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Where can I find diablos thoracic and black blos thoracic)?

Where can i get this items?????im on the 6* of the elder quest..


BaNaNaDuDe123 answered:

i m guessing u got to get to nekoht(the cat) and be 9* there will b a 2 black diablo quest. GOOD LUCK.^^
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Xpe27 answered:

Nekoht's 9* Dual Black diablos quest is the best one for Black Diablos Thoracic since there's 2 Diablos with half hp. (2 Tail Carves, 6 Body Carves, and Twice the amount of rewards.) The best way to get normal Diablos Thoracic is 8* High-Rank Gathering Hall quests since Nekoht's 9* Diablos is a one-horned Diablos. (One-Horned Diablos has more HP and Attack, and 9* Quests are Harder than 8* with the same rewards which is obvious)
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Eradicate597 answered:

Let's just say high level diablos
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