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How do you get a giant bone?


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BattleStarX answered:

As said by many others, Bulldrome, the easiest one being the 2* Elder Quest. However, I've never got them from Capturing it, so my suggestion is just to slay it over and over and over. I usually average a Giant Bone per slay, but sometimes I get two. I suggest you build a good stock of 'em, never know when you're gonna need 'em.

Not to mention, all the titles you can get off of Bulldrome for slayin' it so many times.
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metalicchamp answered:

Easy way is fight bulldrome
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IIAr4bII answered:

The easiest way is to keep on killing bulldrome.
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imakilldragon69 answered:

I seem to get quite a few by Killing 2* Elder Congalala but failing that just like the others said kill Bulldromes...
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2_SyNdRoMe_6 answered:

just carve it on the belly side of the bulldrome
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addikaku answered:

You can get them on bulldromes usually but if you can beat congalala u might also get more there..^^,
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valhallaflash answered:

from Giant Pegalus monsters. All monkeys: Congalala, Blangonga, Rajang
Bulls: Bulldrome
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EARDIADM answered:

You can get from bulldrome, congalala,diamo hermitaur and blangonga
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gwen_reyes11 answered:

For the easiest,kill a bulldrome,like other said
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vjiko answered:

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derilfrisco answered:

BullDROME BULLDROME or Congalala at the traning school
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_Bl0oDhUNt_ answered:

The easy way to get a giant bone, kill the bulldrome!!!
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whatthepeeeeeep answered:

Kill and carve that pink,farting-lover congalala
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ventus777 answered:

Just kill a bulldrome, I actually go on the level three bulldrome to get more giant bone and bulldrome tusks
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BabYRobO answered:

Fight Bulldrome and carve it.
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