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Asked: 5 years ago

What wyverns drop Massive Bones?

Or am I able to send out Treyna(sp?) somewhere to get these to?

Additional details - 5 years ago

No Massive Bones, I need 3 to upgrade my Decider in to the Punisher

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Do you mean colossal bones?

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High Rank (I think) Ape monsters (Conga or Blangona) as well as Bulldrome I believe.

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G-rank pelagus (blangonga, congalala, bulldrome, and for some reason daimyo hermitaur can too btw sub gam3rdev in YouTube for gaming vids

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Hey guys, I'm just asking for a few tips upon entering g-rank from some experienced players!;):) I'm a user of all weapon types do don't worry, any tips r good. P.s.I'm grinding for full hermitaur z right now, btw sub gam3rdev on YouTube please

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