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How to repel Shen GaoRen in elder urgent quest??

i Have Blango Armour,Tigrex Armour,Kushala Armour,Kirin Armour and i have weapon Anvil Hamme and Black Hammer how to defeat shen gaoren using a black sword (GS)??

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Orion0 answered:

Your first problem is the Black Sword. That is very very weak against the Shen Gaoren. I recommend using another GS with high sharpness instead. Your current armor is good, but what ultra said is better if you can get it in a higher level, like S or X. Now, all you have to do is beat on the legs till they burn red, once it's down, smash the face. Use ballistas and the dragonator as many times as possible. I killed the Shen Gaoren with Full Tigrex S and the Shadow Of The Moon LS just after the 10 minute mark. Also, when you follow a leg, follow behind it's movement. So if it's leg is moving forward, stay behind it and attack about 3 times before it moves, and vice versa. Hope this helps.
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ultrawallet answered:

DUAL BLADES FOR THE MASSACRE!!! Demonize every time when Gaoren steps and it has to be 1 fully demonized combo triangle circle. Just bring mega juice and your full blango armor gemmed with sharpening skill inc. so that when your DS runs out of sharpness you can sharpen it out fast. Your blango armor must be in full set so that you can have a Quake Res. Skill which makes Gao ren irritable when you don't have the skill.
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imdmoogleking answered:

I beat it with black hammer (that's the one with dragon right?) Anyway, just hit its legs or its stomch until it falls then pound its head. After it claws and starts to turn anround to cannon the town, climb to the top of the platform ad use the dragonator WHEN THE SKULL IS OPEN AND FACING YOU. You can use the dragonater once per ten minutes and i killed it with arounf one and a half minutes left and the town at 10%. Good luck!
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