Question from Akantor___God

Asked: 5 years ago

Is Fatalis still the hardest monster around?

I know that there are new powerful monsters here...

and another question,
can ayone upload a save data from MHFU here
(eventhough ur just hr 3-6)

Additional details - 5 years ago

If no, who is the strongest?

Accepted Answer

From: Kirinator 5 years ago

Idiot,of course the Fatalis Brother is still and always be the srongest...,and the second strongest monster is Ucamulbas/Ukanlos

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Submitted Answers


No and no!!!

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The G Ranked Whi. Fat. , Bla. Fat. and Crim. Fat.

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1. No dnt evan ask that
2. every one is diffrent skill wise so depending on ur skill the hardist monster will be diffrant

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For me the teostra and lunastara are the hardest

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Fatalis is easy, personaly i found Ukanlos harder, if u use a bow u can take down fatalis without being hit

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No. The Yamatsukami is and it has 18666 hp and is the hr9 quest called Floating Dissaster.

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