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Asked: 5 years ago

Anybody know easy way to get firestone?

I need firestone to complete my azr ratha set,,I got once but I used it already..

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From: Yuzhy 5 years ago

You can find them from the 4 Star Village Elder Volcano Gathering Quest.

Arm yourself with all the pick axes you can because there's like a total of 15 mining spots!

After you go and mine every mining spot - you will have a pretty good chance of finding a firestone - and possibly even a rust stone!

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Doing mission at the Volcano (Day) is the only way to get them
Go to area 2 , 7 , 8 (Gather all the Mining Spot that you can see there.)

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Zack_fair03 has a little mistake you can also get them on volcano(night)(gathering quest) in the gathering hall just mine on 6 and 8 then you'll get some

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Easiest way, go on a grank gathering quest for volcano. arm urself with mega pick axe, iron pick axe, old pickaxe and pick away. =]

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Sending trenya to volcano will net you a few, as well. Probably the easiest way, but not the fastest. Nor is it guaranteed.

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I send the boat cat to the volcano for 500 points

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Trenya is my suplier.

Brings me al the firestones i need.
Just go in out of gathering quest and send Trenya to volcano. 1000 pokkepoints. If your hunterrank allows for it.

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Okay, send trenya,( cat who goes and gets items from certain areas, pokke farm), send him to volcano for at least 300 points. than do a basic hunting or slaying quest, like velocidrome. ( paw pass ticket deliveries wont work for this). come back and talk to trenya. and hell give you at least 1 firestone.

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Volcano Style
Go to area 7 and 8 which has multiple mining site(3 has a less chance of getting firestones) and start mining.Buy or make (I think it's bone+machlite ore) 5 , buy 5 iron pickaxes and your good. Resupply after going on the hunt.
Trenya's boat style
Also you can use Trenya's boat which is in Pokke farm. Spend 100-1500 points.Do any Hunting quest then come back and collect your rewards.(May not have firestones everytime.)

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