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Game Controls

Here are the controls that are used during gameplay. Each character is controlled the same as the others, so the controls pertain to all three. This guide assumes you are using default controls.

  • Analog Stick - Move your character. Hold it all the way forward to run, hold it slightly forward to walk. The Analog stick can also be used to navigate menus.
  • Directional Pad (D-pad) - Pressing Up or Down cycles through your Command Menu. Pressing Right will switch to your Dimension Link (D-Link) Menu, and pressing Left afterwards will switch back to the Command Menu. Pressing Left will jump to the shortcut command you have designated in the Edit Deck menu. The D-pad can also be used to navigate menus.
  • X Button - Attacks with your equipped Keyblade. Pressing X repeatedly while attacking an enemy will initiate a combo. X button is also used to open chests, access Save points, talk to people, and to make selections.
  • O Button - Makes your character jump. Hold it down for the highest possible jump height. O button is also used to cancel selections.
  • [_] (Square) Button - If you have a Block command equipped, press Square while standing still to block attacks. If you have a Dash or Dodge command equipped, press Square while moving to Dash or Dodge in that direction.
  • /\ (Triangle) Button - Uses the selected Deck Command in your Command Menu, or activates the selected D-Link in the D-Link Menu. Triangle button is also used on the World Map to select a World.
  • L/R Buttons - Press L or R to move the camera left or right. Pressing L and R simultaneously will lock-on to the closest enemy. Press L or R while locked on to cycle through targets to lock on. Pressing L and R again will cancel lock-on. Double-tapping L or R will reset the camera behind your character. Holding L and R simultaneously will activate Shotlock mode. Aim the reticle with the Analog Stick (while still holding L and R) and lock on to as many targets as possible, then press X to activate Shotlock.
  • Start Button - Opens/closes the Main Menu. During combat, the Main Menu cannot be accessed, so the game only pauses. During cutscenes, pressing start pauses the cutscene. While paused, you can either choose to continue the cutscene, or skip it.
  • Select Button - Shifts the camera view into first-person mode. Use the Analog Stick to move the camera view around. Press Select again to revert to the normal third-person view.

NOTE: Game settings such as camera controls can be customized by going into the Main Menu and selecting "Config".

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