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Where can I find (coal)?


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the redder marks show where you can get Coal.
Going to the Mission where you have to mine 20 coal gives you Crazy amounts of Coal.

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From every volcano quest you can find

low rank

high rank

g rank

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What u need coal for?
its a account item which gives u 100 pokke points and money..
u cant bring it home..

Coal is in all area except in area 1, area 2 and base..
But in area 8 u can find a lots of coal (me often get 10+ coals there)..

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In Volcano
@Jojomba:maybe he is need soe more pokke point to upgrade or trading something

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Try the gathering quest for Volcano. It's title is More Coal Please, just bring more pickaxes and you mine nothing but coal. In which is a excellent way to build pokke.

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