to avoid Vanitas Sentiment's attack where he dives
underground and zooms to you. Right after, he will shoot balls
that make the screen go dark when you are hit by them. Once he
has finished that attack, Vanitas will always run toward you
which is when you should set Detonate Square.

If Vanitas is blasted into the air, smack him 1-2 times.

When Vanitas uses his shoot lock, get behind him while he is firing to
get a few good hits in. Also cast random Detonate Squares to get some
additional hits on Vanitas.

Equip Aqua with nothing but Thundaga shots and triple firagas. Wait for
Vanitas to use his x-blade attack and time a shot. If the shot hits
Vanitas just as he begins to charge, it will stun him. 

Timing a shot to hit him as he lands from the underground attack is also
a good opportunity as well as shooting after barrier bursting his time
splicer move.

I personally never, had success with Detonate Square so I came up with
this on my own. It works well if you alternate Firaga and Thundaga and
use mostly firagas after the first style change to go into Blade Charge,
as Ghost Drive's teleport dodge actually leaves you more open than
normal cartwheels. 

The best way I beat him with Ven was to dodge his X-Blade move and right
when he lands from shooting the X, I go up to him and either use Detonate
Square and then hit him a few times or use Tornado. When he lands from
Tornado, I hit him a few times or use Detonate Square. When he uses his
Shotlock, go behind him and attack a few times or use Detonate Square as
he'll float over all of them.

In Aqua's story, jumping above his head while he's using his shotlock and
using Detonate Chaser is the way to go.

Player gets an item after defeating Vanitas.

Vanitas' Sentiment is bent over with one knee on the ground, exhausted from
the fight as the character stands victoriously. Vanitas then dissolves back
into a smaller black ball, the dark sphere disjoining back into mere strands
of darkness that then seperate toward their respective ways.

Translation of Item
??Victory?? Gem

When you command charge, the attached command's level with rise to its maximum
and ability will be mastered, a unique item.

NOTE: Sorry, I cannot read the one kanji for this gem to know what the name
      of the gem is. I will update this guide as soon as I can get more
      information. Anyone who knows the name please send me the information.

Now that you have defeated the secret boss, enjoy the secret ending.

NOTE: You only have to beat last episode to see the secret ending I believe but
      what the hey. I don't want to write another FAQ just for the secret
      ending to be transcribed. ENJOY.

15. Secret Ending: Kingdom Hearts Reconnect *Translated* [S-END]

Hidden truths

Master Xehanort: your heart is stained in darkness. Your body should have
                 become my vessel. Then why are you not gone?

Terra:This is my heart. Although you have taken my body, my heart is my own.

Master Xehanort:*laughs* You're only able to say that for now. Eventually, you
                will become a part of my heart.

Terra: No. I will make you leave here.

Master Xehanort: Thats rich coming from someone who couldn't even control the
                 darkness in his own heart.

Terra:*laughs* you will know soon enough

Master Xehanort: Oh. So you already have another heart within your heart.
                 Erauqs pulled an impressive move

Terra: I am no longer the man who is scared of the darkness. Even if you take
       my heart...even if I become an entity of darkness...I don't care what
       sacrifices I must make. I only have one goal.

Master Xehanort: you seem to have a strong will. Whatever. There is still time.
                 Lets slowly wait and see who will become the owner of this
                 heart. But a plan is something with many options. I have
                 already sown all my seeds. *laughs*

Image of their backs, preserved in memory.

Young Xehanort walking in lab coat.

Xigbar: Yo! Master. What, you don't remember me? Wasn't your loss of
        memories supposed to be an act. Ah this is problematic.

Xehanort shoves Xigbar's arm away.

Xigbar: You're not...Terra...right? Ha, whatever. I will do something
Ansem and young Zexion eating ice cream. Looking at Xigbar and Xehanort

Two who were never meant to meet

Ansem in the World of Darkness with an org cloak, staring at the ocean
A tired Aqua walks up.

Aqua: Who are you?

Ansem: To meet someone here is indeed suprising.

Aqua: My name is Aqua. What are you doing in this world of darkness. How did
      you come to this world?

Ansem: who knows? The first time...the second time...and even now. How did I
       get here? I don't even really remember what I am.

Aqua: I see. Since I fell into this world, I was unable to return to my old
      world and have spent my time here inactive.

Ansem: Do you want to return to your old world?

*Aqua nods*

Aqua: I must fulfill a promise I made with my friends

Ansem: friends? Although I have lost most of my memories, I do remember a
       young boy that greatly resembles you. Like you now, for his friends,
       allies, and for the people of the world he struggles valiently to
       protect the light.

Aqua: Protect the light? Please tell me, what is happening to the worlds?

Ansem: Worlds have come close to being swallowed by the darkness numerous
       times. But, every time, those worlds are rescued by that boy who
       wields the keyblade.

Aqua: Could it possibility be...is he named Terra or Ven?

Ansem: It was not such a name.

Aqua: I see.

Ansem: It has been one year since I met that boy. Consumed by revenge, I
       had done horrible things to that boy and his friends. I brought
       dispair and grief to numerous people...and maybe it was my guilt
       or my notion as a scientist, I hid my data within him while he was
       sleeping. Maybe...he could...the boy who can connect his heart with
       anyone...he could open that door and rescue those people in grief
       and sorrow. Everything is born from sleep...yes, even you.
Aqua: that boy's name?

Ansem: his name is...

All the pieces lie where they fell

Namine drawing a picture.

Namine: Sora

Axel, Roxas, and Xion eating sea salt ice cream on the clock tower

Roxas and Xion: Sora

Land of Departure, Ven sitting on a chair, sleeping.
Terra approaches. Ven wakes up, sees his friend, and smiles as both look to
the sky

Ven and Terra: Sora

In the land of Darkness

Aqua: *tears fall* Sora

Where they wait for him...

Destiny Island

Sora sitting on the Papu tree

Riku: Sora

Sora: Riku

Riku: have you decided

Sora: yeah

Kairi: Sora

Sora: Kairi...I...

kairi nods

Sora: There are still people in sorrow. They are waiting for me, everything
      that is connected to me, I must reobtain.

Kairi hands Sora her charm.

Kairi: Off you go


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happy to update this guide and give you credit.

Credit Goes to:
kuja55200 for explaining how to get to the final boss and posting a video on his
strength and his large variety of moves

cbau5230 for showing a video of Vanitas defeat

ZGCyberman65 for the Ultimania strategies posted on youtube

goodman2008 for an alternative strategy to beat Vanitas Sentiment

Drizzy_Drizake for a concise strategy to defeat Vanitas

sealBlade for submitting a strategy to defeat Vanitas

Limen123 for submitting a strategy to defeat Vanitas

Kingskater4 for a video copy of the secret ending which I could watch and
translate and transcribe

Nomura and Square Enix for making a great series. Keep up the good work guys.

Disney for allowing SE to continue making Kingdom Hearts.