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Asked: 5 years ago

Rathalos Greaves S?

i need help on getting these items but i dont know what level and quest to do to get it i am Hr6 so anything underthere or at that level will be good.

Rathalos Ruby-1 (been looking for this but cant find it)
Rathalos Carpace-4 (i can get it but its to hard, any easier way)
Rathalos Webbing-4 (i cant get it from high lvl quests)

Accepted Answer

From: Kharnifex 5 years ago

Ruby-go cut off a silver rathalos tail, carve. if you didnt get one, reset and try again till you do.
Carapace-umm yea high rank rathalos is the only way to get those seeing as they are high rank material...
Webbing-just do low rank rathalos quest from guild 2 star, or Rathalos/Rathain quest from elder

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