Question from kasikage02

What is the best long sword ?

Im still a 2 star hunetr and dont wanna go wrong on creating a false weapon


Zack_Fair03 answered:

Iron Katana "Gospel" , you can upgrade it to Eager Clever by killing Khezu because too many monsters are weak against thunder , it can upgreaded to True Howling Devil!
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5parrowhawk answered:

The Eager Cleaver and Devil Slicer have been kind of nerfed in Unite (2nd G), but they are still very good weapons. If you are playing Freedom 2, you may want to make them now, since I think the required items are harder to get in Unite. (I might be wrong on that though - it's been a long time since I played the normal Freedom 2.)

Bone Katana "Shark" is also not bad, since it upgrades to the Wyvern Blade series. The red Wyvern Blades are quite strong in the late game (G Rank). However, at the lower levels you may find it difficult to get the materials for them.

Also, the Black Katana is good for the early part of G Rank, since it's very easy to max out and has decent damage against most monsters.

But the best long sword is probably the Shadow Saber 'Moon'. You can't even make the base version of that sword at the 2-star level - wait until you kill a Tigrex and make the Tigrex Tooth. That's the base weapon. The Tooth kind of sucks before you upgrade it, though.
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swordtempest answered:

The best iron katana that i know of is true devil slicer but that can get upgraded in unite and the best bone katana is smolder dragon sword but that can be upgraded to the knockout dragon sword
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rayanna1 answered:

I think the Black Katana Mk.II is a good LS. I went through 3-7* quest using only this LS. Good sharpness for beginner.
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bladekiller101 answered:

Well if u want some dragon attribute then go get smolder dragonsword thats been good for me and i just got the game lol but i imported it from freedom 2....anyway that (i think) is the best long sword in the game but then theres also true devil slicer. teeeeeeeheeeeeee
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MhfuNoob6 answered:

Blango deciminator
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