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Where can I find (Kut Ku Ear)?

How can i get Kut Ku Ear? I have been slaughtering more than 20 Yian Kut Ku in the forest(2 star elder quest) I broke the Yian Kut Ku's Ear as many times as that but I keep on getting Kut Ku scale x3 as reward.
Is my game glitched or something? Is there any other easier way to get Kut Ku Ear?

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Darren_Koo answered:

Try throwing a sonic bomb when hes in non-rage and you might get it from the shiny it drops
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a_d_123 answered:

Break ear and capture
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HelpingNSeeking answered:

I suggest u use a SnS if you want to capture it easy but if u want a higher chance but takes up more time use a dualsword or great sword.Using a dualsword u just devildance when he doesnt do an atk(e.g he just stands there and walk on the spot) go infront of hes head and Traingle+Circle most of the time and it will break or u could try killing his harder version the Blue Kut Ku which is automatically unlocked from killing Yian Kut Ku.
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mh_chaos answered:

Kut-ku ear can only be found on 4-5 star missions you cannot find any kut-ku ear at 2 star missions
so stop wasting your time in killing so many kut-ku in 2 star missions:)
hope this will help
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Shadowphxx answered: probabily didn't break them.
When he's weakend he lowers his ears, making it impossible to break them. You have to break them as fast as possible. Here's a hint : ONLY ATTACK HIS EARS.
Also, in the reward screen, there are higher chances of getting 3x Kut Ku Scales instead of getting a Kut Ku Ear...all you need is patience and a lot of time (like 2 hours or so).
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pumpkinhead427 answered:

Break the kut ku's face entirely. if u havent been doing that then your not going to get a kut ku ear.
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