Question from Worst_Regards

Where can I find Thunderbug juice?

I know you can get it off of great thunderbugs, but where do you encounter those? Thanks in advance :D

Worst_Regards provided additional details:

Ah, yeah, I'm on the last level of elder quests but I hadn't seen any so I was wondering about them, thanks :D

Accepted Answer

Kamikazeiii answered:

You can encounter thunderbugs at the tower, forest and hills night, swamp, and a couple of other places.
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X360_Elite answered:

U have to beat tigrex urgent quest at ville chief quest, then once u obtained d level 5 quests, simply do the ' slay 10 remobras ' at the tower. then, head to tower 2 and kill the flying-blue-shining-beetle thingy( it attacks u) and obtaine the shining thing on the floor. If lucky, u'll get a thunderbug juice.
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