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How to kill 2 tigrex very simple and easy way?

I kill them before with my friends but never kill myself 2 tigrex
i need ur help and advise how to kill them very easy way and some tips plz =] !!

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Yuzhy answered:

I managed to solo the two Tigrex in the HR 6 (GH 8 Star) urgent mission with a true devil slicer wearing (low rank) Tigrex set without high grade earplugs. Here are some tips for the longsword:

- Try to equip yourself with at least the true devil slicer (which is make-able by that mission) since tigrex are weak to thunder
- Try to wear a decent armour with high grade earplugs (preferably at least a high rank armour)
- Bring flash bombs and ingredients to make more
- Bring traps and ingredients to make more

Learn his natural openings:
- Before he sees you, as he lands from the air or when he taunts
- After he ends a charge (watch out for his double and triple chained charges)
- After he finishes his 360 tail spin (watch out for him repeating it)
- During a roar if you have high grade earplugs (but you need to avoid getting hit by the blast first)
- During his rock attack and bite (from the sides)
- When he is in full rage mode (non stop charges and leaps) there is pretty much NO opening

Learn how to force openings:
- Throw a flash bomb accurately so that it blows up in FRONT of his face (if you are close to him, time it so that you throw it while he is turning to face you because if he charges through it'll be too late)
- Set a trap, stand behind it and wait for him to charge while dodging any rock attacks (don't set it after you've fiddled with him for a long time in one area or risk him leaving)
- Lure him to bite the wall (he will get stuck and a shiny drops)
- Knock him over / flinch him

- Only take ONE of them on at a time otherwise you will die (even with G Rank armour)
- If the other arrives while your fighting one, leave the area ASAP and wait for them to split up - this is THE most annoying part of the mission
- You can use a flash bomb to disable both of them but it's risky (I did it once since I already had a trap set up - needless to say I left as soon as I finished my combos on the one in the trap).
- Stay back and DODGE all his attacks until there is an opening or force an opening
- When you have broken all the parts you want (tail, 2 claws), aim for his head - this is his weakest spot
- When going for his head and he is flash dazed, don't approach him directly, approach slightly from the side (your right side is best) to avoid his rock and bite attacks.
- Aim to corner him so that he can't chicken out and jump back
- Aim to flinch/knock him over repeatedly by chaining him with combos (I've managed to continuously string together combos with extended spirit combos by knocking him over repeatedly for totals of over 15 hits).

Since there are two Tigrex in the mission, each one has relatively low hp. If you manage to dodge everything, find the openings, knock him over at the key moment and pull off the extended chains, the individual fights will be over very quickly.

Good luck! =D
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Mana_AA answered:

To easily finish this quest use a bowgun that has slots for sleep
bring large barrel bomb+ and small barrel bombs
bring large barrel bombs, large barrels, gunpowder and scatter fishes to keep your supply of large barrel bombs+
Use a large barrel bomb + on a sleeping tigrex so you'll get x3 the damage,repeat until it dies
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sachigatsu answered:

Using flash bomb
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legend0985 answered:

first you need to separate those two tigrex use GS flashbomb,,,and shock trap...pit fall...2 tranquilizer.....fisrt one is easy to defeat....den you can do the other tigrex...
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avatarofpaine answered:

You could try to kill him with Gravios armor and Thunderspear, just bring some power/mega juices and carefully attack him
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SirReeRee answered:

Use a strong thunder type lance and bring lots of mega juices and power juices

get an armor set with guard +1 or autotrack

keep guarding and when he's turning his back on you charge

if hes angry just keep guarding and run if the other one comes
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