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Rathian ruby?

I dont know if this just a matter of luck or not

I beat 5 rathalos(high rank one including azure and silver) n already obtain 2 rathalos ruby

I beat around 20 golden rathian n yet obtain any rahtian ruby

Note that I use hammer to kill rathalos n rathian with only break their head part

I just wonder is it possible to obtain rathian ruby with only break his head because i kinda feel desperate now

N how many percentage will i get rathian ruby if i capture gold rathian?

1ret3 provided additional details:

is it an additional percentage?
how many percentage if i only KILL it without breaking any part?

Smaragdos asked for clarification::

Best way in a quest would be to 1st:
- Break Head
- Chop off tail and carve it(This would pose a problem if you are using a hammer of gunner weapons)
- Make it drop a shiny by trapping it.
- Capture it. This is very hard to do because the rathian capture HP is somewhere around 10%.

Accepted Answer

Smaragdos answered:

Each has its own chance of getting a ruby. If you break the head, you get a 4% chance of getting 1 Rthruby in the rewards, 7% chance to get 1 for trapping, a 5% chance to get it from carving the tail, a 4% chance for making it drop one.
I wouldn't rely on killing it ONLY. Breaking/carving/trapping is the best chance you've got.
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Smaragdos answered:

High Rank Gold Rathian Drop Rates for rubies are:
Break Head: 4%
Carve Tail: 5%
Capture: 7%
Drop(Trap the Rathian):4%

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