Question from cloud9820

How Do I Get + Items G Rank Quests?

Because i need blangonga pelt+ and fang+


drakoramore answered:

You have to fight it in the guild hall. you have to be hr5 to do the quest. thats how i got them. or you could prolly get them in the g rank town quests but i know for sure you can get them in th hr5 quests in the guild hall
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i_heart_gellah answered:

Guild hall quest hr5-6 or elder cat quest hope this helps
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windie86 answered:

Guild hall high rank quests or elder cat. For the fang+, you need to use a fire element weapon to break it, or you can do the diamond dust quest for the elder cat whereby you fight a blangonga and a tigrex. For this quest, you do not have to break its fang to get its fang.
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