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How do I beat Kushala Daora?

Died once on this guy and need a strategy...used the LS got blown away in rage...also whats a good armor to not get frozen.

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Hunter_Thomas answered:

I clear it with "Wyvern Blade *Holly*" , it poison has an great effect on him! Use flash bombs and every time he goes down flying put out a Large Barrel Bomb... and with Paintball explode it! hahah! GOOD LUCK! A good armor would be one with wind press... or maybe with Expert. Expert deals criticals hit!!
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foreversars answered:

This question has been answered...
happy hunting ^^
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migsjj answered:

Or you might try eternal strife (did i spell this right?)
this is a SnS with dragon element which all elder dragons are weak to.
If your an LS fan though another good weapon other than Hunter_Thomas stated is Eager cleaver
This has lightning element wich is daora's second elemental weakness.
Good Luck and wipe Kushala Daora off the floor! =)
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pompey2118 answered:

I fought it trice to kill it. But I used the chameleos set which is really advantageous when fighting kushala because it negates the wind barrier. I used anvil hammer and black blade for the remaining fights.
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danteallege answered:

To make things easier, take flashers and a poison attribute LS. You can use Diablos Armor to negate the wind if that helps. Aim for the head first time until it breaks. Second time, it's horn will stay broken so you can then aim to cut off the tail. I used Eager Cleaver first time, but Devil Slicer/True Devil Slicer work a lot better. You can take a second person if it's in the guild.
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aidzzz answered:

I assume its the village elder snowy mountains one?
i cleared it with 'Wyvern Blade Holly', as ''Hunter_Thomas'' said, but you can kill him really easily with hammer, i would recommend using the "Onslaught Hammer" upgrade it if you can.
When you start, make sure that you grab the poison throwing knives, as they get rid of his wind abilities, and bring flashes, and stuff to make flashes. As soon as you get into the are that he is in, paintball him if you like, and then poison him with with you poison throwing knives. Use all 5 because you will have 2 left over, after you have poisoned him once, and you cant poison him again with just 2. as soon as you poison him, run around him and start hammering his legs, its works for a while until he gets in rage and starts using the flying move, where he hovers around and you get owned by his snowballs. I assume thats what your having trouble with? Throw a well placed flash bomb right in front of him, just after he uses a wind move or tail whip, otherwise it might not work. He will fall onto the ground and you can start hammering him again. Go for his head if you want to cut off his horn, otherwise just keep going for his legs. he will stay in flash for a while, and he doesnt do very many moves, mainly just the wind move, which doesnt effect you, because your attacking his legs. But sometimes in flash, he will do a move where he jumps back and growls. Put your hammer away quickly, and move up to him and hammer him on the face once and roll to the side. He will most likely use a wind move after his jump back so be carefull.
Keep on flashing him and you will be able to kill him pretty easily.
good luck.
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