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How do I beat (tigrex)?

its the HR9 one and i need to know which armor set and what weapon i should use

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Xheph answered:

I used Basarios X and gemed it for evade+2. Practice on the dual tigrex mission to learn to dodge tigrex with a hammer.
I suggest Khezu Thunder. (Purse pop ---> Purse pop+ ----> Khezu thunder)
The hardest item needed for the Khezu thunder is Khezuspecialcut. Just fight khezu and capture him if you don't get it the first time don't be discouraged, you'll get it eventually and Khezu is a very easy opponent.
Anyway, heres a video on how to dodge Tigrex with a hammer, it works trust me.
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Gomu5 answered:

Use your strongest GS , and for the armor, use any armor with high def u can get (i reccomend high def cause u dont need specific skill to fight tigrex ,and the armor suggestion now is basarios cause it gives +def and divine protctn / armor with fast charge / sword draw). When it charges u , avoid and run to its back , then charge your GS , when it faces u , release. Repeat this move . When its in rage , dont charge cause u dont have enough time to do much damage, charge only after it jumps 2 times, (learn the timing to charge) ,wait until it back to normal then charge and repeat . Bring sleep herb cause u can find throwing knife in the broken camp in snw mountain . Make it sleeps , charge at its head . When its is going to sleep , wait until it sleeps. Set a shock trap near it but dont exactly at it , charge your GS at its head ( u can kill it 1 hit if your GS is strong enough ) but if u cant kill it with 1 hit and wake it wakes , makes it run into the trap and capture it.
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