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Can i beat cehpadrom(land shark)?

So i have blango atribut its good for sand tipe mosnters...but is it posoble tokill cehpadrom with it?what should i need to do it? (srry for my bad english...i am latvian :P )

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pucedragonlord answered:

I'm a bower myself, so I can tell you that it will work, but it will take some time. the kut-ku stave is pretty easy to get and will give you better results against a cephadrome. The sonic bow works well, too, but that's a bit more tedious to put together. If you want to avoid burning up a bunch of sonic bombs, pay attention to where he stops while he circles--there's a pretty obvious pattern to it if you look for it. If you're close-by when he stops, there's a pretty good chance he pop up to spit sand at you, at which point you have a chance to shoot him--if you hit him hard enough he'll get torn out of the ground. Plus you can shoot his fin as he swims around--again, if you deal enough damage while he's subterra, he'll pop out.
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Gomu5 answered:

I think u should use the raw one cause cephadrome doesnt has elemental weakness .but if u want to use blango bow, its okay , u can defeat it with it
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ilovehunting11 answered:

It is true that Cephadome is weak to ice but it is much weaker to fire and thunder. you can kill Cephadrome with the blango bow if you like but i would recommend kut-ku stave or sonic bow.And lastly you should pack a lot of sonic bombs that can be made with screamer(available easily from velocidrome/giadrome) and gunpowder(fire herb from farm with nitroshroom farm or mushroom spots or from old lady near guild hall)
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kleinzzz answered:

I hate using bow to cephadrome because it stays in the sands too much if you dont use sonic bomb

use long sword w/good raw damage (practice of using 1)

or use a good dual blades (I killed my 1st one w/giaprey claws)

then bring 10 sonic bombs

if you can manage to make it sleep

capture it

or if you can kill it carve it
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bontodberkudis answered:

well actually the cephadrome have no effects against elemental attacks. But if you pack a lot of sonic bomb you may get many chance to attack.You have to throw it only when it is hiding in the sand. And also find a good spot where you can shoot it without it attacking you.Like behind a small rock. and if he was just about attack you from the ground, run behind him but in a really long range if could, then quickly shoot it from the back or shoot at its leg rapidly until it falls.this is a great time to put a shock trap near it. and when the time comes, capture him by throwing some trang bomb.
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