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How do I get the Narga Brain Stem?

I beat the Nargacuga over 15 times but I still can't get it. Can anyone help me figure out how to get it? Thanx in advance.

blood_red_laos provided additional details:

I want the helm, not the weapons. I have three of the weapons from upgrading the Tigrex weapons.

blood_red_laos provided additional details:

Another thing. Will the whim skill affect these results?

Accepted Answer

rivka7 answered:

It's kinda rare, but not too bad:
High rank: carve tail 8%, break tail reward: 8%, capture reward 4%
G rank: carve tail 10%, break tail reward 10%, capture reward 6%
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artistblue answered:

I suggest you face the guild narugacuga and just break everything. if your in hr 8 then try the epic quest with the narugacuga.
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ultrawallet answered:

Kill it, don't capture.
I got 5 from 7 kills, only 3 from 10 captures.
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