Question from yukasao

Asked: 5 years ago

How to get easy Lightcrystal?

So long I've been playing, i obtained only 1 lightcrystal so far...
Please help me....
Thank You....

Additional details - 5 years ago

Can I get it from a high rank Gathering Quest in the Swamp?

Accepted Answer

From: Zack_Fair03 5 years ago

High Rank Swamp Area
If you see the the Crystal Mining Point in the cold areas there
There' s a Lightcrystal

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Submitted Answers


Bisa juga lo dapet dari bunuh gypceros atau kirin. ntar dapet di reward sama kirin di carve.

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Of course , you can get it from any high rank swamp

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Or elder/ low rank Kirin and gypceros quests

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i get in gypceros and kirin(elder).
But u can get it in pokke farm, i always get many lightcrytals in pokke farm

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Fight a 5-starred kirin using ultra lucky cat skill you'll get it by carving or reward

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You can get it from the swamp or upgraded mining point i have like 10.

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