Question from Yanto1986

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I beat lao shan long?

I'm in elder *6 quest of lao shan. (invade of the giant dragon)
i have repelled it's around 3-4 times, using GS. but i couldn't killed it anyway until i feel sick of it >.<
can we kill this lizard or it's immortal~??(i aim his face)

Accepted Answer

From: aaron5397 5 years ago

Try to get a sword with high raw and dragon attribute, ancient blade is okay ...
bring a power charm / taloon , mega demon drug , power pill , you hit him in the belly until his dead
this strategy works to me ..

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Yes, Lao Shan can die. However, unlike other Elder Dragons, his health fully regenerates after you make him flee. So you need to kill him from full health in one try. It's much harder to do solo, but with a team in the gathering hall, it can be easily done. If you really want to kill him solo, just get better weapons and armor and come back and face him later in the game. Come back with G Rank weapons and you can probably destroy him.

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Don't attack his face , attack his belly using high raw / dragon attr hammer

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use anvil hammer... that is the great weapon to slay Lao elder and easy to get that...
attack his head until the horn break and keep hitting his belly with triple pound...
don't forget to use anti dragon bomb and dragonator....
try use large barrel bomb+ for his head and belly....

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I repelled him a bunch of times until i finally created smolder dragonsword, didnt bring anything cept whetstones, used everything they gave me but missed a chance to use an anti dragon bomb and i managed to kill him my first time and carved up a lao shan ruby :) with bout 2 minutes because i was too careful and didnt get at all greedy.

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