Question from pingomalik

How do I beat (tigrex)? i need some tips

All tips and sugestions to kill tigrex in the town cheif quest sinking feeling? will be noted and apriciated

melahoa flower hat

conga mail

blango tasset

conga greaves

conga vamnraces

dark scythe ,snow venom, velociprey claws

thats my equipment will that do? if so what one of those weapons?

pingomalik provided additional details:

I have brought 10 large barrels 10 gun powders 3 large barrel bombs 10 small barrel bombs 1 shock trap 2 trap tools and the claw/fang used to make shock traps "the name excapes me at the moment" 5 flash bombs 10 bomb matterials 10 flash bugs and i used my dark scythe and i have not been able to kill it :( any stratiges?

pingomalik provided additional details:

I know i don't need to kill tigrex i just want to for some new iteams and weapons also i have been trying to figure out how to unlock the egar cleaver so far i have not found out although i have used one in the training school

Accepted Answer

eggnog_arvin answered:

to me the best way to kill a tigrex is using a GS or LS if your going to use GS try building a Khezu shock blade then if your going to use a long sword try building an eager cleaver then try to build a full hermitaur armor just make sure you put defense jewel on it so your defense will be higher then bring this with you :10x Mega potion,10x potion,10x honey,10x herb,10x blue mushroom,5x flashbombs,farcaster,Whetstones,1 shock trap,2x trap tool, 2x genprey fang thats all you need then just watch tutorials for weapon mastery thats all
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tattot15 answered:

in my experience the best way to defeat it is by S&S weapon with a thunder element.
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Eradicate597 answered:

Use you most powerful LS or GS with full blango or ceanataur

Spam flashbombs and that will end it
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ultrawallet answered:

Hey did you just said "SINKING FEELING??" You can't kill a Tigrex in your rank, and in that time limit of 20 MINUTES! Just kill the popos and get their tongues out and you can now clear that quest. That quest doesn't even require for you to own that Tiggy, just wait till you complete the 4* level of granny and she will give you the Urgent Quest "ABSOLUTE POWER" which gives much enough time to own him very much.
BTW your armor needs more armor, I mean, If you want to activate their skills, just buy the armor of only one monster, like the conga armor, if you want to activate its skills, then you should buy all of the conga thingies the helm to the leggings.
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ultrawallet answered:

Well I think you can if you are ultimately strong enough to face the Tigrex, because some says that its HP is lower than the normal and also in the lower rank. Because tigrex in the "SINKING FEELING" Quest is just a matter of distraction, all you need is the flash bombs and paint it then run.
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Lord_Hunter answered:

Best way to beat tigrex is to have evade any evade batter if you have evade+2 and quick set up.
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