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How do I beat (lunastra)?

pls tell me how to beat lunastra in elder

PS i am only noob but have full kirin set


Damage_Dealer answered:

Use a dragon elemental weapon, preferably hammer. Watch out for her fire bursts attack, and if you're struggling, bring some Flash Bombs to help you out (also, take some Flashbugs and Bomb Materials to make even more Flash Bombs). You can also make Mega Armorskins/Demondrugs to boost your defence/attack.
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docura answered:

No offense, but if you are a noob, probably the most suitable weapon against lunastra is shield and sword, which is most versatile and can block attack. and considering your level in elder quest, than the most probable weapon for you is eternal strife. Just keep attacking its horn until it breaks and just repeat until she died or escaped...
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manbearpig5454 answered:

If you can you need to get a dragon attribute dual swords then just go into the demon rage mode that is what i did then bring mega potions and regular potions and honey to make more.
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hunted17 answered:

Since your just starting, try the growling wyvern lance. It is an entry level dragon element lance and it is easy to make. Hunt Black Gravios for the materials. For the battle bring gourmet fish or imunizer for the heat damages and you will be fine. Just killed my first lunastra today. HEHEHE. Good luck on hunting.

Here is the weapon path:
Iron Lance>Iron Lance+>Steel Lance>Paladin Lance>Rampart>Growling Wyvern
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SirReeRee answered:

use enternal strife keep attacking it's side and back off once in a while to heal from the fire aura. When it uses the explosion attack run as far as possible. also try to stay to the side to avoid most of its attacks.

Kushal daora armor is good because it reduces terrain damage (fire aura)
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Raisinsoy answered:

I used Sakura Recorder and smashed the head when it backstepped, and smashed the back legs when it breathed flames. Umm, I had Death Stench armor with strength gems.
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Reiimontss answered:

Easiest way is using hammer, as SirReeRee said, an armoiur with terrain samage reduce od speed recovery +2(of healt) plus a immunicer shouls deal with the fire aura. if not good with hammers, LS or GS are good because of raw... and the saffest way is using SnS. always if possible with dgn att. when he breathes fire, you can get a few hits in the face, if not hit de legs. when you hit his tail, and it cuts of, it means his health is bellos 40%... correctme if im wrong. and if you deald enogh damage at 25 min it'll flee, and next time you enconunter him his health would not increase. just keep trying and youl ouwn it
GL with the hunt!
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RookieHunter12 answered:

i use a dragon elemental great sword (titernia to be precise...). and i managed to repel it successfully,
1. when she used that annoying flame breath just stand beside her left leg with your great sword charged aimed to her head. with some practice you will able to launch your charged attack straight to her head without getting hit by the fire, or you can watch this video for some help:
2. when she spread some sparkles (you know what i mean right?) check it's color if it's red just retreat, and if it's yellow,continue attacking, maybe you can deal a full charged strike to her head. maybe she will flinch after that.....
well if the horn break, just attack her like crazy....
hope that helps... good luck
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nicmasdude answered:

I killed it with dual blades, Frosted edge it was, aim for the head so you break her thing on her head, dodge her charges, after you injure her she will stop hurting you when you go near it, avoid its charges and you will be fine, i only had kirin jacket, indra leggings and hermitaur stuff when i killed it so ure good. good luck
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odb24 answered:

An alternative to the kushala armor set is the basarios set which when gemmed will also give you terrian negate to fight of the fire aura. It doesn't have focus (which sucks) but you won't be missing it if you use eternal strife. As far as defense goes, the actual defense stat is lower but the basarios set isn't as weak to dragon element attacks, and all of luna's non-fire attacks have a dragon element. The set is also cheaper to upgrade so you may end up having a better defense stat with it anyways. Also, I used the kushala set the first time I fought luna, and I used it again to fight teostra, but I've never used it to fight anything else. With the basarios set you can re-gem it to have sleep-negate which can come in handy against gravios and hypnocatrice. Making armor can take a long time so it is important to get the most out of it. Oh yeah, try to break luna's horn on the first quest to get rid of her fire aura, then on the second quest you could use your kirin set if you're using a weapon with a decent element stat, or something with earplug.
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Rhorune answered:

Use an armor of lavasioth or Daora because they have terrain to avois the Lunastra is aura and short charge to kill it with greatsword or hammer
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