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How can you see a Monster's HP?

How can the monster's HP pop out in your screen like admiredfob did in youtube?
Could somebody help me out...

Steph41 asked for clarification:

And which ones would someone have to enable to be able to see the monster's HP

Geldin737 asked for clarification:


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MH_PRIMO answered:

Why would you want to spoil the game?
If the game was meant to be played with a visible HP for the monsters, wouldn't have one already?
Play it the way it's supposed to be played. Well, that's in my opinion.
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kyuuzo2 answered:

The simplest answer is...No theres no way of doing it in game unless you have your psp downgraded to 1.5 via pandora with the hack program. If your psp is 3.7 or so or higher then its impossible to downgrade (so far ^_~*) Anyhow....Yahh unlike star ocean first dep. Theres no item to see the stats of a monster.
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eggnog_arvin answered:

Use CW cheats its the easiest way to see the HP of your enemy but in order to use CW cheats you must have M33-2 driver or higher^_^
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MH_PRIMO answered:

Or just don't use cheats.
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mrk1289 answered:

There is no need to see the monster's HP that the challenge of the game...
I look on its movements... when it easily rage upon an attack it means its HP is low...
do this and you will see
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Darren_Koo answered:

this video shows you how to get the monster hp
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Geldin737 answered:

it works, but it is not so funny, you need CWcheat+ 5.00 custom firmware
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purge530 answered:

You should know the health when there dead. it is at zero.
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