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How do i unlock Garuga S armour? What do i need for it?

I need a Garuga S Vest for a Gunner set to down Nekoht 7* to 8* Urgent (Secret Request : 2 Monoblos!).

Please help. Thank you.

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Thank you very much! I should have thought of such an alternative!

Accepted Answer

rivka7 answered:

Garuga S obviously requires high rank Garuga parts, which you can get in the Nekoht 8* garuga quest ...
For the Garuga Vest S:
2x Gendrome Tail
4x Garuga Scale+
4x Garuga Carapace
4x Garuga Wing

That being said, you need 2 things for gunning the dual monoblos quest: HGE and pellet S up. Make this:
Garuga mask
Hornet Vest
Conga Guards U
Hornet Coat
Conga Leggings U
+ 3 earplug and 4 pellet up jewels
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Jo53THEpsyco answered:

Just fight the guraga and kill it to unlock the armour and it will appear in the place where you get armour pieces. look at the pieces of armor you want then look at the materials you need.(sometimes you have to get a specific item from a monster to unlock the armor)
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Jo53THEpsyco answered:

I havent played the game for a long time so i cant tell you the items you need to get sorry.
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