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Giadrome Skull or Head?

I trying to get a giadrome skull in MHFU and it says in the old MHF2 carve faqs that I can get a giadrome head. Is that the same item?

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Hebeda answered:

Some monster do have breakable parts, and when you do break then you receive a specific reward related to the part you broke, but some monster like giadrome dont have breakable parts, so no matter where you hit be it the head or the tail the chances of getting a specific item are solelly random, in this case to get the skull that is a rare drop you just need to kill/capture it using any methods you wish the only problem is that the chances of geting one are less then 10%.

More preciselly -> Village elder 1* - 6* and GH up to HR 3 => 2% carving / 5% capturing
Nekoth 7* - 9* and GH HR 4 + => 7% carving / capturing no longer gives you the skull but other itens.

These percentages came from a carving list that can be easily found on google.
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Silent_Hunterz answered:

It's diffrent..
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rajang77 answered:

No,it's not
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Gamespot_Crew answered:

What? No, you can easily get Giadrome head by hitting the head.
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kasikage02 answered:

Just carve on the head
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bazaaro21 answered:

^ it doesn't work that way. Every single carve on all monsters has a percent chance for each type of carve there is for that monster, be it a Giadrome, or a White Fatalis. The way to get certain resources however, is to break the part of the body that corresponds to the carve. That carve will later show up in your quest reward, at the very end of the list. Another good thing is that the longer you take to complete a quest, the more items you get in your reward. The moral of this story is that, to get a giadrome skull/head, you need to cut off its head. (its possible, just use a great sword and shock trap it and charge up all the way and hit its head a few times.)
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Doom_Angel_6 answered:

No. Its different.
try to hit him in the head alot and capture him.
You'll have more 5-10% of chances to get one.
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icymage84 answered:

Lower Rank% Upper Rank% G Ranked%

GiadromeGiaprey Scale15Giaprey Scale+23Giaprey Scale+23
Giadrome Hide30Giadrome Hide10Giadrome Hide10
Giadrome Claw53Giaprey Hide+20Giaprey Hide+20
Giadrome Skull2Giadrome Claw+40Giadrome Claw+40
Giadrome Skull7Giadrome Skull7

Credits to:
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mnguyen3 answered:

Its a Giadrome skull

Capturing gives you a better chance ( it doesn't have any breakable parts)
possible on HR1 3 stars
Better chances on higher difficult like HR4 6 stars
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Yushamari answered:

As far as my knowledge goes, the skull/head item is the same thing.
If this doesn't help try checking the weapons and helmet creation in the blacksmith shop. If the Giadrome head doesn't pop up then it probably doesn't exhist, meaning that the skull is the same item.
Sorry i can't help much with this.
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